Homoeopaths ought to preach what they believe. “When right is in it, put might in it.” I might give many more such cases as here given; all of which have been very successfully treated by a strict observance of the law as transmitted to us by our fathers. We have received from our illustrious predecessors many evidences of the all-sufficiency of the law.

(It is always interesting and instructive to note how our predecessors worked Homoeopathy, and how Homoeopathy worked for them. here is a paper, read before the International Hahnemann Association in 1892.).

No. 1. A few years ago, a young man came into my office apparently suffering great pain. Had his hand elevated before him, holding it with the other. When his hand hung down the pain was unendurable. He called for a basin of cold water, as bathing the hand afforded great relief.

The pains were of a burning, stinging character, accompanied with chilliness. He had fallen asleep, during the afternoon in a wagon shed, being exhausted. he threw his arm over his head. The sun fell upon it and instantly awoke him with intense pain, requiring a cold bathing. He came to get his finger lanced.

The forefinger of the right hand was greatly swollen, of a bluish red colour. He said he had a felon.

Now, as to what was the matter with this boy did not particularly concern me. An allopath, or a pathological homoeopath, would have, at once, split the finger with a lancet to relieve the tension. Well, this would surely have done it ; but have you in such procedure, cured your patient ? The cause that produced the felon has not been removed. The felon is only the product of a diseased condition of the organism. Is there anything scientific in treating the product of disease ?.

I did not have to use a lancet, because I happened to be conversant with the pathology of a drug that produces such similar symptoms upon a healthy organism. I commisurate the poverty of materia medica in a physician who fails to “catch on” in such cases. No intelligent physician has to resort to such barbarous procedures to combat disease. A knowledge of the pathogenesy of Pulsatilla is all that is necessary to afford complete and perfect relief. it is sufficiently clear to all present.

I gave him one dose of Pulsatilla 51m. dry on his tongue. In twenty minutes he said his finger felt better. In one hour and twenty minutes he left my office for home, his hand swinging by his side. No more desire for cold applications nor any more pain. Went to bed and slept fifteen hours; awoke with his finger freely discharging laudable pus. Came to see me and had experienced no pain during the twenty-four hours after taking the medicine.

I gave no more medicine but plenty of S.L. Dressed the finger in absorbent cotton. He had a rapid recovery.

He came to me in about six months with another felon developing on the forefinger of the left hand. The same symptoms were present. I gave two doses of Puls. 51m. (F) which speedily absorbed the whole affair. The last time I saw him, which was two years after, he had had no further trouble.

No.2. A lady called me to see her daughter, who was suffering very severely from a hard hot swelling on the palmar surface of one of her thumbs. She had not slept any for three nights. She was so cross they could scarcely live with her. No one could come near her or speak to her.

Wanted to sit by the kitchen stove all the time and have the hand wrapped up warm; scolding anyone who would open the door and walk heavily upon the floor. There was intense swelling and throbbing with fluctuation.

“Is it not a felon, Doctor ? ” Says the mother; “does it not need to be opened ?” “Yes but she must have something to relieve the pain.” The girl acquiesced with my statement, and gave her mother a scowl for suggesting such barbarous notions. “Let her take a teaspoonful of this medicine in the glass every half-hour or till she goes to sleep. Then stop till I see her again”.

At 4 p.m. she began taking the medicine, and by 8 p.m. she was sound asleep. To this intelligent assembly it is needless to state that Nux vom. 200 was the remedy given. The pains were all speedily assuaged,and the next morning it was discharging freely. The girl sweetened up gloriously, to the infinite satisfaction of the whole family.

W L Reed