Haemorrhage from uterus

Homeopathy treatment for Haemorrhage from uterus from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Haemorrhage from uterus…

Menorrhagia, Metrorrhagia.

Acalypha [Acal]

Haemorrhages in the morning bright red and not profuse, dark and clotted in the afternoon; pulse soft and compressible; feels played out in the morning and gains strength as the day advances.

Acid-lacticum [Lac-ac]

Morning sickness in pale anaemic women who lose large quantities of blood during menses, which usually last from five to eight days.

Aconite [Acon]

Active haemorrhage, with fear of death, of moving or flow would increase, and much excitability; vertigo on rising from a recumbent position, she has to lie down again; restlessness; thirst; the flow is constant and coagulates into one mass.

Aletris-far [Alet]

Menorrhagia in consequences of congested condition of uterus and ovaries; profuse discharge of dark-colored blood with clots; PASSIVE FLOODING FROM ATONY OF UTERUS: general debility with loss of tone in muscular system; dyspepsia.

Ambra-grisea [Ambr]

Uterine engorgement; DISCHARGE OF BLOOD BETWEEN THE PERIODS AT EVERY LITTLE ACCIDENT as after a long walk or a hard stool; swelling soreness and itching of labia.

Ammonium-carb [Am-c]

Menorrhagia after a long drive in the cold air; course come on a few days too soon, are copious, especially at night; blood blackish, often in clots, passing off with spasmodic pains in abdomen and hard stools; ACRID BLOOD CAUSES AND BURNING AND EXCORIATED; left ovary swollen and hard.

Ammonium-mur [Am-m]

Hypertrophy and displacement of uterus; menses too early with pain in abdomen and small of back, continuing at night; flow more profuse at night; during menses diarrhoea and vomiting, bloody discharge from bowels; violent flooding during climaxis in delicate, small-built women.

Apis-mell [Apis]

Haemorrhages from uterus coming on one week after menses, menorrhagia with heaviness in abdomen, faintness, uneasiness, restlessness, yawning; red spots on body, stinging like bee- stings, often the RESULT OF ACTIVE CONGESTION OF OVARIES; metrorrhagia with profuse flow of blood; copious menses with discharge of clotted black blood with labor like pains, especially in right ovarian region.

Apocynum-can [Apoc]

Profuse menses lasting eight days, with violent pressing pains, efforts to vomit, great prostration and trembling of the whole body, preceded for a day or two by a moderate discharge; shreds or pieces of membrane come away with the fluid blood; fainting when raising the head from the pillow; haemorrhage ceasing at intervals, always recurs when the vital powers rally; great irritability of the stomach and vomiting; palpitation whenever she attempts to move; pulse feeble and quick; excessive debility.

Aranea-diadema [Aran]

Menorrhagia, anticipating menses, metrorrhagia, bright-colored blood.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

Menorrhagia, with cutting pains in the small of back and groin; confusion, dulness and much pain in the head, aggravated by the least movement. A SHORT TIME SEEMS VERY LONG TO HER, and everything done for her seems done so very slowly; belching wind affords marked relief; FLOODING FROM FIBROMA UTERI.

Arnica [Arn]

Metrorrhagia after coition, during pregnancy and from prolapsus uteri; flooding after cases of convulsion, as from a blow or fall or riding over rough roads; blood bright-red or mixed with clots; heat about head, extremities cool; nausea in pit of stomach. Menorrhagia with pain in small of back, extending into the groin and down the inner side of legs down to the toes; tympanitis.

Arsenicum [Ars]

TEDIOUS, LONG CONTINUED FLOODING IN FEEBLE CACHECTIC WOMEN afflicted with rheumatism, disorganization of uterus or ovaries, with great debility, restlessness and lancinating burning pains; uterus larger and softer than usual, with dilated capillaries; APHTHAE IN MOUTH INDICATE THE LOW STATE OF THE SYSTEM, the least effort exhaust her; chronic endometritis and passive hyperaemia, based on atony.

