Homeopathy treatment for Insanity from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Insanity…


Abrotanum [Abrot]

DEMENTIA; feebleness and dulness of mind; no capacity for thinking, as if all mental and bodily power were gone; good- humored, happy or gloomy and desponding; easily tired out by conversation or mental effort.

Aconite [Acon]

Great mental anxiety and physical tension; ailments from fright, anger, chagrin; gloomy, taciturn; afraid of a crowd or of crossing a busy street; fear of ghosts; apprehensive of the future and approaching death; restless, agonizing tossing about; MENTAL AND BODILY OVERSENSITIVENESS; mood peevish, irritable, malicious; delirium, patient weeping and laughing alternately; music unbearable, makes her quite mad.

AEthusa-cyn [Aeth]

IDIOCY, in some cases alternating with furor; cannot retain any idea; hallucinations; GOOD-NATURED FORENOON, ILL-HUMORED AND SAD AFTERNOON.

Agaricus [Agar]

DEMENTIA from mental palsy; cryptomania; fancy excited, makes verses, signs, talks, but does not answer questions; constant talking and laughing, considers himself immensely wealthy and happy ( second stage of dementia paralytica); mischievous melancholy, trying to do injury or damage from inward restlessness and anxiety; confusion of head, cannot find the right words and wants to be alone; frequently caused by mental overexcitement and worry; epilepsy.

Agnus-castus [Agn]

PUERPERAL INSANITY with suicidal tendencies, aversion to husband, babe and to all sexual intercourse, dissatisfied with herself and incapable of any mental or bodily exertion; absent- minded, cannot recollect things; anxious, fear and weakness.

Alcohol [Alco]

DEMENTIA PARALYTICA; INSANITY OF DRUNKARDS, weak and loitering gait, limp and uncertain movements of the whole body; tremulousness of lips and tongue, thickness and hesitancy of speech; uncertain expression of eyes; transcendent notions of wealth and power; tremors and muscular twitching; hemi- anaesthesia, amaurosis, epilepsy.

Alumina [Alum]

Consciousness of his personal identity confused apprehensive of losing his reason; EVEN IDEAS FORCE THEMSELVES ON HIM AGAINST HIS WILL; low spirits, trifling things appear insurmountable, desire to cut his throat, but fears death; time passes too slowly; variable mood, at one time confident at another timid; peevish and whining, with heat in the earlobes, cannot retain his urine; MENTAL SYMPTOMS (<) MORNINGS when awaking; HYPOCHONDRIASIS.

Ambra [Ambr]

MELANCHOLY; sits for days weeping, with weakness, loss of muscular power, pain in small of back and constipation, (<) in presence of other people; slow comprehension of old people, feel stupid.

Ammonium-carb [Am-c]

GREAT ANGUISH AS IF HE HAD COMMITTED A CRIME; loathing of life; makes frequent mistakes in speaking and writing; ill-humored during wet stormy weather; GREATER AVERSION TO WATER, CANNOT BEAR TO TOUCH IT; hearing others talk or talking himself affects him; gloomy, depressed, with sensation of coldness.

Ammonium-mur [Am-m]

Despondency; grief or irritable peevishness of fat, bloated and lax persons who are indolent and sluggish; BODY OFTEN LARGE AND FAT, WHILE LEGS ARE TOO THIN; consequence of grief.

Anacardium-occid [Anac-oc]

PARALYSIS WITH IMBECILITY; loss of will, cannot control the voluntary muscles; does not know his surroundings; weak memory; head falls forward, difficult to keep it up; utters only unintelligible words; drinks run out of his mouth; respiration free, pulse slow, moderately full; body cool.

