Cenchris Cases

Cenchris Cases. Diarrhoea.

Man of 60 years, Colocynthis K. Diarrhoea. Pain before stool. Stool papescent. Cold, but not chilly. A dose or two of Cenchris…


Man of 60 years, Colocynthis K. Diarrhoea. Pain before stool. Stool papescent. Cold, but not chilly. A dose or two of Cenchris 30th cured promptly.

Chill With Sore Throat

Mrs. R., 2t. 52. Blond hair, blue eyes, full habit.

May 28, 1889. Had a chill a month ago, with sore throat after it, for which she took Chinin. Since yesterday afternoon, soreness of the right ovary and aching inside, as if gathered in a knot; she can move and walk but with much pain. Had a chill at 3 p. m. yesterday, shivering all over; could not get warm all night. Pulse small and frequent. Perspiration from slight motion. After taking supper, retching. Took Chinin, which gives her a headache and bad taste. Cenchris, 45m. 6 powders, one every night, dry.

June 5th. No better for the first two days, then she was well.

Pain in Right Ovarian Region Mrs. H., tall, frail.

Dec. 6, 1887. After being married for three years, complained of a pain in the right ovarian region, like an ulcer, with a thrusting in pain; that she cannot move her leg two days before menstruation. Flow black, dirty discharge, followed a few days later with coagulated blood; later leucorrhoea of large brown and yellow lumps. Under the use of Apis and Sepia, high and highest potencies, she considered herself well by January 4, 1888. But the trouble came back in form of cramps in the right ovary. Apis high did good service again, but did not cure.

Dec. 30, 1889. The menses had come two days earlier. First day, bright red, then dark, lasting four days; not much. After it, pain in the right ovary, like a jumping toothache, for a day. The size of the painful spot had tapered down from three or four inches in diameter to about that of a finger tip. Cenchris cm.

Jan. 13, 1889. Had for the first time in her life a normal menstruation. There was only a slight intimation of pain in the right ovary. She feels good everywhere, and has gained.

The ovarian trouble came probably from injecting cold water immediately after coitus, which the ignorant young thing did, according to the advice of her mother-in-law, who thought her unfit to bear children.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.