ARGENTUM NITRICUM homeopathic remedy signs and symptoms from the Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica by Alfred Pulford. Find the common uses of ARGENTUM NITRICUM…


      General tremulous weakness, nervous restlessness, sighing, palpitation, irresistible desire for sweets especially sugar which makes one sick being indigestible and acting like a physic.


      The mental features predominate. Heat is affected or involved in all affections, and eructations accompany most of the gastric ailments. anxiety on anticipating and engagement. Imperative. Fear of death and of failure. Hurried, must always be doing something yet accomplishes nothing, always thinking one will be late. Especially nervous about 11 a.m. Inclines to hysteria. Vertigo. Discharge from eyes thick, yellow, copious and bland, like Pulsatilla Photophobia. Tip of tongue red and pains. Like Pulsatilla, likes cold things, cold air, cold drinks, ice cream and salt. Anorexia. Flatulence. The green stools are remarkable. Chilliness and nausea are the most troublesome of the febrile symptoms. Palpitation lying on right side. Prone to ulcers everywhere but especially of mucus membranes, pains like sticks or slivers. Aggravation: menstrual period, free at other times; anxiety; anticipating; mental excitement, and warm stuffy room. Amelioration: open air, like Pulsatilla



      Anxiety or thinks one will have a fit while walking which makes one walk faster; delusion that corners of house project and one will run against them while walking in street, or that room wall will fall and crush one; thinks work will do one harm, or that one is a bottle of soda water; hurry for appointed time to arrive; obstinate, had the queerest objection to whatever was proposed; anxious and restless during interval of epilepsy. Full of hallucinations, illusions, and imaginations. Hurry; in a fidget; feels impelled to walk faster and faster. Fear: to pass a certain corner lest one make a sensation, goes around a block to avoid it; that one will jump off while crossing a bridge, or, jump out of the window while looking out of it; when ready to go to church or opera; of a crowd or certain places; of death, predicts the day, like Aconite; terror of anticipation, even to diarrhoea, like Gelsemium and Medorrhinum; claustrophobia, must sit in end seat or near door and have an easy escape; of failure in examinations, like Aethusa, Anacardium, Lycopodium and Silicea Sad, melancholic, confused. Thinks one is forsaken, deserted, despised. Deceitful; ” an ‘oh no’ chronic liar.


      As if enlarged amelioration bandaging, especially during pregnancy; pain from dancing; frontal eminence pulsates; violent boring in sides or in temples at noon; cutting darting stabbing, left side; pressing amelioration binding it up; pushing sense amelioration pressure. Ache: all of a congestive character with much throbbing amelioration cold and tight bandaging, aggravation exertion, excitement, often nausea and vomiting; nervous, from nervous excitement, aggravation coffee; one of our best remedies for hemicrania, pains bore, amelioration tight bandage or tight hat. congestion, vertigo, ophthalmia.


      Closed in melancholy; inflamed from being over fire amelioration cold applications; photophobia from overstraining, aggravation warm room; pterygium, color pink; red, amelioration open air; vision: gray serpentine like bodies; letters run together after mental exertion. All symptoms are aggravation warm room and sitting by fire, amelioration cold applications and cold bathing. Intense photophobia; aversion to light; aggravation warm room, desire cold and dark. chemosis, strangulated vessels. cornea ulcerated in new – born, copious purulent discharge from lids. Photophobia after looking at fine print or sewing especially if one has suddenly become far sighted. Pannus. Pupils dilate before epilepsy. A priceless remedy is purulent ophthalmia. CC. or I M often amelioration when crude fails. An occasional dose of Pulsatilla is said to favor the action of Arg-n. in ophthalmia. Chronic ulceration of lids when they thicken. Myopia after Spongia for goitre. Asthenopia when the corest kind of work strains eyes. Discharge: copious, thick, yellowish, Pulsatilla and Mercurius failing; resembles that of those two, but differs in the mentals from Pulsatilla and the nightly aggravation of Mercurius Canthi red as blood, caruncula lachrymalis swells and stands out from corners of lids like a lump of raw flesh, clusters of red vessels stand out from inner canthi to cornea. The symptoms are violent. Argentum is preferable if the entire lid thickens. Great photophobia accompanies the headaches and nervous troubles, muscular coordination lost, unable to fix eyes. steadily, like Conium, everything blurs. Cannot look up or down from a height. Sight suffers as abdominal symptoms increase.