Badiaga [Bad]

Marked increase of flow at night with sense of enlargement and fulness of head.

Belladonna [Bell]

Profuse discharge of bright-red blood, which FEELS HOT AS IT ESCAPES FROM THE VULVA; the blood flows PROFUSELY BETWEEN THE AFTER PAINS; VASCULAR excitation, showing itself by throbbing of the carotids, flushed face, red eyes; full bounding pulse; nausea, with rumbling in the whole abdomen, with great weight from above downward; gentle pressure on the uterus causes nausea; there is a wave like feeling and undulating sensation, or pulsating tremor all over the body, from head to foot, a sick pulsation all over the body; painful pressure over the sexual organs, as if all would escape from the vulva, or pain in the back, as if it would break; the blood sometimes has a bad smell; haemorrhage between the periods, with darkness before eyes, yawning, twitching, and convulsive jerking of the arms and fingers; OFFENSIVE METRORRHAGIA; frequently indicated in uterine haemorrhage after labor.

Borax [Bor]

Menses too soon, too profuse, attended with colic and nausea; great nervousness.

Bovista [Bov]

Uterine engorgement. BETWEEN THE PERIODS FLOW OF BLOOD FROM EVERY LITTLE EXERTION; menses too often and too profuse, flowing less during the day, when on her feet and worse at night when lying down; severe neuralgic pains in eyes and temples, accompanied by a sense of enlargement and fulness of the whole head.

Bromium [Brom]

Menses too early and too profuse, of bright-red blood or PASSIVE FLOW WITH MUCH EXHAUSTION, or membranous shreds may pass off, particularly in women with affections of the chest, heart or eyes.

Bryonia [Bry]

Haemorrhage of dark-red blood, with pain in small of back, and headache as if it would split; dry mouth and lips; nausea and faintness on sitting up in bed or after eating.

Cactus-grand [Cact]

METRORRHAGIA IN CLOTS, with bearing-down pains; every throe expels clots of blood; menses are premature as well as too copious; the flow ceases on lying down; cardiac complications;

the menses are dark-colored, or black and thick.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Menses too frequent and too copious, amounting almost to menorrhagia; flow provoked by overexertion and by emotions, with aching in vagina; sweating of head and coldness of feet, she wants to be covered up, feels chilly and is oversensitive to draught of air; vertigo on stooping, (<) on rising or going up- stairs; PROFUSE MENSTRUATION DURING LACTATION OR DURING CLIMAXIS.

Calcarea-phos [Calc-p]

Menorrhagia; menses every two weeks, black and clotted; before them griping, rumbling in bowels and leucorrhoea; especially with rheumatic women.

Cannabis-ind [Cann-i]

Menorrhagia; menses very profuse and painful, dark, but without clots; pains returning like labor-pains; agitation and sleeplessness, cramps in legs.

Cannabis-sat [Cann-s]

Menses too profuse, with dysuria and sensation of soreness in the whole track of the urethra (gonorrhoea). Anaemia from postpartum haemorrhage, with feeling as if she would lose her senses, or as if the head would fall in all directions, mistiness before eyes, aversion to meat and a nasty taste in mouth.

Cantharis [Canth]

Uterine haemorrhage, with great irritation in the neck of the bladder; urinating often, smarting, cutting and burning in passing only a few drops; more suitable to sterile women.

Capsella [Thlaspi]

PROTRACTED HAEMORRHAGES during climaxis, of a passive character.

Carbolic-acid [Carb-ac]

Menses much more profuse and darker than usual, followed by headache and great nervous irritability.

Carbo-an [Carb-an]

Menses too early, not too profuse, but last too long; great weakness of the thighs. After the appearance of the menses she feels so tired she is scarcely able to speak; menorrhagia from CHRONIC INDURATION OF UTERUS, also in cachectic women with glandular affections, carcinoma, etc.; blood black clotted, putrid.

Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

PERSISTENT HAEMORRHAGE OF A LOW TYPE, often from degeneration of the sexual organs, with burning pains across sacrum and lower part of spine, with burning pains in chest and difficult breathing; patient wants to be fanned, skin cold and bluish, pulse rapid and weak; excessive prostration; much itching of vulva and anus; tettery eruption on nape of neck and between shoulders; dragging pain from abdomen to back; hardly any restlessness, no anxiety.

Carduus-mar [Card-m]

Metrorrhagia during climaxis, especially in women suffering from stagnation in portal system from hepatic or splenic affections; fulness in head with disposition to become angry.

Caulophyllum [Caul]

Passive haemorrhage, an oozing from the lax uterine vessels after premature delivery or hasty labor; tremulous weakness felt over the entire body, accompanying the flow, with sensation of exhaustion; the uterus is soft and relaxed, and contracts very feebly; protracted lochia; threatening abortion, with spasmodic bearing-down pains.

Chamomilla [Cham]

Metrorrhagia of dark coagulated blood, occasionally interrupted by bright-red gushes, with tearing pains in legs and violent labor pains in uterus; haemorrhage of dark blood, with pressure towards the uterus and frequent discharge of colorless urine; menorrhagia of dark-red or black foetid blood, with lumps; THE FLOW OCCURRING BY THE FITS AND STARTS AT IRREGULAR INTERVALS; coldness of the extremities; nausea and fainting; DESIRE FOR COOL AIR; irascibility; local and general sensibility abnormally exalted; cervix enlarged and indurated; uterine cavity enlarged.

China [Chin]

HAEMORRHAGE FROM ATONY OF THE UTERUS; paroxysmal discharged of clots of dark blood; uterine spasms, colic; frequent urging to urinate, and painful tension in the abdomen; coldness and blueness of the skin; suitable to persons who have lost much blood, even in severe and desperate cases, with heaviness of head, ringing in ears, vertigo, vanishing of the senses, sopor, fainting fits, cold extremities, pale and bluish face and hands with convulsive jerks across the abdomen; debility incident to menorrhagia.

Cimicifuga [Cimic]

The discharge is profuse, dark and coagulated, more of a passive character, accompanied with heavy, pressing down, labor-like pains, nervousness, hysteric spasms, pains like those of rheumatism in the back and limbs.

Cina [Cina]

Menses too early and too profuse, particularly in nervous women who are constantly tossing, even during sleep; diarrhoea always worse after drinking, UTERINE HAEMORRHAGE BEFORE THE AGE OF MENSTRUATION.

Cinnamomum [Cinnam]

Chronic metrorrhagia from SUBINVOLUTION OF UTERUS; flooding during pregnancy, threatening abortion; severe metrorrhagia in primiparae after the first few pains; metrorrhagia some days after delivery, unaccompanied by plethora; profuse passive menorrhagia, with or without pain bright-red and clear, after straining, missing a step or some other exertion; MENORRHAGIA DEPENDING UPON CHLOROSIS OR ANAEMIA.

Cocculus [Cocc]

Menses profuse and too often, when rising upon the feet it gushes out in a stream; painful pressure in the uterus, with cramps in the chest and fainting nausea; sensation as of sharp stones in the abdomen at every movement.

Coccus-cacti [Coc-c]

MENORRHAGIA ONLY IN THE EVENING WHEN LYING DOWN (Bovista), NEVER WHEN STIRRING ABOUT; sharp pains in the lower part of the abdomen, first in right side, then in left. She passes enormous black clots from the vagina; urging to pass water, but she cannot do it until one of these clots has passed. Sensation of tension and constriction about the abdomen and of something ascending towards the stomach, which makes her think she will vomit water; soreness of vulva cannot bear pressure of clothing; pain in head, with aching pains through small of back; nausea and vomiting of bitter white froth, and faintness, abdomen distended; spitting of dark blood; vaginismus.