Anacardium [Anac]

Fearfulness about the future with presentiment of approaching misfortune and supposition that he is surrounded by enemies; despair, with a silly, helpless state of mind and extremely sluggish, awkward movements; inaptitude for work; tendency towards suicide by shooting. (Antim crud.) imagines he HEARS VOICES OF PEOPLE WHO ARE FAR AWAY; irresistible desire to curse and swear; fixed ideas and hallucinations; FEELS AS IF HE HAD TWO WILLS, one commanding to do what the other forbids; laughs at serious things and is serious in the presence of ludicrous things; WANT OF MORAL AND RELIGIOUS SENTIMENT; cowardice and loss of will power, a slight offense makes him vehement, angry, malicious, wicked, cruel. Anthropophobia. DEMENTIA OF OLD PEOPLE, with rapid loss of memory and mental vigor; mental fatigue and brain-fag from overexertion; syphilitic mental debility.

Anantherum-mur [Anan]

IDIOTIC MONOMANIA FOR DOING THE SAME THING AND FREQUENTING THE SAME PLACES; laughs and sings, and sheds tears just as easily; ungovernable jealousy (Hyosc., Lachesis); blunted intellect and loss of memory.

Antimonium-crud [Ant-c]

Loathing of life, suicide by shooting; great sadness and weeping, anxious reflection in relation to the present of future; MOONSTRUCK AND ECSTATIC LOVE, sentimental and distrustful; gastricismus.

Antimonium-tart [Ant-t]

Gayety and fury; senseless frenzy, with inclination to suicide; mental lassitude and weakness of mind; timid restlessness; walks constantly about; contradiction between mind and will.

Apis-mell [Apis]

Irresistible desire to run and jump, has delusion that he cannot walk (Helleb.); FULL OF JEALOUSY, iNSANITY FROM SEXUAL CAUSES in women with great irritability of temper (the widow’s remedy); nymphomania eccentric cheerfulness or despondency; fickle and inconsistent behaviour; great desire for milk, which relieves; pain, tenderness and dropsy of the ovaries, especially right one; scanty micturition; fear of death.

Argentum-nit [Arg-n]

Sycosis; incompetent to undertake either mental or bodily exertion, feels himself utterly bereft of all power of will fail; hypochondriasis with fixed delusions and illusions, fixes day of his death, when walking fears he will have fit and die; agoraphobia; awakens wife so that he can talk to somebody; ALWAYS HURRIED, MUST WALK VERY FAST, AFRAID OF BEING TOO LATE; suicidal sadness, but lacks courage; fear and excitement bring on diarrhoea (Gelsemium)

Arnica [Arn]

Traumatic insanity as after concussions of the brain; forgetful, absent-minded, thoughts wander from their objects and dwell on images and fancies; does not speak a word, SPITEFUL AND ILL- TEMPERED; indifferent and hopeless; great heat in head, body cool; awakes from heat and fears to sleep again.

Arsenicum [Ars]

INSANITY DUE TO PHYSICAL DISEASE AND CONSEQUENT EXHAUSTION: excessive anguish and irresoluteness; fear of ghosts, thieves, vermin and solitude, with desire to hide; hallucinations of smell of pitch and sulphur everywhere and anticipate consignment to School, and suicidal tendency especially by hanging; RELIGIOUS MELANCHOLIA, HOPELESSNESS AND DESPAIR; attacks of anxiety, driving him out of bed at night; restlessness, moves from place to place wants to go from one bed to another; rage to mutilate himself or others.

Aurum [Aur]

SUICIDAL IDEAS AND INSANITY FROM DEPRESSING EMOTIONAL TROUBLES; religious mania from hepatic disorders; syphilitic or syphilomercurial hypochondriasis; with quite demeanor he is in a sly way persistent on suicide; hallucinations of sight; ailments from grief, disappointed love; from mortification and vexation, with dread fear reserved displeasure or vehemence;religious anguish and longing for death, being unfit for this and the other world, though he prays all the time; has no confidence in himself and thinks others have none, and still disposed to grumble and to be quarrelsome, cannot bear sympathy or contradiction; restless sleep, broken by frightful dreams; OFTEN ASKS QUESTIONS, jUMPING FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER, without waiting for a reply. Rush of blood to head, palpitations, pollutions, otherwise patient in fair physical health, and (>) in fresh air and out-door exercise.

