First years of Child

Homeopathy treatment of First years of Child from the book Homoeopathy for Mother and infant by Dr. Douglas M. Borland (1950), a useful guide for treating First years of Child homeopathically. …


I hope to demonstrate the integrity of these convictions by considering the medical care of the child during its first two years of life. This takes cognizance not merely of the physical, but also of the mental health and development. This begins, not at the time of birth but in utero. It is essential to guard the health of the mother during pregnancy – mental and physical-if the best possible child is to be born. There are various disabilities from which the mother may suffer which have an adverse effect on the unborn infant. Some are conditions peculiar to pregnancy; others are ailments which attack indiscriminately the pregnant and non-pregnant.

Let us take first a few of the conditions peculiar to pregnancy. On the physical side we have excessive vomiting, albuminuria, constipation with toxic absorption, or diarrhoea. On the mental side there are such things as undue depression, morbid fears, sleeplessness, and to effects of frights. In this sphere homoeopathy has much to offer in advance of ordinary medicine. For example; Excessive Vomiting of Pregnancy, if allowed to continue, will lead to the death of the foetus, either naturally, or artificially induced to save the life of the mother. The recognised treatment of this condition consists of rest in bed, greatly modified diet, bordering on starvation, the administration of sedatives and aperients, and, when the condition has become more grave, the administration of glucose.

Danger Prevented

In a very large percentage of cases, when the vomiting of pregnancy starts, a few homoeopathic doses of IPECACUANHA will completely control it. The danger is prevented and does not need to be met. In those unfortunate cases in which the condition has not been homoeopathically treated from the start, the response to the homoeopathic drug is startling, though the choice of the drug is more difficult and is dictated by the symptoms of the individual case.

Douglas Borland
Douglas Borland M.D. was a leading British homeopath in the early 1900s. In 1908, he studied with Kent in Chicago, and was known to be one of those from England who brought Kentian homeopathy back to his motherland.
He wrote a number of books: Children's Types, Digestive Drugs, Pneumonias
Douglas Borland died November 29, 1960.