Xanthoxylum Fraxineum (1899)

A detailed collection of proving and clinical symptoms of this under-used remedy. Xanthoxylum is Apprehensive, fearful; starts at every noise or even at shadows; afraid to go to bed alone or in a dark room.Vertigo. Faintness….


Depression, indifference, fear, apprehension, confusion, bewildered, irritability, stupidity.

Great depression, feeling of depression and weakness; depression in morning on waking, with languor; felt as if I would rather die than live, as though I would like to take enough to kill myself, during headache.
Indifference and malaise; no life nor ambition to do anything; did not care if I lived or died, and decided not to take a drop more if I ever felt better.
Terrible, nervous, frightened feeling; nervous feeling of fear; frightened at action of heart; awoke in fright, trembling violently Felt as if something bad might happen.
Bewildered sensation; head felt mixed, seemed entirely void of ideas; was an exertion to try to think; very cross and hungry. Stupid feeling after supper.

Apprehensive, fearful; starts at every noise or even at shadows; afraid to go to bed alone or in a dark room.
Vertigo. Faintness.


Vertigo, on, attempting to rise in morning, as if falling forward; everything became black, and I grasped for support, with nausea preventing me from eating breakfast, vomiting of coffee and toast that I had succeeded in eating; with black spots dancing before eyes; on going up or down stairs felt as if I were stepping over too far and should fall; obliged to go to bed; on rising in morning, when waking, if I sat up, felt as if floating through air; if I lay down, as if sunken deep in bed.
Faintness spread over whole body.


Aching, heaviness; heavy pains; throbbing fullness; darting, shooting or sharp pains; constriction, tension, pressure, boring; enlarged sensation; dropping to pieces as if.

Aching: in morning with sleepy feeling; and dull; and backache; neck stiff, carotids throb, weak and weight in it; intolerance of motion or shock; every step sends a shock through head.
Throbbing, delaying sleep, with bright, star shaped spots dancing up and down on shutting eyes; heaviness in head and in neck; dull and heavy.
Full feeling.
Constriction and tightness of, with increasing pain over eyes and severe pain.
Pressure in, with fullness of, veins.
Felt big, large, with intolerance of light.
Shaking the head produces a feeling of looseness or quivering of the brain, followed by dizziness, as if dropping to pieces, with fear that something would happen.


Frontal headache, severe, with dizziness, extending into orbits; toward evening, with nausea; waked at 4 a. m. by intense frontal headache, increased, of a burning, pressing nature, worse from moving head suddenly, extending into vertex and orbits, with feeling of heaviness in eyelids and bright spots before eyes; disappeared during evening; returned, with increased violence, with a perfectly exhausted feeling, as if I had had no rest for a long time; made it an
effort to dress; ameliorated by cool water and open air.
Sudden pain over right eye at 6 p.m., with boring through temples, soon spread over whole head;
no position comfortable, with heavy pressure on vertex, followed by blurred vision, as if looking
through blue lace; dizziness and nausea.
Throbbing over right eye, with nausea.
Sharp, shooting pain over right eye and m right side; diffused pain in upper part of forehead, right side, pain extends to base of brain, with soreness; shaking the head produces a feeling of looseness or quivering of the brain, followed by dizziness; pain over eyes, with throbbing above root of nose; aching in a spot over nose; a dull headache in a space not larger than half a dollar over nose.
Temples: heavy pain in; menses two days early; boring through.
Darting in left occurring again and again; ached violently through temples and vertex; top of head felt as if lifted in evening.
Sides, pain in left and left elbow.
Vertex, heavy pressure on, heavy feeling in.
Aching in upper half of head, with flashes of throbbing pain, as if the top of the skull were about to be lifted off.
Occiput; pain in, bewildered sensation in.
Scalp, tightening of and heavy pains in temples, with twitching m and trembling in right knee; afterward increase of head difficulties, with great heat and quiet menstrual flow, two days early.
Head sore to touch.

Headaches, with sensation as if the top of the head would come off. (Argentum nitricum Baptisia Cact. Cim. Cann. i Helonias Iris v. Bali-bi; Bob. Lac def. Lachesis Mercurius Syphilinum Theridion Ustilago)
Head, as if surrounded by a right band.
Aggravation from noise.


Congestion, burning, heaviness; pains, grinding sore; vision, bright, blue, black, flashes, etc.
Bloodshot, with red margins; feel as if full of sand, with frontal headache; and heavy, with red, burning lids; and sensitive to light; photophobia.
Heaviness m; in lids.
Pain in lid of right eye; lachrymation.
Watering of eyes and nose.
Dull, heavy, grinding pain in left eye.
Motion is painful if much out of field of vision, and eyes are sore on pressure.
Pupils dilated.
Vision, bright spots before eyes; on shutting eyes, starshaped black spots dancing up and down.
Bright images before eyes, which were sensitive to light and bloodshot, with dilated pupils.
Blurred vision, as if looking through blue lace; everything looked blue; atmosphere appeared blue; and there were constant flashes of light before eyes; flashes of blue light before eyes; vision of blue sparks; black spots dancing before the eyes, with vertigo; objects seemed a long way off.

C.M. Boger
Cyrus Maxwell Boger 5/ 13/ 1861 "“ 9/ 2/ 1935
Born in Western Pennsylvania, he graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and subsequently Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia. He moved to Parkersburg, W. Va., in 1888, practicing there, but also consulting worldwide. He gave lectures at the Pulte Medical College in Cincinnati and taught philosophy, materia medica, and repertory at the American Foundation for Homoeopathy Postgraduate School. Boger brought BÅ“nninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory into the English Language in 1905. His publications include :
Boenninghausen's Characteristics and Repertory
Boenninghausen's Antipsorics
Boger's Diphtheria, (The Homoeopathic Therapeutics of)
A Synoptic Key of the Materia Medica, 1915
General Analysis with Card Index, 1931
Samarskite-A Proving
The Times Which Characterize the Appearance and Aggravation of the Symptoms and their Remedies