Baptisia [Bapt]

MELANCHOLIA ATTONITA, mental fag; stupor with profound and rapid physical degeneration, often delusion that their bodies are scattered and that they cannot hold them together; uneasy, gloomy, cast down, head feels very heavy; PERFECT INDIFFERENCE, DOES NOT CARE TO DO ANYTHING, inability to fix the mind to anything, weak mind, want of power to think.

Baryta-carb [Bar-c]

SENILE DEMENTIA, mental and physical debility; mental weakness and TIMIDITY OF DWARFISH WITH UNDEVELOPED BRAIN, who learn with difficulty because they cannot remember; forgetful, in the midst of a speech the most familiar words fail him; loss of memory, especially for recent events, groaning and murmuring,

pusillanimous; peculiar dread of men, imagines she is laughed at, which frightens her, full of anxiety and evil forebodings about the most trivial affairs; no self-confidence, fears to undertake anything; full of delusions, thinks his legs are cut off, and that he walks on his knees; aversion to strangers, FEAR OF AND IN THE PRESENCE OF OTHERS.

Baryta-mur [Bar-m]

MANIA WITH INCREASED SEXUAL DESIRE, dejection and dread of men; nymphomania from uterine and ovarian disorders, even in idiotic women.

Belladonna [Bell]

Patient wishes others to destroy him, will beg physicians and attendants to do so, hence SUICIDE BY DROWNING; he will sit quietly and break pins, paper, etc., between his fingers into very short pieces, disinclination to talk or very fast talking; mania, at one time merry, again would spit and bite at those around him; forth and foam at the mouth; burning thirst, bur aversion to drink on account of difficult deglutition (Lyssa); sees ghosts, animals, insects and hideous faces; is afraid of imagining things and tries to hide himself; memory lively remembers things long gone by; foolish gesticulations, wild eyes, with fixed furious look, starting and twitching; very excitable mood; drinks hastily; tears his breast to work off his over- excitement nervous state; worse at night, and at 3 P.M.

Berberis [Berb]

EVERYTHING LOOKS TWICE ITS NATURAL SIZE ( Platina, everything looks small); melancholy and inclination to weep; mental labor very difficult, the least interruption breaks the chain of thoughts; hepatic and arthritic complaints, affection of urinary organs, menstrual derangements.

Bismuth [Bism]

DESIRE FOR COMPANY, SOLITUDE IS UNBEARABLE; anguish, cannot remain long in one place; headache, (<) in winter season; gastric troubles with languor and prostration.

Bryonia [Bry]

Melancholy, with fear the future in his domestic or business affairs, even at night he dreams of business; great depression and morose mood, perhaps from some hepatic affection; irritable mood, wishes to be left alone, has no desire to move, although he feels better out-doors; great forgetfulness.

Cactus [Cact]

Great and unconquerable sadness; hypochondria and melancholy; irresistible desire to weep, does not like to talk; constant and great fear of death; irritable, wants people to keep their consolations for themselves; frequent palpitations of the heart, with a corresponding palpitation, so to speak, in the top of the head.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

INSANITY OF DRUNKARDS, from repulsion of skin diseases; great emaciation or obesity; anxious, timid, full of fear, cannot bear to be alone in the dark, (<) at twilight and during night, delusions of murder, hallucinations of fire, rats and mice; fear of losing reason or that people would observe her confusion of mind; apprehensive mood of some impending misfortune, and every emotional excitement causes anxious perspiration, especially nocturnal sweat about the head and flying heat through body; ill- humor, obstinacy, restlessness, trembling of limbs; is fearfully affected by tales of cruelty, causing nightmare; (<) by close application of mind and in the evening, easily chilled and takes cold easily.

