ARNICA MONTANA homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ARNICA MONTANA…


      Body sore, bruised as if pounded, extremely sore to touch, the bed, chair or couch, on which one sits or lies feels hard as a rock, causing one to seem very restless and change positions often to get off the sore parts on which one lies.


      Hopelessly and completely indifferent to those around one as well as to one’s condition. Morose. Indifferent. Irritable, does not wish to speak or to be spoken to. Fear, both mental and physical, and of being approached and touched on account of the excessive soreness. Sensitive. Sullen. Head hot, body cool. Breath, eructations and flatus fetid, having odor of rotten eggs. Thirsty, but all drinks are alike of offensive. Urine scanty, stains linen yellowish brown. Aversion to meat, broth and milk. Drowsy. Weak. Sweat offensive. Pains sudden. Worse motion.



      Anguish, during chill, heat and sweat; fear of approach of others, lest one be touched; delusion that one is well, sends the doctor home. (L): Thinks one is well; fears the approach of others, lest one be touched. Mind and uterine symptoms alternate. Sudden fear arouses one at night, grasps at the heart in fear. The fear remains after the fright, as with Opi., but with Opi. it is in the daytime, while Arnica dreams of it at night. Rhus is really restless, while Arnica only seems so; Rhus moves to ease the pain and find a comfortable position, while Arnica moves to get off the sore parts, and Arsenicum moves from anxiety. Affections of mind that appear slowly after an injury, or of the head (Natr-s.). Horror of instant death, with cardiac distress at night.


      Thrown back, while walking; coldness in forehead, in small spots, as from cold fingers; jerking of head, during sleep; pain in head, a.m., on waking, until 10 a.m.; pain in head. and prolapsus uteri alternate; pain over eyes, with contraction of brows, aggravation heat of stove; burning in head, body cold; cutting, darting, stabbing, as with a knife, in sides of head Baldness (try the Ix mixed with oil): Meningitis, mechanical, traumatic, after lesion or concussion, provided there is no complete want of reaction, when suspecting exudation of blood fibrin or pus, with great stupor, paralysis of tongue, or the eye muscles, or of the iris, or of the limbs. Hydrocephalus, deathly coldness of forearms, in childhood (Bromium, during diarrhoea).


      Stitching pain, form warmth; vision lost after injury to eyes Hastens absorption of haemorrhage into conjunctiva or retina.


      Red, while shivering.


      Tongue in fevers dry and especially sore, sometimes blackish.


      Pain, as if sprained. Pain, after a filling (Ant-c., sensitive while being filled).


      Aversion to brandy, in brandy drinkers.


      Diarrhoea, after an injury. Prolapsus ani, only amelioration after washing whole body.


      Urine dribbles day and night, after labor. Unable to urinate after holding it forcibly. Urine retained after labor, like Causticum


      Hydrocele, from a bruise. For the soreness after labor, promotes proper contraction of uterus, expulsion of coagula and secundines, and often prevents septicaemia. After instrumental delivery. Venereal diseases that produce impotency in men, and vaginitis in women.


      Asthmatic respiration, from fatty degeneration of heart.


      In cough from anger, compare Ant-t.


      Compare Causticum


      Breasts inflamed, from bruises. Nipples of child sore and tender (Chamomilla), after pinching by nurse. Strain of heart, from violent running.


      Cutting pain in lumbar region, on lying. In spinal concussion, Hyperic. is preferable.


      Hands cold, internal heat; legs cold, face hot; blue spots on thighs; drawing in hip, while sitting with sore bruised pain in hip during chill; shock in limbs from jar of carriage. The local use of Arnica has caused an extraordinary growth of hair. Takes the bruised pain out of a sprained ankle and permits one to walk with ease in a few days (always use a high potency). Child screams every time its mother takes hold of its arm or leg. Sore swollen arm and painful axillary glands, after vaccination, it simply eases the discomfort leaving the pustules to take their natural course (see vaccination under Ant – t,.). Sprained ankle, even if the bones slip out of place, bend the knee, hold onto something, and, with toes on the ground, roll the foot back and forth, and round and round, until the parts slip back home, Arnica will look after the rest (Dr. M. Tyler, in “HOMOEOPATHY.”). Arnica acts especially on big toe.


      Dreams of black dogs. (Belladonna, sees black dogs) Wakens at night, with hot head, fears to go to sleep again for fear of recurrence.


      Chilliness, a.m., lasting all forenoon. Pernicious chill, violent, congestion to head, body cold, thirst, chill felt most severely at pit of stomach, body sore, bruised. Congestive chill, dreadful attacks, prostration, stupor, mottled skin, the congestion comes on suddenly. One cheek red and hot (Aconite, the other pale and cold, in fever). Thirst before and during chill.


      Burning, in one spot, which is cold to touch; continued fever, petechial, breath foul, says nothing ails one; dry heat, a.m., on waking. Typhoid fever: Arnica will prevent typhoid if given to a case where symptomatic typhoid is coming on, i.e., where the intermittent or remittent is taking on symptoms resembling typhoid in character, tongue shiny, sores appear on teeth and lips, sore, bruised all over body, morose, irritable, insists there is nothing the matter with one, Arnica will interrupt the progress and prevent a typhoid state (idiomatic typhoid rarely ever terminates fatally, if it does, it is apt to be from the treatment); or, stupor, involuntary stools and urine, fears approach of others, putrid smell form mouth, sore bruised all over, falls into a deep sleep while answering, head or face alone hot, body cold, many sore boils one after another. Scarlet fever: when the eruption does not come out, in severe forms, the body dusky, mottled and covered with red spots, reminding one of Ail., continually turning, becoming gradually morose and stupid; a wonderful, but misunderstood remedy. Malarial fever: One of the sheet anchors in certain seasons, in the malarial valleys of the West, for intermittents.


      Stings of wasps, apply strong tincture. Crops of boils following each other, and as a preventive to those subject to them. Abscesses and boils that only partially develop, and, instead of discharging, shrivel up and pus absorbs, arn. internally and externally will develop them. Tincture of Arnica applied to an open sore is very liable to develop erysipelas. Measles, with dangerous swelling of the parotids. Corns, part and apply Arnica externally.


      Numbness of bruised parts. Injuries: prevents pyaemia; THE traumatic parexcellence in all varieties and effects, both acute and chronic; simple bruises, with well marked ecchymosis; gangrenous appearance of contused wounds; tumors, following injury, Bellis Perennis; if parts are torn apply Calendula instead of Arnica; after a sprain or injury, if weakness follows, or stiffness, use Rhus, or if Rhus fails and weakness and tenderness remain give Calcarea; bites of dogs or rabid animals, like Ledum; sprains with much swelling, very sore, bluish red; neuralgia, after injury to nerve, like Hypericum, aggravation motion, pain sharp as from a nail; people who are extremely sensitive to mechanical injury; prevents suppuration, burrowing pus not painful; contusions, without laceration, Calendula, with laceration; compound fractures, with their suppuration; fractures, with swelling, tumefaction and twitching of muscles; operations, if given right after, especially a double ovariotomy with complications, may prevent need of morphine. Spigelia is the chronic of Arnica Great desire to scratch, as wall, bed, head, etc.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.

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