How To Use The Repertory – Forty Remedies

Aggravation From Eating and After Eating.

Is found in the following twenty-seven remedies, either in the first or second degree:
Antim tart., ARS., Belladonna, BRY., CALC., Carbo veg., CAUST., Chamomilla, China, COLOC., Graphites, Hyoscyamus, LACH., LYC., NAT. MUR., Acid nitricum, NUX V., PHOS., PHOS. AC., Podophyllum, PULS., Rhus., SULPH., SEP., SIL., Thuja, ZINC.

Arsenicum, feels better on an empty stomach; bitter taste, nausea, painless stools and chill are worse after eating.
Bryonia, has many symptoms directly after dinner; weight and pressure in stomach after eating; complaints from eating oysters, old sausage, old cheese, salads, cabbage and potatoes, fresh, green vegetables. Pertussis worse after eating.
Calcarea carb., nausea and pressure in stomach after eating.
Toothache, cough, heart symptoms, stool and heat worse from eating.
Causticum, complaints from eating bread, fat and fresh meat.
Colocynth, has diarrhoea from least food or drink; colic from potatoes; griping and flatulency after eating; pains worse from eating or drinking.
Lachesis, has vertigo; languor; drowsiness; dyspnoea; flashes of
heat; pressing in stomach; diarrhoea after eating or made worse by eating.
Lycopodium, fills up after a few mouthfuls; drowsiness; pressure in stomach and liver; spitting up food after eating; bad effects from onions, oysters and rye bread.
Natrum mur., always feets better on empty stomach; sweat on face, while eating; nausea, palpitation and acidity after eating.
Nux vomica, is so sleepy after eating; must loosen clothing after; hypochondrical mood, sour taste, pressure and pyrosis, after eating; also cough is worse.
Phosphorus, has pains which begin while eating and last until he stops; desires cold food and drink; nausea, belching and fullness of stomach after eating.
Pulsatilla, is useful in bad effects from pastry, rich foods, fats, onions and buckwheat.
Sulphur, drinks much and eats little; complaints aggravated from eating even a little; milk disagrees.
Sepia, has pains aggravated immediately after eating; aggravation from bread, milk, fats and acids.
Silicea, has chilliness on back and icy cold feet after eating in evening; sour eructations, fullness in stomach; waterbrash and vomiting large amounts of water after eating. Aversion to mother’s milk; vomiting whenever taking it.
Zincum., has heartburn from eating sugar; worse from wine and milk.
Worse after eating is given in the second degree in the following remedies:
Antimonium tart., has somewhat of relief of pressure in stomach after eating; still eating sour food brings on attack of asthma.
Belladonna, has pressure in stomach and putrid taste in mouth after eating.
Carbo veg., dreads to eat because of pain; headache, acid mouth, heaviness, fullness, hot eructations, and burning in stomach, after eating; feets as if abdomen would burst after meals; butter, fats, fish and pastry disagree.
Chamomilla, heat and sweat of face during and after; vertigo, nausea and abdomen puffed up after eating.
China, is drowsy, and uneasy after eating; headache and fullness in stomach after.
Graphites, has disgust for and nausea from sweet things; hot
things disagree.
Hyoscyamus, has hiccough when spasms and rumbling after eating.
Nitric acid, has bitter taste; heavy weight in stomach, debility, heat and palpitation after eating; food causes acidity; fat food causes nausea and acidity.
Phosphoric acid, has pressing in stomach and bitter eructations after eating; diarrhoea from acids and sour foods.
Podophyllum, has a craving appetite after eating; nausea and vomiting of food one hour after eating; diarrhoea and sour hot eructations after eating.
Rhus tox., sleepiness, fullness in stomach and giddiness after eating.
Thuja, for the bad effects of beer, fat, acid, sweets, tobacco, tea, wine and onions.

The character of the pain is a symptom always brought out by the
patient; under

Burning Pains.

We find the following twenty-eight remedies:
ACON., Apis, Arnica, ARS., BELL., BRY., Carbo veg., Causticum, China, Coloc., Drosera, Dulcamara, Graphites, Ignatia, Lachesis, Lycopodium, MERC., NAT. MUR., NIT. AC., NUX V., PHOS., PHOS. AC., PULS., RHUS., SULPH., SEP., SIL., Zincum met.

