Loss of vision, afternoon, stooping, on : Apis.

Loss of vision, afternoon, 4 p.m. : Lyc.

Loss of vision, evening : Bell., calc., camph., ferr., nat-c., phos., psor., til.

Loss of vision, evening, light, caused by : Lyc., mang., thuj.

Loss of vision, evening, menses, during : Sep.

Loss of vision, evening, reading, while : Brom.

Loss of vision, evening, sitting down during vertigo, on : Coloc.

Loss of vision, evening, sunset, at : Bell.

Loss of vision, evening, twilight : Lyc., psor.

Loss of vision, night : Bell., cadm., chel., Chin., hell., hyos., Lyc., meph., merc., nit-ac., nux-v., petros., psor., puls., ran-b., stram., verat., zinc.

Loss of vision, night, flickering by day, blind at night : Anac.

Loss of vision, abdominal pain, with : Crot-t., plb.

Loss of vision, air, open : Nit-ac.

Loss of vision, air, open, amel. : Merc., phos.

Loss of vision, alternates with headaches : Kali-bi.

Loss of vision, ascending stairs : Coca.

Loss of vision, bright objects, by : Grat., ph-ac.

Loss of vision, chill, during : Cann-i.

Loss of vision, cold, after catching : Acon.

Loss of vision, convulsions, before : Cupr.

Loss of vision, convulsions, after : Sec.

Loss of vision, damp weather : Crot-h.

Loss of vision, delirium, during : Phos.

Loss of vision, dinner, after : Calc., zinc.

Loss of vision, eating, after : Calc., crot-t., sil.

Loss of vision, emotion, sudden, from : Jug-c.

Loss of vision, exerting them : Chin., helon., lyc., nat-m.

Loss of vision, exerting, in sewing : Berb., nat-m., ruta.

Loss of vision, fainting, as from : Agar., aur., bell., calc., caust., chel., chen-a., cic., cycl., dros., ferr-p., ferr., graph., hep., hyos., kali-n., mang., merc., nat-m., olnd., phos., puls., sep., spig., stram.

Loss of vision, fixing eyes : Ant-t., euphr., kali-bi., mag-c., nat-m., nit-ac., spig.

Loss of vision, headache, at beginning of : Kali-bi., sars.

Loss of vision, headache, after : Sil.

Loss of vision, head, rush of blood to, during : Grat.

Loss of vision, head, on turning : Sec.

Loss of vision, head, on turning, suddenly : Helon.

Loss of vision, injury to eye, after : Arn.

Loss of vision, light, by : Calc., graph., mang., phos.

Loss of vision, light, artificial light : Aur-m., chin., lyc., mang., nux-m., phos.

Loss of vision, light, entering from dark : Dig.

Loss of vision, light, of sun : Lith.

Loss of vision, lightning stroke, after : Phos.

Loss of vision, looking downward : Kalm.

Loss of vision, looking at near objects : Mag-m.

Loss of vision, looking on looking long at an object : Mang.

Loss of vision, looking sideways : Olnd.

Loss of vision, looking upwards : Cupr.

Loss of vision, lying down amel. : Cina., phos., sep.

Loss of vision, menses, during : Graph., lyc., Puls.sep.

Loss of vision, menses, amel. : Sep.

Loss of vision, mental exertion : Arg-n., meny.

Loss of vision, motion agg. : Grat.

Loss of vision, nausea, during : Sep.

Loss of vision, paroxysmal : Acon., con., kali-n., mang., nux-v., phos., sil., stram., sulph.

Loss of vision, parturition, during : Aur-m., caust., cocc., cupr.

Loss of vision, periodic : Ant-t., chel., chin., dig., euphr., hyos., merc., nat-m., phos., puls., sep., sil., sulph.

Loss of vision, reading, while : Agar., arg-n., aur-m., caust., clem., crot-h., dros., haem., lachn., lyc., nat-c., phos., staph.

Loss of vision, reading, in a standing posture : Glon.