Coffea [Coff]

Metrorrhagia, PASSES LARGE BLACK LUMPS, (<) from every motion, with violent pains in groins and fear of death with despair; menses too profuse and of long duration; profuse with coldness and stiffness of body; only during evening; with excessive SENSITIVENESS OF ORGANS AND VOLUPTUOUS ITCHING; flowing profusely during first part of night; nymphomania.

Collinsonia [Coll]

Congested condition of uterus; with menorrhagia. produced and kept up by chronic constipation and piles.

Crocus [Croc]

Haemorrhage from OVERLOADING OF UTERINE VESSELS WITH BLOOD, at passive congestion; menorrhagia of dark stringy blood, hanging down from the bleeding os uteri; greatly exhausting the woman; metrorrhagia, of dark, viscid, stringy blood, or black clots, after abortion or delivery, from overheating, straining or lifting, (<) from slightest motion; sensation of commotion in stomach upward and downward, during painful menstruation; foul odor from mouth; cutting pains deep in lower abdomen, extending to back; icy coldness of feet; fainting; great excitement, palpitations; sensation as if menses would appear with colic and pressing towards genitals.

Cyclamen [Cycl]

Flow almost ceases as long as she moves about in her work, but as soon as she sits down quietly in the evening the flow reappears and continues after she goes to bed (Bov); menorrhagia with dizziness, stupefaction and obscuration of vision, as if a fog were before the eyes.

Digitalis [Dig]

Menorrhagia dependent on stagnation of blood in consequence of defects of the heart; menses irregular, sometimes normal and then again very profuse, persisting for weeks as a haemorrhage; anorexia, extreme thirst, debility, emaciation; CONSTANT ICY COLDNESS DESPITE WARM COVERINGS; constant restlessness, fear of death; extreme prostration.

Erigeron [Erig]

Profuse and alarming flooding of bright-red blood, especially during climaxis, flows in fits and starts, COMES WITH A SUDDEN GUSH AND THEN STOPS AGAIN; every movement increases the flow; dysuria; pallor and weakness in consequence of the loss of blood; flooding before and after labor, with violent irritation of rectum and bladder.

Ferrum [Ferr]

Great haemorrhagic tendency; menses too soon, too profuse, too long-lasting (Calc carb), with fiery-red face, ringing in ears, FLOW PALE, WATERY DEBILITATING. Copious discharge of partly fluid and partly black and coagulated blood, with pains in loins and labor-like colic in weakly women with fiery-red face and vascular excitement; headache and vertigo; constipation and hot urine; passive, dark grumous menorrhagia; METRORRHAGIA, ESPECIALLY WHEN ACCOMPANIED BY VERY RED AND FACE; painfulness of vagina during an embrace; miscarriage; sterility.

Fluoric-acid [Fl-ac]

Metrorrhagia with or in alternation with difficulty of breathing (<) afternoon and evening; menses too early and too profuse, thick and coagulable, with an uncommon buoyancy of mind; SHE FEARS NOTHING AND IS WELL PLEASED WITH HERSELF.

Glonoinum [Glon]


Hamamelis [Ham]

Passive haemorrhage with anaemia, flow steady and slow, blood of dark color, no uterine pains, flow only during day, none at night hammering headache about temples, profuse nosebleed, Idiopathic or vicarious relieves headache; haemorrhage from portal congestion.

Helonias [Helon]

Menstrual flow too profuse, from ATONY OF UTERUS, passsive (<) from slightest motion, dark colored, coagulated, of bad odour, face pale of earthy color, feeble from loss of blood. EXTREME MENTAL DEPRESSION AND IRRITABILITY; profuse urination, burning pains in back, frequent palpitation of heart. Menorrhagia from ulcerated os and cervix, blood dark and offensive and continuing a long time, (<) on lifting a weight or from exertion.

Hepar [Hep]

Menorrhagia in women with chapped skin and rhagades on hands and feet, uterine ulcers, with bloody suppuration, smelling like old cheese, edges of ulcer sensitive, every slight injury causes ulceration.