Your leaders for this rubric will be:

Aconite, where there is burning in internal parts; of the lips and tongue.
Arsenicum, has burning pains relieved by heat; through the veins; head, eyes, nose, ulcers, mucous membrane, liver, ovaries, back, spine and joints burn.
Belladonna, has burning eyes, nose, stomach, throat, chest and ovary.
Bryonia, the head, eyes, ribs, liver, abdomen, stool, urine and chest have burning.
Graphites, has old scars that burn; spot on vertex, eyes, tongue, stomach, left hypochondrium, through abdomen, vagina, soles of feet and hands, burn or have pains burning in character.
Mercurius, has general stinging and burning pains relieved by heat; burning internally; burning after scratching.
Natrum mur., has burning pains aggravated by heat of sun and of
stove; relieved by washing in cold water and by open air; burning pains
in vertex, eyes, ears, nose, throat, stomach, bowels, urethra, vagina, hands and feet.
Nitric acid, general burning, stinging and sticking pains.
Nux vomica, has internal burning; burning pains in head; throat, stomach, abdomen, anus, back, bladder and chest.
Phosphorus, has general burning pains in head, brain, chest and under sternum in particular.
Phosphoric acid, burning pains worse lower half of the body; general burning, liver, throat and chest in particular.
Pulsatilla, has burning in eyes, throat, bladder, urethra, feet, chest and heart.
Rhus tox., has burning, stinging and drawing pains worse on left side.
Sepia, has internal burning with relief in open air; feet and palms burn. Hands hot and feet cold or vice versa.
Silicea, has general burning, stinging pains; burning in soles of feet and in ulcers.
Sulphur, has burning in general, with burning heat, burning in skin of whole body and in parts on which he lies; burning pains in vertex, forehead, palms, eyes, lids, nostrils, face, throat, of eczema, fauces, pharynx, stomach, abdomen, urethra, anus, in haemorrhoids, between scapulae, hands, balls and tips of fingers, knee, feet (particularly at night), soles, corns and chilblains.
Zincum, has burning pains in back, whole length of spine, left arm, right wrist and ball of hand, left hip, soles, skin and ulcers.
Those burning pains not covered by the above list will be found under:
Apis, has general burning, stinging pains.
Arnica, has burning pains in brain, eyes, lips, throat, stomach, chest, heart and feet.
Carbo veg., general burning as from coals of fire, without thirst, and better from cold.
Causticum, general burning pains; burning in spots as from ball of fire.
China, has burning of one hand while the other is icy cold; burning of the skin, and in ulcers.
Colocynth, has burning in right side of forehead; eyelids, face, tongue, back, anus, urethra (during stool), right ovary and sciatic nerve.
Drosera, burning deep in throat and center of chest.
Dulcamara, burning in forehead, epigastrium, anus, rectum, meatus, feet, gums and back.
Ignatia, has burning redness of one ear and cheek; burning heat in vagina and feet; pain in head, eyes, epigastrium, stomach, urethra and heels.
Lachesis, has burning, stinging pains in top of head, eyes, mouth, rectum, ovary, wrists, stomach, from hip to foot, throat, hands and soles.
Lycopodium, has one foot burning hot, and the other cold; burning in blisters on tongue; thumb and third finger of left hand; pain in stomach, rectum, lower limbs and ankles; and of wounds.

Cutting Pains.

Are covered by the following seventeen remedies:
Arnica, BELL., CALC., China, COLOC., DROS., HYOS., LYC., MERC., NAT. MUR., NUX V., PULS., SULPH., SIL., Staphysagria, VERAT. ALB., ZINC.

Your leaders will be found in:

Belladonna, where the cutting pains are in head (right side), face, stomach, abdomen, uterus and in the muscles.
Calcarea carb., where there are cutting pains from within outward; pains in chest; stomach, back and liver.
Colocynth, cutting as from knives in bowels; pain in forehead, left temple, eyes, ears, stomach, abdomen and chest.
Drosera, cutting pains mostly in right side; in calves of legs.
Hyoscyamus, cutting in abdomen, chest and joints.
Lycopodium, has cutting in bladder, rectum, abdomen, liver, chest, scalp and penis.
Mercurius, has dull, cutting, pressive and stitching pains; cutting from stomach to genitals; pains in eyes, abdomen and intestines.
Natrum mur., has pains in head, abdomen, urethra, chest and back.
Nux vomica, has shooting, cutting pains about navel.
Pulsatilla, cutting in bowels, throat, abdomen, limbs, liver, chest, back and in abscesses.
Silicea, cutting pains in nerves; in right lung, testes, breast, shoulders, knee, stomach, rectum and about navel.
Sulphur, has cutting, burning pains in eyelids and urethra;
cutting in abdomen, loins and sacrum, vesical region, chest, about heart and in great toe.
Veratrum alb., cutting, griping colic; pain in left chest.
Zincum., in small of back during menses; cross umbilical region; pain in right eye and ear, nose, rectum, anus, kidney and urethra.

Glen Irving Bidwell