BELLADONNA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of BELLADONNA…


      Burning heat and redness, the heat so intense as to burn the examining fingers and leaves a burning sensation in them.


      Head hot, hands and feet cold. Pupils fully dilated; eyes suffused and brilliant. Carotids throb violently. Face scarlet red and hot. Pains: and sweats come and go suddenly; they clutch and stab. Sleepy, but cannot sleep; starts up suddenly; muscles twitch and limbs jerk during sleep. Pulse full, rapid, hard and strong. Great thirst with desire for cold drinks and especially lemonade. Tongue and throat scarlet red, dry and hot, aggravation right side. Active, excited, restless, sensitive. Aversion to light. Chilly. Body scarlet red. Great dryness. Aggravation jar, especially of bed. Sudden onset, like Aconite



      Delusion: that one sees cucumbers on the bed, or, black dogs, or, the gallows, and fears it, or, that one had stabbed a person in the street; fear: alternating with mania, or, of imaginary animals; hasty motions; rage: does not know one’s relatives, or, pulls hair of bystanders; sings and groans alternately; sits and breaks pins. (L): Delusion: of seeing dogs, or, of horrible visions; fear of imaginary things; desire to hide; kicks, in sleep; laughing: loud, or, sardonic; rage, increased strength; spits in people’s faces; tear things. An angel when well, but a devil when sick. The more active the delirium, the more we must think of Belladonna, it comes in especially about 3 evening, and lasts till midnight, is wild, strikes, bites and tears things.


      As of sinking through, or with, the bed; on motion, or, moving the head.


      Heat of head alternates with diarrhoea; pain 4 p.m. to 3 a.m.; violent pain, with red face, vomiting and diarrhoea; pain over eyes, compelling one to close eyes; lancinating pain, forehead to occiput; jerking of head, while ascending stairs or walking quickly. (L): Congestion to head, red face, rage; heat in head, limbs cold; inflamed brain; pain: 3 p.m., or, from cutting hair, descends, to forehead, amelioration leaning against something; pain in forehead, amelioration closing eyes, on stepping or walking in open air; pain in sides, aggravation sneezing, or, from temple to temple; boring pain in forehead, over eyes; bursting pain, in open air; cutting, darting, stabbing pain, in temple to temple; jerking pain, on ascending or walking; pressing pain, aggravation exertion, amelioration sitting or sitting up n bed, aggravation stepping or walking in open air, or, in forehead on ascending steps compels closing eyes, or, on motion or walking in open air and aggravation noise, or, in occiput on motion; shooting, pulsating pain, temple to temple; sore, bruised pain, aggravation jar; stitching pain in forehead; pulsating pain, on stooping; rising sense in head; head; shocks, blows, jerks, on walking rapidly. Head especially sensitive to cold, reverse of Gloninum Effects from cutting the hair; one dose of the c.c before having hair cut, to prevent the inevitable cold.


      Objects and lines appear crooked, or revolve while reading. (L): Distorted; convulsive movements; photophobia, during chill; acute vision; vision of flames. In glaucoma, Belladonna must be given only occasionally, and the use of atropin is strictly or bidden, as it brings on acute glaucoma, thought it will not cure the chronic disorder.


      (L): Pain: with faceache; pain downward, to neck; tearing pain, downward; swelling below ears, and in glands. One of our best remedies for otitis media.


      One dose of the cc to prevent the inevitable cold that comes from cutting the hair or wetting the head.


      Abscess, upper lip; pain, from contradiction; cutting pain, in right side. (L): Jaws clenched; red, during maniacal rage; pain: aggravation jar and suddenly, amelioration suddenly; stitching pain, in parotid gland; tearing pain, aggravation motion, and in angle of upper jaw; red on sitting; fierce expression; heat, during maniacal rage; risus sardonicus; tension in upper lip. Face may be pale in brain affections.


      (L): Heat of tongue; stiff tongue; papillae red. Taste of coffee repugnant. Milk has a nauseous odor and bitter, sour taste.


      Pain in pharynx, on turning head; tearing pain in tonsils, on swallowing. (L): Tonsils red; narrow sense, on swallowing; sore pain, in cervical glands; pulsation in carotids.


      As of a burning ball in stomach; desires snuff; pain from pressure on spine, to between shoulders; cutting pain, amelioration bending backward; stitching pain forcing bending body backward. (L): Strong desire for lemonade (it may be allowed, hastening convalescence); pain from jolting of carriage or jar of walking. Hiccup and eructations mingle. Nausea and vomiting are among the persistent effects of this drug; those symptoms are more frequently associated with Belladonna symptoms than is commonly supposed.


      Pain in hypogastrium, aggravation jar; clawing pain, before menses; pressing pain in hypogastrium, and in inguinal region, on sitting bent; stitching pain in hypochondria, on lying on side; tension in hypogastrium, a.m. (L): Pain aggravation and amelioration rapidly; pain aggravation pressure, amelioration lying on abdomen; pain in hypogastrium, on breathing, also in liver; paroxysmal pain, on lying on right side; clawing pain in right hypochondrium, and hypogastrium; dragging, bearing down pain, before menses; pressing pain in inguinal region, outward.