Calcarea-flour [Calc-f]

Great depression of spirit, avarice, feeling of anxiety about money, thinks he will come to want; sharp, lancinating pains in hepatic region, (<) when lying on painful side or sitting, (>) walking, bleeding piles.

Calcarea-phos [Calc-p]

DEMENTIA IN YOUNG PERSONS OR IN MASTURBATORS; total loss of memory, writes wrong words; wishes to be at home, and when there wants to go out, from place to place; does not want to do what he has to do; easily frightened and depressed.

Camphora [Camph]

Puerperal rage, uses indecent language, strikes and bites; always in haste, strips herself and wants to jump out with the window; dread of being alone in the dark; lochia suppressed with erethism of sexual system, followed by exhaustion and collapse; (<) at night, from motion and from cold.

Cannabis-ind [Cann-i]

Hallucinations and imaginations constantly changing; great exaltation of mind, at times with enthusiastic language; full of fun and mischief; incoherent talking very absent-minded; laughs indiscriminately at every word; inability to recall any thought or event on account of different thoughts crowding his mind; exaggeration of the duration of time and extent of space; horror of darkness, great anguish and despair; moaning and crying; great fear of approaching death, or of becoming insane; voices. including her own, seem to come from a distance; forgets when speaking what she is going to say; feels at time as if were somebody else; seems to be in a dream, as if things were not real; puerperal mania, with visions and phantoms which do not frighten her.

Cantharis [Canth]

Hallucinations, especially at night; deliria of people long dead; fits a rage, with crying, barking and striking, renewed by the sight of bright, dazzling objects; worse when touching the larynx, or when trying to drink water AMOROUS FRENZY, intense erethism of sexual organs, impelling him to seek immediate physical gratification; masturbation; scanty urine or frequent micturition; strangury.

Capsicum [Caps]

HOMESICKNESS, with a disposition to suicide, with redness of cheeks, sleeplessness; he is taciturn, peevish and restless, easily offended, takes everything in bad part; obstinacy; cloudiness of


Carbo-veg [Carb-v]

Indigestion and dyspepsia of drunkards, leading to confusion of the head; nightly fear of ghosts, stupor and finally dementia; indifference, hears everything without feeling pleasantly or unpleasantly about it; irritable and despondent, wants to blow his brains out; periodical want of memory with confusion of head; FRIGHTFUL HALLUCINATIONS IN THE DARK.

Causticum [Caust]

Frightful hallucinations as soon as he closes his eyes; melancholy from care, grief and sorrow, she looks upon the dark side of everything; full of timorous fancies at twilight, child fears to go to bed alone, MENTAL ALIENATION AFTER SUPPRESSION OF ERUPTIONS; great anxiety of conscience and at the heart, as if she had committed a bad action, or as if some misfortune impended. irritable and provoked at trifles; absence of mind, indolence, lassitude, great heat of skin, dryness of mouth and fauces; constipation. Chorea, epilepsy, hysteria; sensation as if there were an empty space between the brain and skull.

Chamomilla [Cham]

A morbidly sensitive nervous system; melancholia,. with constant moaning and muttering to herself; walks all the time, looking down; is disinclined to talk and angry if any one speaks to her, tries to get away from her friends if they seek to comfort her; sleepless at night and uneasy during the day.

Chelidonium [Chel]

Horrible anguish by day and by night as if she had killed somebody; anxiety takes away all pleasure for her labor; pit of stomach and left hypochondrium sore to touch; no appetite or thirst; bitter taste; stools hard, whitish-yellow; often vertigo as if she would fall forward; flushes of heat in face palpitation, with oppression in chest.

China [Chin]

Fixed idea that he is unhappy, compelled to jump out of bed, wants to destroy himself but lacks courage; dislike to all mental or physical exertion; indifference, apathy, taciturnity, inclined to reproach and irritation with slowness of ideas; hallucinations on closing eye which disappear when eyes are opened.

