CALCAREA CARBONICA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of CALCAREA CARBONICA…


      Sweat: especially about head, and feet and hands; about head from least exertion, head is covered with cold sweat when other parts of body are comfortable; sweats even in a cold room and in cold air; sweats on face when nowhere else; the foregoing is true also of the feet, which also sweat when they become very cold or warm; sweats on the forehead and every draft makes one chilly; feet feel as if one had cold damp stockings; child’s occiput sweat during sleep and wets the pillow far around.


      Obstinate; self-willed; tired; sensitive and to cold. Great longing for eggs, especially boiled eggs. Face either pale, bloated or cold, emaciated, sunken and wrinkled. Weak; sluggish. Anxious. Vertigo. Sweats and discharges profuse; menses to copious, too soon and last too long. Limbs cold. Children are active, quick, nervous, like Belladonna; their abdomens large, like inverted saucers or basins. Worse change of weather, especially to damp, it goes right through one; ascending, especially steps; working in water; coition, it weakens both mind and body.



      Anxiety, on hearing cruelties; talks of fire, during delirium; delusion and fear that others will observe her confusion, or that people think her insane; discontented and excited, after coition; obstinate, inclined to grow fat; sensitive p.m., or on hearing cruelties, or to noise, p.m., and when going to sleep; thinks of nothing but murder, fire and rats. (L): Delusion, frightful, sees images, on closing eyes; exaltation of fancy, nights; worse narrating symptoms; restless, after coition; suicidal disposition, during sweat, weary of life. Night terrors of children, wake at 2 or 3 a.m., screaming, cannot be made to understand, remember nothing of it in the a.m. Peevish, cross without cause. As if she would like to run up and down and scream. Bright little girls, 8 or 9 years old, who become sad and melancholic and begin to talk about the future world and angels and want to die and go there, and want to read the Bible all day.


      D. menses, on stooping and rising again; while standing, a. walking. (L): On ascending an eminence, or stairs; on quick motion of head.


      Congestion alternating with cold sense, icy; eruption of bloody crusts and scabs; pain, amelioration pressure of cold hand; pain, after vertigo; bursting pain in occiput, to top of head, so severe she thinks head will burst and she will go crazy; stitching pain in vertex, during wet weather; stunning, stupefying pain, during day. (L): Icy cold, internally; tubercles; heat, during menses; pain, on exertion of body, or, in occiput, aggravation pressure of hat; sore bruised pain, in hot weather; stunning, stupefying pain, and in forehead, on reading; tearing pain, in cold damp weather; sweat, during sleep, at night; sensitive, before menses. When the fontanelles do not close and the glands enlarge; head too large, cranial sutures widely open, fontanelles open and sunken. Eczema begins on scalp, spreads over face, forms thick crusts, deposit white like chalk, scratches head on waking. Frequent semilateral pains, always with eructations.


      Agglutinated, during menses; cutting pain, from candlelight; photophobia after dinner; stare, during chill; tension, on turning eyes; vision of black spots, on exertion, or, dim, from head becoming cold, or, on moving head. (L): Fungus medullaris; recurrent inflammation; pressing pain, inward; photophobia, p.m.; canthi swollen. Discharge usually bland, like Puls; corneal opacity, lids thicken, like Argentum; pupils dilate, like Belladonna, but none of those have the sweat of Calcarea


      Eruptions, below ears; boils (in ears, Pic-ac.); squashing noise, on swallowing; burning pain about ears tumor under lobe; ulceration in front of ears; fistulous opening; impairing hearing, after quinine, or from working in water. (L): Polypus. Discharge has a fatty or pappy look, or like chewed paper.


      Odor of gun powder, before nose; swelling at root comes and goes. (L): Chronic obstruction; sneezing, without coryza. Frequent sneezing, no cold.


      Chewing motion of jaw, before epilepsy attack; red, while lying on left side; papular eruption, painful; pain in submaxilla, when chewing. (L): Chewing motion of jaw, during sleep; wrinkled. Scurfy pimples on vermilion border of lower lip.


      Gums bleed, during suppressed menses; boring pain in gums; palate as if burnt; rough tongue, in streaks; vesicles on edges of tongue become blisters.


      Tearing pain in root, as if being torn out. Cold wind striking body goes directly to the teeth and causes them to ache; cannot bear air nor cold. Dentition and walking slow and late; Natr-m., talking; and Agaricus both slow in talking and walking.


      Calcareous deposits; pain on change of weather, also behind hyoid bone, on swallowing; sore pain, aggravation change of weather; swallowing, in sleep. Pain, in damp weather. Painless hoarseness.


      Appetite wanting, after exertion; desire for boiled eggs and raw potatoes; epileptic aura rises from stomach to head; retching, after milk; as of a stone, after supper; sour vomiting, after epilepsy. (L): Vomits water, at night. vomits sour curds or cakes, like Aethusa, but Aethusa lacks the sweat. Water drunk causes nausea with Calcarea, even if ever so little is taken, but not if iced. Sinking sense at stomach at any time; Sulph. at 11 a.m.; Lycopodium at 4 p.m. children who eat dirt and other indigestible things and who are prone to diarrhoea.


      Constriction, to chest, or, in hypochondria, as if laced; rash, itching violently; moist excrescence, on navel; pain in hypogastrium, on exertion; pressing pain in hypochondrium, on every step, and, in hypogastrium, on exertion; stitching; pain in hypochondrium, during stool, and, after stooping; tearing pain, on inspiration; proud flesh in umbilicus. (L): Glands enlarged and hard, child emaciated; cramping, griping pain, at night; as if full of stones; tabes mesenterica; ulcers about navel. A sovereign remedy for gall – stone colic, terrible darting pains, profuse sweat and intolerance to tight clothing about waist.


