BARYTA CARBONICA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of BARYTA CARBONICA…


      Mentally and physically dwarfed and weak, late coming into the activities of life. Childish.


      Timid; cowardly; bashful; inclines to imbecility; averse to, shuns, fears and avoids, strangers and unfamiliar face; imagines one is laughed at and made fun of. Lacks self – confidence. Forgetful. Expression stupid, vacant. Takes cold easily and apt to have quinsy therefrom. Abdomen hard, tense. Chilly, sensitive to cold, desires to be well wrapped. Markedly weak, pulse weak, aggravation standing and sitting, must lie down. Cold clammy feet, as noticeable as Calcarea, and offensive, like Silicea All glands tend to enlarge and ulcerate. Pains amelioration motion and open air. The more one thinks of one’s complaints the worse they become aggravation. Digestion weak, all the stomach troubles are aggravation after eating. Child late: with studies; learning to talk, read, making combinations that enter into life, taking in images, forming perceptions, doing useful work, and in learning to walk, like Calcarea, but Calcarea is late learning to walk from physical causes, while Baryta carb. has good limbs but mentally defective. Aggravation: cold, except head which is aggravation heat.



      Delusion: one walks on one’s knees, that one is laughed at, child thinks all visitors laugh at it and hides behind furniture; moaning in the aged. (L): Childish behavior; child fears people; irresolute in projects. Child: will not play, prefers to sit idly in a corner; slow learning to talk, like Agaricus and Natr -m., and walk, like Agaricus and Calcarea, or understand. Plays with toys, says foolish things, bashful, keeps hand over face and peeks through fingers, just sits and sits, constantly whines. No teaching avails, child remains untrained, instruction hopeless, it seems to lack capacity. Want of clear conscience. Easy fright. Senile dementia, memory lost. Impaired by masturbation, memory lost, lacks self – confidence.


      From lifting arms up, or on stooping.


      Dry scurf; pressing pain in vertex while standing in sun; stitching pain in vertex on exposure to sun. (L): Baldness; swollen glands in occiput. Non – development of brain in early childhood. Multiple disseminated sclerosis of brain and spinal cord. Pain, of aged, aggravation after walking, after meals, and near warm stove, exposure to cold, stupefied sense. Gnawing itching on hairy scalp. As if brain fell from side to side or rose and fell on moving head or from sudden jar. Wens. Eruption; of puny infants, dwarfed in mind and body, either dry or moist, or if suppressed by local applications; crusta lactea, crusts moist, hair falls, especially with swollen glands. Aggravation heat and hot weather. Amelioration: cool and fresh open air.


      Vision dim of aged. Pain, amelioration looking downwards. Sparks, in the dark. Like gauze before eyes Cataract. All membranes and tissues about eyes thicken. Vision: dim, especially in those whose corneas are hazy or opaque, things look as through a fog or smoke; little white spots that cause defective vision. As of a weight pressing down over eyes, causes one to grasp forehead.


      (L): Cracking noise when walking fast; fluttering when breathing. Sore pain below. Itch inside. Noises, especially cracking, flapping, when breathing, swallowing, chewing, amelioration lying. Affects right most. Troubles after scarlet fever, where parotids and submaxillaries enlarge and indurate. Glands below right, swell and pain on touch. Deaf, auditory nerve impaired, especially of the aged.


      Odor of fine smoke. Catarrh: post nasal, scabs form in posterior nares and base of uvula, lips and, swollen. Coryza, upper lip swollen greatly.


      Tension as from a cobweb; pain in articulation of lower jaw on closing mouth; lower jaw weak after eating. Bloated, expression stupid, silly, vacant. As if white of egg had dried on it. Parotids inflame, hard. Glands about neck affected with ear trouble. Knots of lymphatic glands down neck, under ear, like Bar-m. and Tuberculinum, they inflame, grow larger after each exposure to cold or from sudden changes of weather; especially with teeth, throat and face troubles the glands under the jaw and down the neck swell and enlarge.


      Left side of tongue cracked on edge; crusts on palate behind base of uvula; paralysis of tongue in the aged; gums swell, pale red. Kept partially open, saliva runs out. Tongue paralyzed; with sensation lost: Colchicum Frequent and severe bleeding of gums. Taste perverted a.m. Saliva runs out mouth during sleep, like Mercurius, Rhus bloody.


