Confinement & Postpartum – Puerperal mania

Homeopathy treatment for Confinement & Postpartum – Puerperal mania from the Homeopathic Therapeutics by Lilienthal. Homeopathic remedies for the treatment of Confinement & Postpartum – Puerperal mania…


Aconite [Acon]

Ailments from fright or anger; great fear of death, of strangers, of getting up; inconsolable anxiety, reproaching others for mere trifles.

Ambra [Ambr]

Excessive nervousness; cannot attempt to defaecate or urinate in the presence of other people, not even the nurse; abdomen puffed, causing much anxiety; obstinate constipation and tenesmus; puerperal eclampsia; nymphomania.

Arsenicum [Ars]

Afraid to be left alone, full of gloomy forebodings, fixed ideas of starvation with suicidal tendency.

Aurum-met [Aur]

Religious melancholia, prays all the time, imagines she is unfit for this world; weary of life, especially in the evening, with longing for death, strong inclination to commit suicide, frequent anxiety and despair, life is a burden to her, with periodical anguish, weakness of memory and intellect; mental labor fatigues, headache from the least mental exertion.

Belladonna [Bell]

Mania, either merry or quarrelsome, would spit and bite at every one, or paroxysms of rage and fury; starts in affright at the approach of others, therefore desires to escape or to hide herself; fear of ghosts; sleepless nights with moaning; desires other people to kill her that she be out of her misery or drown herself.

Bryonia [Bry]

Anxiety about the future, she fears not to have wherewith to live, compelling her to do something constantly, but wherever she goes she finds no rest; very irritable, inclined to be angry; after getting angry chilly or a red face and heat in head; contradiction provokes anger.

Calcarea-carb [Calc]

Sleeplessness, visions as soon as she closes her eyes; starts and twitches at every little noise, and is beside herself with anguish; constant aching in vagina; profuse menstruation during lactation; cold damp feet, head perspiring freely; she is just on the borderland of insanity.

Camphora [Camph]

Violent rage; scratches, spits and bites; tears her clothes, foams at mouth; raves and scolds in most indecent language; talks incessantly; hasty in all her actions.

Cantharis [Canth]


Amorous frenzy, great amativeness; unbounded frantic sexual desire; great restlessness, obliging her to move constantly; paroxysms of rage, with crying, barking and biting, cold sweat on hands and feet, renewed by the sight of dazzling bright objects; exceedingly sensitive to all impressions; irritable and blasphemous; despondent and lowspirited, says she must die.

China [Chin]

Nervous irritability and excitability from loss of blood; delirium, with illusions and hallucinations; inconsolable anxiety; longing for death, or indifference and apathy.

Cicuta-vir [Cic]

Mistrust of men, whom she shuns; weeping, moaning and howling; childish and plays with toys; QUIET AND CONTENTED DISPOSITION, or shouting and dancing in most queer manner.

Cimicifuga [Cimic]

Declares she will go crazy; mental depression, with suicidal tendency; suspicious, indifferent, TACITURN; takes no interest in household matters; irritable; the least thing makes her ANGRY AND DESTRUCTIVE; knows that she talks nonsense and says she cannot help it; visions of rats and other hallucinations.

Cuprum [Cupr]

Full of anxious ideas, one following quickly the other; afraid of everybody, and tries to escape, acuteness of senses.

Hyoscyamus [Hyos]

Indomitable rage and horrid anguish; does not know her relatives; complains of having been poisoned; complete loss of sense; DESIRES TO BE NAKED (hyperaesthesia of the cutaneous nerves); entire loss of modesty; throws off bedcovers and clothes; retention of urine; patient weak, pulse lacks volume, (<) from eating.

Ignatia [Ign]

Melancholia from suppressed mental sufferings, with much sighing; desire to be alone so as to give way to her real or imaginary grief; TEARS; WEEPS BITTERLY.

Kali-carb [Kali-c]

Great sadness; weeps much and is afraid she is going to die; great absence of mind; seems at a loss of know how to begin to say or do what she wishes to do, and finally is obliged to give it up; easily frightened and trembling; tympanitic abdomen, thirst, restlessness and tossing.

Lachesis [Lach]

Fear of death; dreads to go to bed; fears of being poisoned or pursued by her enemies; TALKATIVE AND QUARRELSOME; awakens from sleep in great terror; proud; jealous; suspicious.

Lilium-tigr [Lil-t]

Subinvolution of uterus; fear of becoming insane; disposed to curse, to strike, to think of obscene things; hurried manner, desire to do something, and yet feels no ambition; low-spirited, can hardly keep from crying; tormented about her salvation; irritable and impatient.

Lycopodium [Lyc]

Dread of men, wants to be alone; THINKS HERSELF IN TWO PLACES AT THE SAME TIME; makes preparations for her death and is tired of life, particularly mornings, in bed; loss of all self-confidence.

Petroleum [Petr]

Full of strange delusions; thinks she has another baby with her in bed, requiring her attention, or that she has a third arm or foot; anxious and irresolute; sharp pains shooting up the dorsal spine into the occiput.

Platina [Plat]

Voluptuous crawling up and about the genitals; very haughty; looks down disdainfully upon her attendants; black, tarry discharges from the vagina.

Pulsatilla [Puls]

Sad, weeping mood; taciturn; when closing her eyes sees all sorts of strange sights and hears all kinds of operatic airs; after slight emotions; difficult breathing.

Stramonium [Stram]

Nymphomania, with obscene gestures and language; desires light and company, being afraid to be alone; very loquacious, in a prayerful, beseeching, imploring language; face often red and bloated.

Sulphur [Sulph]

Religious melancholy, with despair of salvation; forgets the names and words she wants to use; INDIFFERENCE ABOUT THE LOT OF OTHERS; great obstinacy; dislikes to have anyone near her; flushes of heat; weak faintish spells and cold feet; light sleep.

Thuja [Thuj]

Constant anguish, does not care for children or relatives; refuses food; fixed idea that a stranger is always at her side, does not want anybody to come near her or touch her; considers herself under the influence of a stronger power, feels as if she cannot exist any longer; music causes weeping and trembling of feet.

Veratrum-alb [Verat]

Religious melancholy or nymphomania, with desire to embrace everybody even inanimate objects; mania, with desire to tear her clothes, with lasciviousness; constant desire for cool and refreshing things.

Veratrum-vir [Verat-v]

Puerperal melancholia; silent, suspicious; will not see her physician, he seems to terrify her; fears being poisoned; sleepless, can hardly be kept in her bedroom; arterial excitement with cold, clammy sweat.

Zincum [Zinc]

Melancholia with fear of thieves, demons and other frightful figures, stares as if frightened, especially on waking, and rolls from side to side; great mental weakness, repeats all questions before replying (Aurum); it is impossible for her to keep her feet quiet (Stict.), they are in almost constant motion.

Samuel Lilienthal
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal (1815-1891) was from Germany, and became a pioneer homeopath in America. He received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from the University of Munich in 1838. After he moved to the United States, he was hired as Professor of Clinical Medicine at New York College for Women, and also as Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases at the New York Homeopathic College.
Dr. Samuel Lilienthal was the author of many great books including “Homeopathic Therapeutics”. For many years, with the support of Dr. Constantine Hering, he was the editor of the North American Journal of Homeopathy. Dr. Lilienthal passed away on February 2nd 1891 in San Francisco.