Cicuta [Cic]

Attacks of inability to collect his senses, with thoughtless, staring fixed look and vanishing of sight; indifference to everything, confounds the present with the past; everything about him appears strange and frightful; childish humor, in which he finds everything lovely and attractive like a toy; insane dancing, laughing and clapping of hands at night, with violent heat and redness of face; quite disposition, contented, happy; easily affected by sad stories.

Cimicifuga [Cimic]

EPILEPTIC INSANITY; remarkable heat in the back of the head, extending down the back; sensation as if a heavy black cloud had settled all over her and enveloped her head, so that all was darkness and confusion, while at the same time it weighed like lead on her head; desire for solitude or to wander from place to place, answers questions hurriedly and evasively; frequent sighing; indifferent, taciturn, takes no interest in anything; fear of death and still suicidal mood; suspicious of everything, will not take her medicine; hysteria and melancholia, with frequent changes of heart and cold in different parts of the body; sleeplessness on account of frightful dreams leading to sudden, starting up in sleep; great anxiety about one’s self without knowing why; alternate empty and full feeling in head; nervous tremors, like a chill, without actually feeling cold; prickling in the fingers; small, quick, irregular pulse, frequently icy-cold hands and feet; mental depression, amounting to even suicidal tendency; mania puerperalis; mania following disappearance of neuralgia; from business failure or disappointed love; after abortion of confinement, after drunken sprees; dizzy when rising in the morning with pain over eyes; nausea and occasional vomiting; delirium, tremens. insomnia, incessant talking with constant change of subject, must move about despite the intense prostration.

Cina [Cina]

Optical illusions in bright colors, sees imaginary things, screams and talks hurriedly; easily offended from slightest joke; anguish about heart as if had committed some evil deed, when walking in open air; chorea epilepsy; (<) at night.

Clematis-erect [Clem]

Ailments from HOMESICKNESS or contrition of spirit; low- spirited and fear of approaching misfortune; fear of being alone, but disinclined to meet even agreeable company; great debility, vibratory sensation through the whole body, after lying down; uneasy sleep, dreaming and tossing about.

Coca [Coca]

Mental and physical lack of will to do anything; excessively phlegmatic and pathetic; slow finding the words to express himself; mood changeable, mostly very morose; unbridled passion for brandy.

Cocculus [Cocc]

Suits especially bookworms and sensitive romantic girls, with irregular menstruation, also onanists, rakes and other debilitated persons; melancholy and sadness, with weeping and constant profound absorption in sorrowful though; great apprehensive anxiety of conscience and at the heart as after committing a wicked deed, with propensity to escape; joylessness and discouragement; tearful chagrin about the least trifle; changeable humor, frequent lively contentment, talkativeness, with witty joking; spasms and convulsions, extreme weakness, even to fainting, worse from sleeping (Lachesis) from wine, smoking, riding in a carriage; great dread of the cold open air; times passes too quickly (Cannabis indica, time passes too slowly); ILL EFFECTS OF DISAPPOINTED AMBITION, OF ANGER AND GRIEF, indulges in sad reveries, is sensitive to slights, insults and disappointment.

Colchicum [Colch]

Gouty diathesis; alternately excited or depressed; loss of memory; great desire for mental and bodily rest; intense melancholia, peevish and dissatisfied.

Conium [Con]

SENILE DEMENTIA, AILMENTS OF OLD MAIDS AND WIDOWS FROM UNGRATIFIED SEXUAL DESIRE; FOLIE CIRCULAIRE, alternate excitement and depression; cannot endure any kind of excitement, it brings on physical and mental depression, weakness; inability to sustain any mental efforts, excessive difficulty to recollect things, especially dates; DESIRE FOR SOLITUDE AND UNSYMPATHIZING INSENSIBILITY FROM INDOLENCE; aversion to company and yet averse to being alone is inclined to abuse company, scolds and will not bear contradiction; chilliness, frequent spasmodic motions; weak sexual power and frequent pollutions; anaemia of brain.

