Common diseases of fowls treated with homeopathy. Find out more about homeopathic treatment of birds and common remedies for common ailments in fowls in veterinary practice….

It would have been easy to fill a large volume with detailed particulars of cases–really successful cases–of treatment on homoeopathic principles, as well among GOATS, CATS, and BIRDS of various descriptions, as of others of those larger animals to which reference has shortly been made; but the space at disposal does not permit.

It has ever been my one great aim to work for the cause of Homoeopathy, not only for the immediate benefit of the class of patients which come more directly under personal care, but to show, if possible, by practice, that what “the principle” will do for the lower orders of animal, it may with good reason be anticipated to excel when brought to bear with higher refinement upon the human subject; and it is most earnestly hoped by the writer that a stimulus will here long be given to the spread of a more intelligent appreciation of the value of Homoeopathy, and thus render it the blessing to humanity at large as well as the various orders of animals it is intended to be, as I believe, providentially.

The common, diseases of the FOWLS and their Remedies are–

Anaemia–Oleum Jecoris Aselli.

Apoplexy–Kali Bromium

Bronchitis–Aconite (Dose–Tinct., one drop every 3 or 4 hours), Ipecacuanha (Dose–Tinct. 3 drops, 3 times a day).

Chicken Pox–Cuprum Sulph, Sulphuric Acid.

Cholera–Arsenicum Iodium Dose– 20 to 30 globules dissolved in water, every one to three hours, according to the severity of the symptoms.

Cold–Camphor, Chininum Sulph, Cuprum Sulph.

Cramp–Oleum Jecoris Aselli.

Diarrhoea–Iodium, Kali Iodium

Dropsy–Ferrum Sulph., Magnesia Sulph. Dose–Tinct., one drop in the drinking water of the fowls.

Fever–Chininum Sulph. Dose–IX trit., 2 to 1 gr., twice daily.

Fistula–Bismuth, Camphor.

Infectious Diseases–Carbolic Acid–preventive.

Small Pox: Cuprum. Sulph. Dose–Tinct., one drop, every 3 hours.

Ranikhet : Iodium, Kali Iodium

Croup : Spongia (3rd to 15th dil.). Dose, ti 10 drops, in the drinking water of the fowls, daily.

Rheumatism: Terebinthina.

Skin Diseases: Iodium.

Worms : Cuprum Sulph. (Tinct. 7 drops in 5000 parts water).

Nicotinum (1 drop in the drinking water of the fowls).

J S Harndall