Hydrastis [Hydr]

Metrorrhagia and menorrhagia from deficient contraction of blood vessels, uterus enlarged, relaxed and congested, from FIBROID TUMORS SUBINVULSION, IN CLIMAXIS.

Hyoscyamus [Hyos]

Haemorrhage after labour, miscarriage, or at any time when there are general spasms of the whole body, interrupted by jerks or by twitching of single limbs. Menorrhagia with delirium, she has uncommonly foolish manners, silly laughing, with inclination to uncover or undress herself, bright-red blood continues to flow all the time, or blood pale, with convulsions, all (<) with every jerk or start of the body.

Ignatia [Ign]

Menorrhagia, with sighing and sobbing, faint feeling at the pit of the stomach, great despondency, she seems full of suppressed grief Menstrual blood black, in clots, of putrid odor.

Iodum [Iod]

CHRONIC MENORRHAGIA in thin, delicate women subject to corrosive leucorrhoea, with other indications of congested uterus and ovaries uterine haemorrhage occuring at every stool, with cutting in the abdomen pain in the loins and small of the back.

Ipecacuanha [Ip]

Profuse menstruation, with a constant nausea, not a moment’s relief even after vomiting, NAUSEA PROCEEDS FROM THE STOMACH and the discharge of bright-red blood is increased with every effort to vomit and FLOWS WITH A GUSH; violent pressure over the uterus and rectum, with shuddering and chilliness, heat about the head and debility; GASPING FOR BREATH; faintness; after childbirth, after removal of the placenta, or after miscarriage, worse when getting out of bed, steady flow of bright-red blood soaking through the bed to the floor, pain about naval, passing through to uterus, coldness of skin which is covered with cold sweat.

Kali-carb [Kali-c]

Chiefly in post-partum haemorrhages or on threatening abortions between second and third month, with pain in back extending down over buttocks profuse menses or menorrhagia in delicate anemic women subject to corrosive acrid discharges, haemorrhages with stitching pains; (<) after vexations, after being overheated, from lying on side, (>) from warmth from eructations.

Kreosotum [Kreos]

Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia INCLINED TO BE INTERMITTENT, she thinks she is almost well when the discharge reappears, metrorrhagia dark and offensive, with fainting, pulseless; OFFENSIVE ODOR OF LARGE CLOTS; bearing down and weight in pelvis; sharp stitches darting from abdomen into vagina; blood imprisoned within the cavity of subinvoluted uterus cause gradual dilatation of it; flow (<) when lying down, stops when rising up; scirrhus of neck of uterus and vagina with bloody, ichorous discharge (<) from coition.

Lac-caninum [Lac-c]

Blood bright-red, stringy, HOT AS FIRE, coming in gushes and clotting easily, constant bearing down pain as if everything would escape the vulva (Belladonna)

Lachesis [Lach]

Pain in right ovarian region, extending towards uterus steadily increasing till relieved by a discharge of blood, menorrhagia, leaving a sediment like charred straw, with chills at night and flushes of heat in daytime, fungus haematodes, climaxis.

Laurocerasus [Laur]

NEARLY EXSANGUINATED FROM LOSS OF BLOOD, patient cold, clammy, pale dimness of vision, cold extremities, peculiar suffocating spells around heart, gasping for breath, tearing in vertex, stupor or coma Uterus flabby or somewhat hard.

Ledum [Led]

Profuse menorrhagia, caused by POLYPI, menses too early and too profuse, with absence of vital heat, she can hardly keep warm.

Lycopodium [Lyc]

Haemorrhage during climaxis, chronic catarrh of abdominal organs with obstinate Leucorrhoea and symptoms of venous fulness in abdomen and extremities, sensation as if full up to throat, cutting pains across abdomen from right to left, with rumbling in upper and descending to lower part of abdomen, with discharge of much flatulence and (>) by a flow of blood; profuse and protracted flow partly black, clotted partly bright-red, partly serum, with labor-like pains, followed by swooning increased flow of blood from vagina during every passage of hard or soft stool.

