Rescue of Newborn

Homeopathy treatment of Rescue of Newborn from the book Homoeopathy for Mother and infant by Dr. Douglas M. Borland (1950), a useful guide for treating Rescue of Newborn homeopathically. …

Rescue of the Newly-born

CARBO VEGETABILIS. Collapsed, limp, flaccid, cold. Almost dead.

LAUROCERASUS. Blue asphyxia; pulse failing.

ARNICA. As in other injuries; to help the absorption of blood, and get maximum recovery.

Douglas Borland
Douglas Borland M.D. was a leading British homeopath in the early 1900s. In 1908, he studied with Kent in Chicago, and was known to be one of those from England who brought Kentian homeopathy back to his motherland.
He wrote a number of books: Children's Types, Digestive Drugs, Pneumonias
Douglas Borland died November 29, 1960.