Crocus-sat [Croc]

Extravagant ideas and great loquacity, jumping, dancing, laughing, whistling, very AFFECTIONATE, WANTS TO KISS EVERYBODY; witty, uncommon mirth and cheerfulness; alternation of excessive, happy, affectionate tenderness and great ill-humor and rage, quarrelsome mood with great repentance, great timidity, haemorrhages; sleepiness, great prostration, with dilated pupils and obstruction of sight; obstinate constipation, caused by stagnation on portal system.

Crot. [Crot-h]

INCIPIENT STAGE OF SENILE DEMENTIA; mental delusions, such as mistakes in keeping accounts or writing letters, forgetfulness in figures, names and places; awaking at night struggling with imaginary foes; thinks he is the prey of enemies or of hideous animals; dislike to members of his own family; marked indifference and apathy, seems only half alive fits of drowsiness of coma; apoplexy in broken-down constitutions or inebriates.

Cuprum [Cupr]

Mania, with biting and tearing things to pieces; insane foolish gestures of imitation and mimicry; full of insane spiteful tricks, illusions of imagination, does not recognize his own family; unhappy apprehensive anxiety and despair; absence of thought and weakness of memory; stupidity and insensible in a corner; patient shrinks with fear, drawing himself away from every one who approaches him; praecordial anguish, pale, miserable look, general chilliness, no relieved by heat; decrease of brain functions.

Cyclamen [Cycl]

MENTAL DERANGEMENT AT CLIMAXIS; vertigo with pain in head and nausea, (<) in right temple, but extending all over head; answers incoherently; disposition to weep; fear of death; faeces and urine pass unconsciously and involuntarily; ailments from inward grief and terrors of conscience.

Digitalis [Dig]

Profound great melancholy, worse by music, with frequent sighing and WEEPING BRING RELIEF; gloomy, morose, ill humor, great fear of the future; insane obstinacy and disobedience with desire to escape; patient dull and lethargic, pupils widely dilated and all sensibility to light and touch seems lost; chronic heart disease;pulse full, regular or but slightly intermittent and VERY SLOW. When rallying from his stupor the patient moans

greatly and his eyes all afloat in tears, with relief from the lachrymation.

Dulcamara [Dulc]

Imbecility more frequent than insanity; mental confusion, cannot concentrate his thoughts; inclination to scold without being angry; asks for one thing or another to reject in when proffered; hasty speech and hasty drinking.

Euphorbium [Euph]

TEMPORARY ATTACKS OF CRAZINESS, insists upon saying his prayers at the tail of his horse; knows his freaks and wants to be by himself and in silence, imagines he sees the same man walking after him that he sees walking before him; vertigo when standing or walking in open air.

Ferrum-phos [Ferr-p]

Transitory mania depending upon hyperaemia of the brain; severe headache, soreness in vertex, general soreness of scalp, great nervousness at night; blinding headache, (<) on stooping.

Fluoric-acid [Fl-ac]

Aversion to his own family, bordering on insanity, but knows enough to behave well to strangers; discontent and excessive ill- humor followed by indifference and forgetfulness, and finally by perfect contentment and uncommonly gay disposing of mind.

Gelsemium [Gels]


work and anxiety after night-watching with loss of sleep, after excess in alcohol; after grief; depression of spirits, hates consolation, wants to be let alone and brood over real or imaginary loss; inability to attend to anything requiring mental effort; great lack of courage and fear of death; dull heavy pains in head and neck; intense prostration of muscular system.

Glonoinum [Glon]

ACUTE DEMENTIA, religious mania; well-known streets seem strange, forgets where she lives, attempts to run away, fear of death of being poisoned; disinclined to speak, would hardly answer; bad effects from mental excitement, fright, fear, mechanical contusions; congestion alternately to head and heart; head hot, body and feet cold; head feels larger and throbs.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.