      Discharge, post nasal, forenoon.


      Old looking, dirty, sunken, Bluish, pale, sunken, sweat stands out in drops.


      Food escapes when chewing.


      Very useful in chronic congestion. Tends to grow warts and polypi. As of a stick, splinter or fish bone, like Hepar, wants cold air and cold things, reverse of Hepar nitricum acidum, and Arg-n. are the most prominent remedies for sense of fishbone. Catarrh of smokers amelioration smoking.


      Periodic constriction; desires sugar p.m.; faint from eructations; gags at night; as of a lump after midnight; nausea from palpitation; pain, lying on right side; ulcerative pain after dinner; twisting, to abdomen; vomits mucus during diarrhoea. Eructations: do not always amelioration, like China and reverse of Carb-v.; difficult, finally air rushes out with great violence; loud, noisy, often ineffectual, causes strangulation, finally amelioration loud eructations, the paroxysms preceded by yawning and followed by deep sleep; with enormous distension; accompany all stomach ailments. Nausea: troublesome efforts to vomit. Vomit: purge at same time; streaked brown, flocculent, like coffee grounds. Unrivalled for the gastritis of drunkards. Pain: ulcerative, gnawing at pit; radiates in all directions from pit, aggravation and amelioration gradually, reverse of Belladonna Craves: everything cold and cold air, like Pulsatilla; sugar, and must have it though it makes one sick and acts like a physic and brings on diarrhoea with green stools and even transfers that state to the nursing child. Cardialgia, as from a stone, effort to belch ineffectual, becomes strangulated followed by an almost unconscious state. Gastralgia of nervous women from depressing causes, night watching, etc., malaise in region of stomach, often presses into stomach with clenched fists, like Colocynthis, empty sense in stomach, desires piquant food and drink, insatiable hunger, pale urine, spirits depressed. Troubles from too great or too prolonged mental exertion. Well marked gastritis, enormous distension and free eructation of gas. Ulcer, pain to chest shoulders and down abdomen, great distress from food, often cutting pain in liver which is enlarged. Disorders of child from sweets, like Ant-c., but Ant-c. is irritable, with distension, nausea, eructations, violent cramps in bowels, tongue coated white, headache, face dark red. Vomit tinges bedding black.


      Drawing pain during stool; hypochondria sore, bruised during stool (diarrhoea). Very sore all over pelvis. One of the most flatulent of remedies; distended to bursting with flatus but its passage up or down gives no amelioration, reverse of Carb-v. Tension like a cord in groin and abdomen. As of a band around waist, like Cact. and Lycopodium


      Diarrhoea from excitement as before theater, or, from exaltation of imagination; loud flatus after sugar. Diarrhoea: from nursing mothers or wet nurses eating too much sugar or candy, which may be passed on to the nursing child; especially when characterized by the chronic flatulency of the drug; of child after weaning, copious flatus during stool, tormina, bloody mucus, tenesmus. Cholera infantum, child looks thin and dried up like a mummy, like nothing but skin and bones. Casts of rectum like diphtheritic membrane or deposits; strings of mucus with stool; green fetid mucus and noisy flatus at night.


      Green, like chopped spinach, lid Aconite, in flakes, expelled with much spluttering, aggravation drinking, but especially after eating too much sugar or candy. Green as grass, like Ip. and Mercurius The green stool are remarkable. Turn green when standing on diaper. Watery at night.


      Urging ineffectual, as soon as one ceases to strain urine and stool pass involuntarily. Urine: scanty with gastric and intestinal troubles; copious with nervous troubles, reverse of Agaricus, and incontinence with paralysis. Gonorrhoea: most painful, erections painful; acute, discharge copious, purulent, bloody, terrible cutting pains, Cantharis at neck of bladder at close of urination.


      Aggravation at menses is a strong indication, free at other times. Pain in male. Leucorrhoea copious, purulent, vagina sore bleeds easily, cervix ulcerated, proud flesh. Prolapsus in scrawny dried up feeble women, like Secale, but Arg-n. has not the intolerance to heat and the aversion to being covered of Secale Pains like slivers in and around uterus. Coition painful or impossible. Cervix cauterized by silver nitrate use Natr-m.