      Chokes during dinner and while writing; as of a leaf before posterior nares after waking; as of a plug or lump, afternoon; spasms of oesophagus of the aged, can swallow liquids only; pressing pain in thyroid; fatty tumor on side. (L): Recurrent inflammation of tonsils; burning pain night on empty swallowing; raw at night. Tonsilitis: removes predisposition, like Psorinum, especially in scrofulous children, dry scurf on head, when due to every little exposure to cold and dampness; the onset is slow, the reverse of Bell; if going on the suppuration: Hepar; if involving ear amelioration heat: Chamomilla; if tonsil feels like a plug in throat or like a great ball, changing the character of the voice, causing dyspnoea with gagging and choking, this latter is especially marked in Merc-c. Gagging and choking on swallowing a little food, like Graphites, Kali-c. and especially Merc-c. Smarting pain aggravation empty swallowing.


      Sudden loathing of food while eating; sore bruised pain after swallowing a morsel. Appetite: lost though hungry; voracious yet food does no good, like Iodium Weak sense amelioration eating; pain in, after child eats. Thirst. Pain, sore, in scrobiculus cordis. Painful writhing sense during eating, the morsel gets down there as if it had to squeeze through, and impinge upon, sore places.


      Habitual colic of children who do not thrive. Tabes mesenterica, early stage, glands swell, hard. Abdomen big, muscles sore to touch. Enlarged, of child, emaciation and of limbs, knots of enlarged glands, dwarfed intellect. Hard, tense, like Calcarea


      (L): Piles: protrude during urination and stool. Constipation: Stool hard knotty, like Mag-m.; in veterate, lack of action, piles burn, protrude during stool and urination.


      Frequent urination of the aged. Chronic painless whitish gleety discharge, offensive, no inflammation.


      (L): Tearing pain in female, causing her to cry out. Erection delayed. Desire: diminished, premature impotence. Enlarged prostate. Numb. Ovaries and mammary glands dwindle. Lymphatics enlarge and indurate.


      Aphonia from mucus. Rattling in trachea of aged, from cold changes of weather, exposure to cold. Chronic aphonia in scrofulous people.


      Only amelioration lying on abdomen. Suffocative, of the aged. Chronic, dry, hoarse, barking, not hard, every night.


      Copious, of the aged. Impossible, Ant-t. failing.


      (L): Axillary glands pain. Palpitation: heart sore, aggravation exertion, distress in region of heart; chlorotic girls; lying on left side, and thinking about it, anxiety, orgasms of blood, strong pulsation in head, pulse rapid. Coarse rattling of the age, like Ammoniac., Bar-m. and Senega, but with Ammoniac. they are comfortable in Summer but miserable in Winter. Paralysis of lungs impends.


      Lumbar region itches, must scratch it till raw, restless, amelioration passing flatus. Glands of occiput and nape swell. Fatty tumor. Ache, diarrhoea and headache from every little exposure to cold and damp. Multiple disseminated sclerosis of brain and spinal cord. Urging to stool, lumbar region aches, pains. Tensive pain in sacrum.


      Axillary glands pain, swell; knees pain from kneeling, Spigelia on rising from kneeling, or, burning pain in hollow down back of legs, or, shooting pain on kneeling; pressing pain on walking; periodic tearing pain in nates; paralysis of extensors of foot; tension in lower, on standing. (L): Skin of hands dry, like parchment. Fatty tumor. Warts. Feet tremble while standing, totter while walking. Sweat: offensive, causes soreness and ulcers, makes soles sore; in fetor resembles Silicea, but Silicea is self-willed, Baryta carb. weak minded.


      Sense of heat interrupts; aged sleepless. (L): On side. Tired and sleepy from least exertion.


      Night, anxiety.


      Alternate p.m.; offensive, one side; old drunks who become heated. In presence of strangers.


      Crawls, burns, pricks like needles here and there, violent pain after scratching, not amelioration after rubbing and scratching.


      Upper half of body numb; orgasms of blood on lying on left side; glands swell after scarlet fever. (L): As of heat on waking; weak, aged. Extremely valuable in the degenerative changes in the muscular coats of the arteries, aneurism, arterial fibrosis, etc. Gradual dwindling of persons formerly fat and well nourished. When, after almost any disease, child’s development ceases and it becomes dwarfish, emaciates, body dwindles except abdomen which enlarges. Paralysis: from rupture of bloodvessel; excellent in old paralytics, the ruptured bloodvessel having caused pressure on the nerve supply. Older children do childish things and play with toys and dolls; girls who are late developing, both mentally and physically, into womanhood, like Calcarea and Graphites Where single organs fail to develop while others go on. Glands inflame, infiltrate, become harder and harder. Open surfaces indurate in their walls. Arrested development from childhood to old age; premature old age in any disease, with childish behavior. Aggravation hot weather.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.