      Constriction, forenoon; griping pain, forenoon. (L): Taeniae. One of our most valuable remedies for chronic diarrhoea. Feels best when constipated, reverse of Natr-s. Persistent tenesmus remains after dysentery. Old lingering stubborn cases of constipation.


      Lienteric, hard; gray white, streaked with blood; like clay.


      Fungoid growths and tumors of bladder; urination frequent, with pain in face; aching pain in kidney, when riding; stitching, cutting pain in urethra, with ineffectual desire to urinate. (L): Piles in bladder, bleed; urine has putrid odor. Urination painful, urine has a peculiar fetid odor, like Ben- ac., but is usually clear, with white deposit, while Ben-ac. is dark.


      Menses copious, after excitement, return from excitement; pain in uterus, during menses; tubercle on female genitalia, stings, burns. (L): Male genitalia itch and burn; seminal discharge too late; menses late, aggravation mental excitement; aching pain, in vagina; laborlike pain upward; polypus in vagina; prolapsed uterus from lifting. Leucorrhoea, especially before puberty, and in infants. Sexual desire more mental than physical. Ovarian and uterine pains, right side, down thigh, aggravation. reading and writing, Lil-t., left side.


      Prickling; sensitive to sound of piano.


      Catching breathing, on bending, with stitching in abdomen to back; whistling breathing, p.m., after lying, aggravation while lying. (L): Panting breathing, on ascending.


      Dry, loose after midnight; when playing piano, every note struck seems to vibrate through larynx. (L): Dry, before midnight; cough on playing piano.


      Abscess, of left side lung; constriction alternating with abdominal pain, amelioration drawing shoulders back, and chest, from manual labor; oppression, amelioration from drawing shoulders back, aggravation turning in bed; pain in axilla, before menses; drawing pain in side, to submaxillary gland; sore, bruised pain, on hawking; ulcerated breasts. (L): Fluttering, on ascending steps; upper lobe of right lung inflamed; milk flowing. Suckling child becomes pale, fat and unhealthy. When the drug does not act put in the milk, if bottle fed. When the milk, even though abundant, is disagreeable to the child, it refuses it and fails to thrive on it. Like Conium, there is often pain in the breasts, but Conium lacks the chilliness and cold feet of Calcarea Pain in breasts before menses, like Conium


      Inflamed cervical glands; pain in cervical region, from overlifting; pain in dorsal region, to arms and legs; burning pain, cervical, itches, sticks, to occiput, amelioration sleep; cutting pain between scapulae, during rest; pressing pain, between scapulae, on motion, obstructing breathing; stitching pain in cervical region, on talking, and, in dorsal region, to arms; stiffness in cervical region, during menses; weakness, after mental exertion. (L): Pressing pain under scapulae; sweat in cervical region, and, during sleep; swelling in dorsal region. Pott’s disease is easily detected by running a hot sponge down spine; if Calcarea is applied early, with proper mechanical aid, curvature may be prevented.


      Bunion on toe, after frosting; soles ulcerated; thigh cold, during convulsions or colic; cramp in hand, a.m. or night; cramp in lower legs, when drawing on boot; cramp in hollows of knees on stretching legs; cramp in calf on pulling shoe on; cramp in soles, during pregnancy, and, constipated in toes; white spots on ankles, Berberis on forearms; eruption bleeds; vesicles on upper limbs, on scratching; whitish scales, smell like old cheese, on forearm. (L): Icy cold legs; feet cold, night in bed. Limbs cold clammy, body hot. Feet constantly cold and damp, as if one had on wet stockings; Calc-p. is preferable in uterine troubles. Feet cold and sweaty; Sulph. hot and sweaty. The characteristic hand of Calcarea is soft, warm, moist; boneless.


      Dreams of falling, forenoon. (L): Sleepy, a supper.


      From working in clay; 11 a.m., one day, 4 p.m., next. (L): Begins in scrobiculum cordis; from working in water.


      Alternating with chill, afternoon. Low fever, desires to be mesmerized, like Phosphorus


      White spots become bluish; or dark borders; pimples with green crusts; warts become hollow, or round; steatoma reappear every 4 weeks. (L): Crusty eruptions, inflamed, grape – shaped; vesicles itch; skin flabby. When rash receded, face unnaturally pale and bloated; or it does not appear in typhoid.


      Convulsions, 4 a.m. to 4 p.m., or in Addison’s disease, or, from mortification, stretches out limbs before attack; faint a.m., before eating; lassitude, after coition; external pulsations, night on coughing; pulse tremulous, night, after eating; quivering all over, followed by vertigo. (L): Convulsions, p.m.; aggravation dry food; painless swelling of glands. Slow motioned, reverse of Sulph. Epilepsy, aura as of a mouse running up arm, give Sulph. first, if it fails then give Calcarea Desires to be mesmerized, like Phosphorus If it turns cold, or if there is a cold rain the Calcarea patient always suffers, either with coldness, stiffness or rheumatism; has rheumatism in every cold change of weather. Dreads open air, it goes right through one. Said to act a long time; in children, when indicated, may be repeated often, in aged people, however, it should not be repeated, for if given them a second time, especially if the first dose benefitted, it will usually do harm. For fair, fat and flabby individuals; Graphites especially if herpetic. Suitable to the cachexia that leads to epileptiform spasms, where it has made some radical cures. Calcarea should not be given immediately before or after Bryonia Calcarea is a sour remedy. Conium is an antifat like Calcarea, and precedes and follows it well. nitricum acidum is one of the best antidotes to Calcarea

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.