Magnesia-carb [Mag-c]

Menses too early and too profuse flowing decidedly more at night and never during uterine pains, blood pitchy and dark.

Magnesia-mur [Mag-mur]

Metrorrhages of old women who have passed climaxis flow profuse, dark and clotted, hanging out of vulva like icicles; serious and anxious mental condition; scorbutic gums, salivation; mouth and tongue moist with thirst.

Millefolium [Mill]

Haemorrhage of bright-red and fluid blood after great exertion, excessive flow, lasts too long, painless or with colic pains, sterility with too profuse menstruation.

Mitchella-repens [Mit]

Uterus engorged, bright-red haemorrhage with dysuria.

Nitric-acid [Nit-ac]

Uterine haemorrhage from overexertion of body, long lasting cases; absence of pain, copious flooding kept up by ulcers on os uteri especially in cachectic in women; blood rather fluid from loss of plasticity; asthenia. After miscarriage or confinement, with violent pressure, as if every thing would come out of the vulva, with pain in small of back and down through the hips to thighs.

Nux-moschata [Nux-m]

Menses irregular in time and quantity flow generally dark, thick, with intolerable dryness of mouth and tongue, the latter so dry that it sticks to the palate; great fear of death, violent headache; flatulent colic; post partum, rumbling and distension of abdomen from flatus, expulsion of flatus from uterus and vagina.

Nux-vomica [Nux-v]

Metrorrhagia as a precursor of the critical age, also after parturition, particularly if there be constipation or frequent calls to small and painful stools.

Opium [Op]

Menorrhagia, with great sleepiness, yet she cannot sleep, the sheets are so hot she has to change to a cooler place every little while; menses profuse, violent colic, forcing her to bend over, urging to stool.

Phosphorus [Phos]

Frequent and profuse metrorrhagia, pouring out freely and then ceasing for a short time; menorrhagia in nursing women; menses early profuse, long-lasting, with pain in small of back, and palpitation sense of emptiness in abdomen, cold feet and legs.

Platina [Plat]

Premature or excessive development of sexual instinct, catamenia early, long continued and profuse, blood dark, thick and tarry, but not coagulated, with chilliness and unnatural sensitiveness of vulva; menorrhagia associated with melancholy of older women; metrorrhagia of dark, thick and tarry blood, with pain in the small of back, which penetrates into both groins, with excessive sensitiveness of the genital organs flooding, with the SENSATION AS IF THE BODY WERE GROWING LARGE in every direction; great sexual excitement, haemorrhage during pregnancy, horrifying thoughts.

Plumbum [Plb]

Metrorrhagia, with a sensation of a string from the abdomen to the back, constipation, faeces composed of lumps packed together like sheep’s manure; anxiety about heart, dark clots alternating with fluids blood or bloody serum; skin dry, pale, yellowish, melancholic mood.

Podophyllum [Podo]

Haemorrhage from straining or overlifting; prolapsus uteri et ani constipation.

Pulsatilla [Puls]

Haemorrhage ceases for a short time and then recommences with redoubled force, the blood black, mixed with coagulated lumps, most profuse in persons given to reveries, at the critical age, better in the open air.

Rhus-tox [Rhus-t]

Menorrhagia from a strain, blood bright-red, if in rheumatic women, worse at night, demanding constant change of position for relief, and worse at every change of weather.

Sabina [Sabin]

Pain or a feeling of uncomfortableness extending between the sacrum and pubis, flow profuse, intermixed with clots, the blood most frequently of a bright-red color, sometimes dark-red frequently attended by pains in joints; the slightest motion excites the flow afresh, but very much walking lessens it, excessive, debilitating menses with abdominal spasms painless loss of dark-red blood after miscarriage, immediately after parturition PLETHORIC WOMEN WITH HABITUAL MENORRHAGIA, who began to menstruate very early in life, always menstruated freely, and showed more or less a tendency to miscarriage; great weakness or nervousness in head and extremities; menorrhagia with erethism.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.