Loss of vision, rising : Cedr., glon., hep., olnd.

Loss of vision, rising, from bed : Bell., cina., colch., com., sec.

Loss of vision, rising, after eating : Merc.

Loss of vision, sitting, while : Kalm., merc., phos.

Loss of vision, sitting, bent over, after : Hep.

Loss of vision, sleeping in the sun, after : Con.

Loss of vision, sleep amel. : Calc., grat.

Loss of vision, snow, by : Cic.

Loss of vision, soup, while eating : Nat-s.

Loss of vision, standing, on : Colch.

Loss of vision, standing, amel. : Merc.

Loss of vision, stooping : Bell., coff., com., ferr-p., graph., phos., upa.

Loss of vision, sudden : Aur-m., calc., chin., cupr., mosch., nat-m., phos., psor., sec.

Loss of vision, sunlight, sleeping in : Con.

Loss of vision, tobacco : Ars., nux-v., phos.

Loss of vision, vanishing of sight : Ant-t., arg-m., arg-n., carb-s., chel., chen-a., cic., crot-t., cycl., gels., graph., grat., kali-bi., kali-c., laur., lyss., nat-m., nux-m., Nux-v.ox-ac., puls., sep., sil., spig., zinc.

Loss of vision, vanishing of sight, menses, during : Graph.

Loss of vision, vanishing of sight, rising from a seat : Hep.

Loss of vision, vanishing of sight, rising from stooping : Kali-bi.

Loss of vision, vanishing of sight, writing, while : Kali-c.

Loss of vision, vertigo, during : Anac., apis., arg-n., asaf., bell., chen-a., crot-t., gels., hep., merc., morph., Nux-v., rhus-t., ter., thea.

Loss of vision, waking, on : Bell., oena.

Loss of vision, walking, while : Dor., ferr., hell., lachn., sulph., verat-v.

Loss of vision, walking, in open air : Merc.

Loss of vision, warm room agg. : Merc.

Loss of vision, white objects, looking at : Graph., tab.

Loss of vision, writing : Arg-n., grat., kali-c., phys., zinc.

MIST (See Foggy)

MISTAKES : Bell., bov., eupho., kali-c., plat.

MOONLIGHT amel. : Aur.

MOVING : Agar., aloe., am-c., Arg-n.bell., bor., calc-p., calc., cann-i., cic., con., euphr., glon., ign., lach., laur., lyc., meny., merc., mosch., nux-v., olnd., par., petr., psor., sabad., sep., stram.

Moving, evening, reading, while : Merc.

Moving, letters : Agar., con., hyos., iod., merc., phys.

Moving, letters, towards noon : Am-c.

Moving, objects seem to be : Bapt., carb-ac., con., euphr., hydr-ac., ign., nux-m., psor.

Moving, objects seem to be, backward : Bell., calc., cic., sep.

Moving, objects seem to be, backward, slowly : Sep.

Moving, objects seem to be, backward and forward : Carb-ac., cic.

Moving, objects seem to be, fine motion : Petr.

Moving, objects seem to be, floating : Nux-m.

Moving, objects seem to be, revolving : Bell.

Moving, objects seem to be, side to side : Cic.

Moving, objects seem to be, to and fro, towards noon : Elaps.

Moving, objects seem to be, to and fro, towards noon, to float : Anag., lyss.

Moving, objects seem to be, up and down : Ars., cocc., con., sil., spong.

Moving, something moving : Lyss., psor.

MULTIPLIED, objects seem (See Diplopia)

MUSCÆ volitantes (See Colors, black)

MYOPIA : Agar., am-c., anac., apis., arg-n., ars., calc., carb-s., carb-v., chin., cimic., coff-t., con., cycl., dig., euphr., gels., graph., grat., hyos., jab., lach., lyc., mang., meph., mez., nat-a., nat-c., nat-m., nat-p., nit-ac., petr., ph-ac., Phos.Phys.pic-ac., plb., psor., Puls., raph., ruta., sel., spong., stram., sul-ac., sulph., syph., thuj., tub., valer., verb., viol-o., viol-t.

