Chronic Liver

Chronic Liver. October 10th, 1893. Mrs. M. W., Age, 36. Weight, 200 pounds. Gouty constitution. “Chronic liver.” Enormously enlarged liver. Great soreness …

October 10th, 1893. Mrs. M. W., Age, 36. Weight, 200 pounds. Gouty constitution. “Chronic liver.” Enormously enlarged liver. Great soreness in region of liver. Warm blooded woman. Red face. Gets up with bad taste in mouth. Has taken everything (and will now obey.) Formerly used a rubber cushion to prevent pain in coccyx, cold hands. Very cold feet. Hyperaemia of brain. Fullness in head. Urine scanty at times. Menstrual flow scanty. No pains. Natr. sul. 20 m. One dose and s. l.

November 8th.-Pain in side much better. Old symptoms returning. Before menses leucorrhoea with fishy odour. (Old symptom.) Has always been much heated in summer, but never perspired. S.L. Milk always failed with her children.

December 10th. Soreness and swelling in region of liver has entirely disappeared. Fullness in head and pain in back part of head all the time. Fullness in eyes; feels at times as if there was a cloud over them; this disappears after closing eyes two or three times. Dreadful taste in mouth, worse in morning. Drinks very little water. Perspires more than she ever did; arms warmer; legs and feet cold. Gout in right foot. Heart very quick at times, often when she only rises to walk across the room (always walks fast); notices it more in the evening. Is generally a good deal swollen before menses. Always feels better the two weeks after menses. Soreness in breasts only lasted three days before menses and was not so severe. Bowels regular, though more constipated than she has ever been. Urine very scanty, light colour, except for about ten days before menses, when it is the colour of orange juice. Not so much of the fishy smell to leucorrhoea. Natr-sul. 20M. One dose and s.l.

January 18th. 1894. After the first three powders vertigo, worse closing eyes. Fullness in back of head and eyes. Red spot on cheek no better. Nose, legs and upper part of arms cold. Rheumatism in back of legs. Pain so severe at times that she cannot lift legs or straighten up. Severe pain across lower part of back, as though hundreds of needle were going in. Must keep clearing throat all the time. Dryness in nose and back part of throat. Dreadful taste in back of mouth. Urine darker before menses, clear and profuse after. Odour of stale crackers. Menses last three days. Pain in back came very suddenly as she was stooping over. Dreams in latter part of night. Sore throat on awakening this morning, l. side yellow S.L. 30 powders.

February 26th. Swelling over liver and around waist for three weeks. Shortness of breath. Colour of urine changed; like thick orange juice in morning, natural in afternoon. Sharp pains about heart. Sharp pains from sternum to l. breast. At times sensation of weight in region of l. breast. Pain in lower part of back. Bearing-down pains. Leucorrhoea for six weeks. Has not had it before for twelve years. Dull, heavy pain in l. leg from hip to knee. Pain in l. ankle, as though knife had cut through; lasts about three hours and is so severe she can’t step upon foot. Gout in fourth toe of left foot, formerly in right foot. Head worse than for four years. Intense fullness in back and fore part of head and eyes, worse at night. Top of head sore to touch. Eyes feel as though they would shoot out of head with burning pain. Breasts very sore. It is within a few days of menses. Dryness in throat and nose very bad. Feet and legs cold all the time. Deaf in l. ear for six weeks. Natr. sul. 50 m. S. L. 30 powders.

April Sd. Fullness in occiput-dreadful. When tired, cloud in front of eyes. Dry mouth; bitter taste. Dryness in nostrils. Crawling like a worm in throat. Feels like sighing. Sore pain in breasts during m. p.. continues after. S. L.

May 14th. Bad taste in mouth. Fullness in head, worse at night. Heavy feeling in liver. Pain in hip bones, particularly the right, worse lying on them. Return of gout in right foot. Menses on time, but flowed only two days. Urine is better. Hawks up thick, offensive matter from throat. Nose and throat still very dry. Red spot on face remains. Nat. sul. 50m. S. L. 30 powders.

September 14th. Rush of blood to head. Burning hands and face. Pain in left side of the back (lumbar). Soreness at end of the spine. Soreness in liver. Frequent urging to urinate. Menses regular, lasting only two days. Before menses a fishy smell to urine; menstrual flow offensive and greenish. Natr. sul. 50 m.

October 2d. Urinary symptoms amel. Leucorrhoea thin, white. Feels wretched all the time. Head full of blood, face purple, spot on the right cheek worse than it has ever been. Pain over eyes and at base of brain. Sight seems blurred. Soreness in region of liver. Offensive taste. Great desire to clear throat; dryness extending up into nose. Stiff and sore all over. Excessive nervousness. Fluttering at heart. All symptoms agg. from 6 A. M. to 1 P. M. Natr. sul. c. m.

October 16th. Sensation of fullness in head and body, with cold hands, feet and nose. Menses on October 9th, three days late, flow lasted only two days, but from that time till now there has been little discharge of blood all the time; she took Pulsatilla one dose as head was so bad and she hoped this would bring on menses; it did not make her feel any better. Pain in back. S. L. 30 powders.

March 17, 1896. Entirely free from symptoms until recently. The last remedy helped her much. Very nervous. Palpitation. Pulsating all over with twitching. Great flatulence. Eructation of wind and food, of all things eaten. If she has eaten a little she feels as if she had eaten a full meal. Bad taste in mouth. Tongue parched and dry. Menses very regular, offensive odour. Pain in back of head when tired. Legs so nervous in evening that she cannot keep still. Breasts sore when she takes off the pressure at night. Feels oppressed before menses. Lycopodium 43 m.

April 18th. For the first ten days after medicine she could jump out of her skin. Good action of remedy. Left hand and arm numb. Pain in the pit of stomach. Bloated abdomen before menses. Dreams much. White tongue. Offensive taste. Palpitation. Skin not so dry. Perspires. Burning hot on warm days, with pricking, tingling. Burning like coals of fire on top of head. S. L. May 25th. Symptoms returning. Lycopodium 43 m.

Dec. Ist. Burning pain in stomach. Mist before eyes before m. p. Pain in sacrum after m. p. Offensive taste. Difficulty in hearing. Lycopodium c. m.

Dec. 12th. Very sore throat, red all over, yellow spots on both sides, worse on right side, hurts on swallowing fluid; no fever; heaviness in head and fullness; right ear aches. Second finger on right hand very sore. Has used flaxseed poultice without relief. Sac. lac. in water.

January 23, 1897. Burning pain in stomach. Mist before eyes before m. p. Throat still troubles her some-what. Numbness in left hand. Lycopodium c. m.

April 9th. Burning above the navel. Feels worse after coffee; weak feeling. Symptoms returning. Has been very well since last remedy until recently. Lycopodium c. m. Patient now perfectly well. No aches or pain.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.