      Diarrhoea, after a hair cut.


      Bladder sensitive to a jar, pains; urine involuntary during day, and at night during sleep; pain in kidney, with cough; pain in prostate, aggravation jar. (L): Pain in neck of bladder. Renal colic, pains clutch, come and go suddenly.


      Pressing pain alternating with contraction of anus, in males; metrorrhagia, begins and stops suddenly; bearing down pain in uterus, aggravation sitting bent, amelioration sitting erect or standing. (L): Hour-glass contractions of womb; menses bright red, mingled with clots (dark); blood hot; metrorrhagic blood dark liquid mixed with clots, sudden, blood hot; pain in uterus comes and goes suddenly, aggravation jar; constricting pain in uterus, on walking. Constant and violent bearing downward pressing, amelioration sitting erect or standing, reverse of Sepia Os rigid, thin, tense, during labor; Gelsemium rigid thick and tense.


      Averse to drinking; hoarse, especially when lying. As of a foreign body; swollen.


      Difficult breathing from drinking coffee.


      (L): From sense of foreign body in larynx; racking cough, night; spasmodic, afternoon.


      (L): Pain in chest, aggravation lying on painful side, reverse of Bryonia One dram of tincture to one ounce of olive oil, mix and apply to breasts to dry up milk.


      Pain, to stomach, on pressure; pain in spine, during cough; aching pain in cervical region, on coughing; cramplike pain in coccyx, during menses. (L): Pain as if back would break, during menses or if menses are suppressed; pain in cervical region; pressing pain in dorsal spine.


      Convulsions of flexors; spasmodic extension of legs, on walking; motion upward, then forcibly thrown down; tearing pain in ankles, upward. (L): Cold during convulsions; as of a mouse running up upper limbs; pain, sciatic, lower limbs, aggravation jar; drawing, paralytic pain, in upper right arm; pressing, paralytic pain in upper right arm; sore bruised pain in thigh, amelioration walking; stitching pain in thigh, above knee, on sitting; tearing, paralytic pain in upper arm, and in middle joints of fingers, also in lower limbs, on sitting, and in leg, upward; sense of paralysis, in upper arm; red swelling in upper limbs; twisting sense. Lies with feet crossed, cannot uncross them, like Therid.; sits with feet crossed, cannot uncross them.


      Belladonna Yawns during cough. (L): Semi-conscious. No matter how sound, never quiet.


      Pernicious, face red, delirium, bursting headache, face pale while lying, red on sitting up, reverse of Aconite Chill begins in both arms; in limbs: Gelsemium; felt in pit of stomach: Arnica; begins in pit of stomach: Calcarea Face red on sitting up, reverse of Aconite Chill after eating; after eating and drinking: Asarum europaeum Ears and nose red; tip of nose cold: Ced.


      Burning fever alternating with chilliness; heat within and without body burning hot. Continued, night, temperature rises very high. The bright red skin, usually shiny, is apt to become mottled as the fever advances. Violent heat with inflammations. Burning heat within and without; hot outside, cold inside: Arsenicum, reverse of Arsenicum: Carb-v. A disposition to sweat often differentiates Belladonna from Aconite


      Comes and goes suddenly. On raising bed clothes a hot steam issues forth. Sweat only on covered parts, reverse of Thuja.


      Urticaria, a.m. Cutting; smooth scarlatina; cutting in ulcer. (L): Said to be prophylactic for smooth form of scarlet fever, dose 2 or 3 times daily. Belladonna is the leader for the smooth form of scarlet fever; but if the disease shows a malignant form from the beginning in spite of Belladonna, give Sulph.; or if Belladonna fails to hold, though apparently indicated, think of Sulph., or Calcarea, Calcarea especially if, when the rash comes out under Belladonna, and Bel. fails and the rash begins to pale off, the face becomes pale and bloated, the urine scanty or suppressed; or if the disease becomes malignant in spite of Belladonna, change at once to Lachesis, Rhus, or Hyoscyamus, etc., ‘if, and when, the symptoms agree.”.


      Convulsions begin in arm; external pulsations, a.m., on waking. Aggravation 3 p.m.; amelioration lying on abdomen; gnawing pain in bones; tension in bones (in glands: Phosphorus); aggravation wetting head. The pains run down away from the head, while those of Gelsemium and Silicea run up the back toward the head. Belladonna is intensely poisonous to man, but not to herbivorous animals. Vinegar retards the action of Belladonna, lemonade aids it. Inert to goats and rabbits. Mentally active children who come down suddenly and violently, whose diseases may stay any length of time and just as suddenly get will. Women and children who are sensitive, they get no sympathy, and are not able to control themselves perfectly. Nervous sensitive women of nervous irritable fiber.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.

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