How To Use The Repertory – Forty Remedies

Cutting pains are also found in:

Arnica, has cutting like knives in kidney; pain in teeth, epigastrium and liver.
China, has cutting pains which shoot through abdomen in all directions before the passage of flatus; cutting in spleen as if it was hardened.
Staphisagria, for injuries caused by sharp cutting instruments; pain over crural nerve; teeth and abdomen; pains in stitches after operations.

Sore Pains.


Your leaders will be found under:

Arnica, for bad effects of bruises and sprains; pain is sore as if bruised in head; brain, throat and stomach; general character of pains sore.
Belladonna, has soreness and rawness; pains in eyelids, throat to ears, abdomen and back.
China, has sore pains worse from light touch but relieved by hard pressure; sore all over in the joints, bones, periosteum, as if they had been sprained.
Drosera, soreness in temples and in skin of right temple; bruised feeling in the larynx, back and ankle.
Hepar, soreness in urethra, in genitals, scrotum, in folds between scrotum and thighs, chest and in all the limbs; bruised feeling in anterior muscles of thighs.
Natrum mur., soreness left side of nose; nostrils; upper arm; epigastrium; chest; tarsal joints; liver; vulva; vagina; larynx and trachea and between the toes.
Nux vomica, has soreness all over; great tenderness of abdomen; soreness in liver, stomach, abdomen, across pubis, chest and shoulder-joint; bruised sensation of brain, in small of back, neck of uterus, low down in abdomen; in back and in limbs.
Phosphorus, bruised feeling in bones; soreness and rawness; nose,
mouth, chest, lungs, larynx and bronchi are sore.
Rhus tox., has soreness and stiffness; soreness in head, nostrils, tongue, abdomen, of navel, in muscles of abdomen, back, vagina, chest and left side of lumbar region; bruised feeling in head, throat and limbs.
Silicea, the eyeballs are stiff and sore; internal soreness; sore pain in bones, chest, lungs, and head.
Sulphur, sore pain in left eye, in oral commissures, and in whole abdomen, bruised feeling and pain in abdomen, back, coccyx, left shoulder, left hip, thighs, in sciatic region and lower extremities.
Zincum., has soreness in head, vertex, scalp and hair; pterygium; right upper lid; outer canthus; in nose, teeth, tongue, upper chest and left hypochondrium; rectum, anus, left kidney, urethra; as if beaten in the pectoral muscles; chest; outer muscles of thigh and in pimples.

Throbbing Pains.

Are covered by the following fourteen remedies:
ACON., Belladonna, Bryonia, CALC., Chamomilla, Ignatia, Acid nitricum, PHOS., Pulsatilla, Rhus., Sulphur, SEP., Silicea, Staphysagria

Your leaders will be found under:

Aconite, where there is throbbing in temples and left side of head.
Calcarea carb., throbbing in ulcers; pain in vertex and forehead, worse from motion.
Phosphorus, throbbing forehead, temples, teeth, heart, extending to throat, back and neck.
Pulsatilla, throbbing in brain, head, forehead, teeth, ear and soles of feet.
Sepia, has throbbing in temple, forehead, cerebellum and teeth.
When the above do not cover your case look to the following:
Belladonna, has throbbing in carotids, in brain, teeth, stomach, ovary and breasts. While this remedy is given in routine practice for throbbing pains, it does not have this symptom in as marked degree as the remedies given above. It will only cure throbbing pains when the rest of the symptoms agree.
Bryonia, has throbbing throughout the body; pain in vertex.
Chamomilla, has a throbbing in one-half of the brain and in the back part of throat.
Ignatia, has throbbing pain in left side of head; ears, nape of
neck, small of back, teeth and stomach.
Nitric acid, has throbbing pain in left side of head; ears, nape of neck, small of back, teeth and stomach.
Rhus tox., throbbing in pit of stomach; in temples and from jaws and teeth into temples; in left shoulder and forehead.
Silicea, has throbbing pain in forehead and up into head; in eyes, in teeth and in limbs; sacral region; in forehead and vertex with chilliness.
Staphisagria, has throbbing in temples and from tooth to eye.
Sulphur, throbbing pain in left side of occiput; in hand, teeth, gums, rectum and anus.

Cramping Pains.

Are covered by the following ten remedies:
Belladonna, Calcarea, Digitalis, Nat. mur., Phosphorus, PHOS. AC., PULS., Sulphur, Staphysagria, Zincum met.

Your leaders will be:

Phosphoric acid, where there are cramps in joints; upper arm; wrist; chest; stomach; diaphragm and abdomen.
Pulsatilla, cramping pain in stomach, through chest; in right leg from knee to groin; in legs, abdomen, and in pit of stomach.
The following have crampy pains in second degree.
Belladonna, has cramps in jaws; the cramping pain in abdomen and stomach is relieved by lying at an angle of 45 degrees, and is aggravated by bending back; cramps in uterus and muscles are found under this remedy.
Calcarea carb., has cramps in the hands and forearms, feet and legs, crampy pains in hypochondria and in stomach, with palpitation.
Digitalis, has cramps in chest, abdomen and bladder.
Natrum mur., has cramping pains in abdomen at menses; crampy colic pains that resemble labor pains, aggravated after stool and relieved by passing flatus; pains in arms, hands, fingers, thumbs, legs, calves and feet.
Phosphorus, has crampy pains in testes, stomach, rectum, calves, between scapulae, and in left side of head.
Staphisagria, has crampy pains in abdomen, right knee joints and first joint of fingers.
Sulphur, has crampy pains in stomach, chest; cramps in hip joints,
middle finger, legs, thighs, calves, soles and toes.
Zincum., has crampy pains in epigastrium, hepatic region, sides of abdomen and umbilical region; pit of throat, bladder, in chest to stomach, in heart and lungs; cramps in legs, calves, left foot and muscles.

Bursting Pains.

Are covered by the following nine remedies:

Your leaders under this rubric will be:
Belladonna, in hemicrania; bursting pains in right temple, above nose, in occiput; in brain towards temples; in eyeballs, over right eye, in chest, stomach, abdomen and hypochondria.
Bryonia, has bursting pain in forehead, eyeballs, throat, stomach, right hypochondrium, above left eye and from within outward in head.
Calcarea carb., has bursting headache and bursting sensation in the stomach.
Causticum, has bursting pain in forehead, small of back, rectum, coccyx, stomach and ears.
Ignatia, has bursting above root of nose, in spleen, stomach and rectum.
Nitric ac., bursting pain in middle of brain, in forehead, eyes, throat, stomach, rectum and small of back.
Nux vomica, bursting pain in forehead and vertex, in eyes, stomach, liver towards chest and head, in bladder, anus and pit of stomach.
Sepia, bursting pain in forehead, liver, stomach and chest, Bursting sensation from ebullition of blood, which is worse at night.
Silicea, has bursting pain in forehead and occiput, relieved by pressure; bursting pain in eyes, stomach and chest.

Glen Irving Bidwell