      Dyspnoea in crowded room; catarrh alternating with uterine troubles. Pure nervous asthma, dyspnoea in crowded room.


      On singing or raising voice; suffocative at noon. Days, diarrhoea at night.


      Inflamed of singers. Chronic inflammation of singers when raising voice causes cough. Condylomata on vocal cords.


      Flutters on thinking of it; splinterlike pain; ache in sides on walking; pressing in heart during menses; palpitation amelioration pressure of hand. Palpitation: lying on right side, often compels one to get up and walk; general pulsations; violent from least mental emotion or sudden muscular exertion; obliges one to press hand hard against heart for amelioration; on riding in a wagon, anxiety compels one to get up and walk real fast. Intense spasm, cannot have handkerchief near mouth it causes dyspnoea, like Stann. Threatened paralysis of chest, as of a band around, scarcely able to breathe, fears suffocation, distress in stomach and great accumulation of gas. Mammary glands pain, tend to bleed, ulcerate, proud flesh.


      Sacrum heavy during stool, amelioration standing; pain between scapulae after eating; ache in lumbar region amelioration standing. Pain from flatulence.


      Calf feels rigid and stiff. (L): Lower, and forearms heavy. Staggers in dark with eyes closed, like Alumina, but Alumina is constipated, Arg-n. having more flatulence. Valuable in locomotor ataxia, fulgurating pains, shooting. Striking and excessive debility of lower. Weary all afternoon, as after a long journey on foot, sick sense, dread of labor, drowsy, sickly look, scarcely able to walk across room, calves rigid and stiff. Paralysis from spinal trouble, great exhaustion, restless, emaciation, sighing breathing, involves diaphragm and lungs, gasps for breath.


      Entering warm room from open air. Occiput to extreme tip of coccyx, daily at noon, amelioration heat, subsides at 5 p.m., sleepy.


      Intermittents, pulmonary haemorrhage.


      Distressing nightmare. Horrible dreams. Nervousness prevents.


      Vesicatories composed of Arg-n. have a tendency to draw white blisters in proportion as the skin becomes discolored. Favors growth of warts and polypi. Discolors from blue gray, violet or bronze, to real black. Lead colored pigment. Purplish rash like that of severe serious forms of scarlet fever and zymotic diseases.


      Epileptic convulsions, body feels expanded before attack, nervous; orgasms of blood after a long walk; pulse frequent on noticing it; electric shocks on beginning to move; periodic internal trembling and weakness. Epilepsy: very restless and tremulous before attack; from fright or at menses; for days or hours before attack pupils dilated, after attack great restlessness, hands tremble. In thinking of Arg-n. think of the greens, especially the green stools. Complaint of boys from tobacco. Periodic trembling of whole body. Moral and nervous disturbances, especially chorea and epilepsy, which occur generally at night, or in a.m. on rising, or about noon shortly after dinner, generally every other day. Chronic nervous results of alcoholic stimulants or excessive sexual indulgence, very melancholy especially after eating, like Natr-c., afraid to be alone, like Arsenicum, flatulent distension and palpitation. One of the very best remedies in nervous breakdown, like Nux. Feels that one cannot pass a certain place, like Kali – bro. Cannot go out in moonlight without an umbrella; Ant-c. without getting sentimental. Atheromatous degeneration of veins; varicosis. Chorea with tearing in legs. Oedema runs through the remedy. Aggravation going to opera, church or other gatherings; keeping an engagement; warm clothing; stuffy warm room or place, suffocates if others are present; during menses, reverse of Lachesis and Zincum met.; from fire and heat; Summer; heat f bed. amelioration: riding in wind, Tuberculinum a better remedy; walking, aggravation sitting, like Zincum met., Arg – n having pain on rising; cool open air; stimulants; washing or bathing with cold water; cold drinks. The natural antidote is Natr-m.; others: milk; Arsenicum, Calcarea, Pulsatilla, Sulphur, etc.

Alfred Pulford
Alfred Pulford, M.D., M.H.S., F.A.C.T.S. 1863-1948 – American Homeopath and author who carried out provings of new remedies. Author of Key to the Homeopathic Materia Medica, Repertoroy of the Symptoms of Rheumatism, Sciatica etc., Homeopathic Materia Medica of Graphic Drug Pictures.