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This is one of the thirty-eight Bach remedies. It is a near- panacea for medical emergencies arising from traumatic causes—serious accidents, burns and scalds, electric shock or poisons where life is in danger. Put one pill into the mouth of the victim.  Moments later,

  • Bleeding, if any, stops almost instantaneously without a bandage, however long or deep the cut may
  • Unbearable pain is reduced to
  • If unconscious and the body has become ice cold, pulse/ breath imperceptible, these are cured in just a minute, and the victim gets up and walks home as if nothing has happened (excepting, of course, fractures)––the more danger to life, the quicker the remedy acts!
  • In case of chemical poisons and poison-bites, the poison gets neutralized in no time;
  • In case of burns and scalds not only does the burning pain come down in less than a minute but also, simultaneously, all after-effects are

No need to repeat the dose! Just one single dose, however serious the condition of the victim may be. The more danger to life the quicker the remedy acts! Rescue Remedy is a near-panacea for traumatic cases when patient may soon collapse.

Rescue Remedy, given by mighty Nature, not only acts as a mere first aid in trauma cases but, in most cases, completely cures the patient (even before the time required to reach the victim to a hospital) so that no other treatment is required (fractures excepted). No need to repeat!

But that is not the case with other medical systems known till date. After deep burns if the victim goes to any qualified and registered medical practitioner, the latter has no medicine to prevent the after-effects of burns. At the most he would order ‘rest cure’—bleb formation taking place after a few days, discoloration of skin and disfiguration of the part by thickening of tissues etc.

Won’t you like to keep a phial of Rescue Remedy in your vehicle and at home?


Surgery too is a trauma. Before a few minutes or hours of major surgery, if one dose of Rescue Remedy is given orally to the patient, 150 ml of blood loss is minimised. Also the wound heals rapidly and the patient is transferred to the ward in two days and discharged early. Without Rescue Remedy, such conditions take 7-10 days for the patient to return home.

Dr. Mathanagopal, M.B.B.S., D.A., former Anaesthetist in Govt. Hospital, Palani, in Tamil Nadu, reports:

“Thank you for introducing flower remedies to me. One hour before giving anaesthesia for surgery patients in my private practice, I give one pill of Rescue Remedy (chewable).

Compared to other patients, Rescue Remedy given thus, saves 150 to 200ml of blood loss, reduces post-surgical pain, fever, oedema etc. Thus, there is less need for giving pain-killers and antibiotics.

“In scorpion sting, snake-bite and other unknown poison bites where the patient is brought in critical condition, I give one pill orally; in addition, I dissolve five pills in half-an-ounce of plain water, soak gauze into the solution and apply it locally. Moments later, pain, swelling etc., disappear magically and much to the surprise of my colleagues.”