Myopia, exerting the eyes, after : Carb-v.

Myopia, candlelight, sight worse by, than by daylight : Arg-n.

Myopia, looking away from work amel. : Ph-ac.

Myopia, reading, while : Agar., grat., lyc.

NEARER, objects seem : Bov., phys., rhus-t., stram.

Nearer, objects seem, to each other : Nux-m.

NET before eyes : Carb-an., chin-s., hyos.

Net before, swimming : Carb-an.

OBLIQUITY : Nux-m., stram.

PALE, objects become, after looking long : Agar.

QUIVERING (See Trembling)

RAIN, seems looking through rain : Nat-m.

RAINBOW (See Colors, halo)

RANGE of vision changes while reading (See Focal)

RAYS, light seems broken up into : Bell.

Rays, curved, shooting from visual axis : Iod.

RECEDING (See Moving)

ROUND objects pass before eyes while lying : Caust.

RUN together, letters : Arg-n., art-v., atro., bell., berb., bry., calc-ar., calc., camph., Cann-i.chel., chin., clem., coca., con., dros., elaps., euphr., ferr., gels., gins., graph., iris., lac-c., lyc., meph., merl., Nat-m., op., osm., Ruta.seneg., Sil.Staph.Stram.tub., viol-o.

Run, morning : Bry.

Run, evening : Merl.

Run, evening, reading in bed, while : Bell.

Run, after a little while : Con.

Run, mental exertion, after : Arg-n.

Run, writing, while : Carb-ac., chel., clem., ferr., gels., lyc., merl., op., sil.

Run, objects : Berb., sil.

Run, objects, sewing, while : Berb., calc.

Run, objects, stitches, while sewing : Nat-m.

SCINTILLATIONS (See SparksFlickerings)

SCOTOMA : Aloe., carb-s., tab.

Scotoma, central : Carb-s., tab.

SHADOWS : Ruta., seneg.

Shadows, on one side of objects : Calc.

Shadows, look shaded : Seneg.

SMALL, objects seem : All-c., aur., camph., carb-v., glon., hyos., kali-chl., lyc., med., merc-c., merc., nit-ac., op., plat., plb., stram., thuj.

SMOKY (See Foggy)

SNAKE before the vision : Arg-n., gels.

SNOW, falling : Plb.

Snow, morning, on waking, objects seem covered with : Dig.

Snow, flakes : Bell., jab.

SPARKS : Acon., am-c., ammc., ant-t., arn., ars-i., ars., aur., bar-c., Bell., bufo., calc-f., calc., camph., caust., chel., chin-a., chin-s., Chin., chlf., coff., con., cupr-ar., cupr., cycl., dulc., ferr-i., glon., hyos., iod., kali-ar., kali-bi., kali-c., kali-s., lach., lyc., lyss., mag-p., merc., mez., nat-a., nat-c., nat-p., nit-ac., nuph., nux-v., op., petr., phos., pic-ac., plat., psor., sec., sep., sil., sol-n., spig., staph., stram., stront., stry., sulph., thuj., valer., verat., zinc.

Sparks, daytime : Croc.

Sparks, morning : Calc., ferr-i.

Sparks, morning, breakfast, after : Ferr-i.

James Tyler Kent
James Tyler Kent (1849–1916) was an American physician. Prior to his involvement with homeopathy, Kent had practiced conventional medicine in St. Louis, Missouri. He discovered and "converted" to homeopathy as a result of his wife's recovery from a serious ailment using homeopathic methods.
In 1881, Kent accepted a position as professor of anatomy at the Homeopathic College of Missouri, an institution with which he remained affiliated until 1888. In 1890, Kent moved to Pennsylvania to take a position as Dean of Professors at the Post-Graduate Homeopathic Medical School of Philadelphia. In 1897 Kent published his magnum opus, Repertory of the Homœopathic Materia Medica. Kent moved to Chicago in 1903, where he taught at Hahnemann Medical College.