BORAX homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of BORAX…


      Anxious feeling and aggravation, from downward motion, as in rocking, going down stairs or an elevator or when the boat rolls downward, or riding rapidly down a hill, or when child is carried down stairs or laid down, no other motion than downward being noticed; all the senses extremely acute, aggravation mental excitement or exertion and noise.


      Easily startled at sudden noise, as from a pistol shot, the slamming of a door, etc., also from unexpected news, music or excitement. Anxious, fidgety, nervous, restless, excitable. Anxiety especially 11 p.m. Ill – humored and fretful before stool, cheerful after, like Natr-s. Sensitive; all the nerves in a fret. Face pale, earthy, sense of a cobweb on it. Aphthae. Stool soft, bright yellow and always contains mucus. Urine hot, scalds; child screams before passage. Discharges characteristically white. Aggravation nervous excitement, mental exertion, apprehension, fear and noise.



      Anxiety p.m. to 11 p.m.; discontented and, in afternoon, before stool; easily frightened at sneezing or hawking; indolent before stool (L): Anxiety during downward motion, or riding down a hill. The dread of downward motion is extremely characteristic. Dogs, shotshy. Child: cries out during sleep as if frightened; screams during nursing, lets go the nipple, cries with pain and vexation and refuses to nurse again, from sore mouth; Bryonia lets go the nipple and refuses to nurse again till the mouth is moistened; Ant-t. lets go the nipple and refuses to nurse again from want of breath; screams before urination from inflammation, Ben-ac., Lycopodium and Sarsaparilla from gravel, Lycopodium red, Sarsaparilla white; grasps nurse or mother when being laid down or carried down stairs as if afraid of falling, like Gelsemium; screeches and screams when dangled up and down. Start on dropping things. Women with periods of insanity whose mental and nervous troubles keep up till 11 p.m. Starts if door opens unexpectedly. Aggravation from and sensitive to noise runs all through the Natr. family.


      (L): On downward motion, as descending stairs, riding down hill, or when child is being laid down or carried down stairs. And fullness of head on descending a mountain or stairs. Compelling one to sit still.


      Fullness on descending; hair sticks at ends; pain after epistaxis, or, in forehead on leaning forward in sewing. (L): Boring, digging, screwing. Furunculosis capitis with the above IDENTIFICATION. Ache, qualmish, whole body trembles. Heat in, of nursing child. Small vesicles on forehead.


      Vision flickers on writing. Lids: lashes and, turn in and inflame eyes, lashes rub against ball; wild hairs; trichinosis, like Graphites; mucus membrane granulates and thickens; contraction and scars and drawing inward; lower, entirely inverted. Ectropion.


      Seem to hear piping music. Stitches in left side Nervous starting from pain in ears. Hearing over sensitive.


      Dry nights, prevents sleep; pressing pain aggravation lying down. Tip pains, swells. Mouldy smell. Whole Natr. family has: dry crusts and copious discharge, that of Natr-m. and Bor being characteristically white, that of Natr-s. yellow or even yellowish green.


      Erysipelas during pregnancy. (L):Anxious expression during downward motion. Erysipelas, soreness, as of a cobweb on it. Pale; earthy. Child: small vesicles around mouth and on forehead, Natr-m. herpetic eruptions; anxious expression if rocked. Infant’s pale, clay color.


      Aphthae of tongue, sensitive, bleeds; ulcers form rapidly. (L): Aphthae on tongue bleeding easily; palate wrinkled. Child: subject to sore mouth, screams before urination, urine hot and of a pungent odor; screams when nursing, lets go the nipple and cries in pain and vexation, or refuses to nurse again; mouth sore hot tender, heat noticeable to mother as child takes hold of nipple to nurse. Sore hot tender, ulcerated, bleeds on eating or touch, thirst, vomits; avoid Borax as a wash for sore mouth Taste mouldy. Buccal membrane highly reddened.


      Dull griping pain in hollow teeth.


      Pressing in painful parts causes eructations. Sea sickness, every time boat tips down everything comes up. Nausea: strong, while engaged in thinking while at work; excitable and, from any sort of meditation must leave one’s work and rest awhile, yet becomes nauseated when one goes at it again. Pain, to spleen, with cough.


      Pain in inguinal region when yawning, and lancinated during menses; shrivelled or withered appearance of abdomen. Pinching during diarrhoea.


      Aphthae on anus. Diarrhoea: and the above IDENTIFICATION; nursing infants, offensive, colic before stool, mucus stool, aphthous sore mouth, screams before urination. Aphthous appearance all around anus. Child: Summer keeps up a pitiful crying; aphthous; holds its head back; or stools frequent, soft, light yellow and slimy. Quantities of fluid like boiled starch passed from anus, like Arg-n. Thickening of mucus membrane, stricture, grows smaller and smaller, finally stool becomes no larger than a pencil.


      Albuminous. Bright yellow, soft, always contain mucus. frequent, easy, languor and weakness.


      Frequent urination nights, cries before urine passes. Urine: acrid, of pungent odor; hot scalds. Child almost has convulsions when desire to urinate comes, screams, like Lycopodium and Sarsaparilla


      Leucorrhoea white, thick as paste; lancinating pain in ovaries after menses. Menses: troubles and dysmenorrhoea with above IDENTIFICATION; most violent forms of dysmenorrhoea, violent laborlike pains before and during flow as if uterus would expel itself from vagina, flow starts lightly, but same violent pains keep up until membranes are passed, and above IDENTIFICATION; knifelike stabbing pain in groin either before or during period. Leucorrhoea: before and after menses; acrid, albuminous like white of egg, sense of warm water flowing; mild, between menses, labiae swell; unnaturally warm; runs down legs; without any other ailment. Easy conception. Desire absent in both sexes. Milk too thick, tastes badly, infant loathes breast, throws up its hands on attempting to lay down. Very valuable in inflammation of mucus membranes of vagina and uterus.


      Voice whining a.m. A piece of Borax size of a pea dissolved in the mouth is said to give immediate relief in case of a sudden hoarseness or loss of voice.


      Breathing impeded on descending, reverse of Calcarea


      Stomach cough, pain to spleen.


      (L): Musty, mouldy, odor to taste and expectoration.


      Aphthae of nipples, bleed; constriction and drawing pain in left side breast when child nurses from right; emphysema in breast after child nurses; pain in side of chest from wine; stitching pain in right side amelioration pressure. (L): Pain in side, when talking; stitching pain in right side on coughing. Milk (see under Genitalia). As if heart lay on right side. Stitches after cough, on deep breathing and yawning. Pleurisy: pains stitch, especially right side, like Bryonia; stitch or dart inward as if through upper right lung posteriorly, cough and mouldy expectoration.


      Stitching pain after lifting.


      Branlike eruption on upper; back of finger joints itch; phagedenic ulcer on toe joint. (L): Stitching pain in sole. Rheumatism, with above IDENTIFICATION.


      Sleepless during heat in head. Cries out as if frightened by a dream, anxiously grasps mother.


      Does not heal.


      External trembling 10 a.m. (L): Aggravation riding down hill. Parts usually red turn white. For nervous women in all states of life. Avoid acetic acid, vinegar and wine.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.