DEAR MR. BARKER,– I have an old friend, a married man with a wife an…

DEAR MR. BARKER,– I have an old friend, a married man with a wife and family, of whom the eldest, a girl of about twenty, was particularly attractive.

Noticing one day how strained and tired she looked, I asked her father whether he was aware of this and ought not something to be done about it ?.

He then told me, in very strict confidence, for men are supposed to know nothing of these matters, that his daughter suffered greatly at the time of her period, both pain and violent retching for hours, which left her completely exhausted, and that it had been a great worry to himself and her mother. They had taken her to doctors and had tried the costly prescriptions recommended, with nothing but disappointment.

My friend was aware that I was interested in Homoeopathy, and asked me whether I knew of anything that would help, but I had to confess that I did not.

Then came the November number of “HEAL THYSELF” containing an article on Lachesis by Miss Dorothy Williams, giving a case somewhat similar to that of my friends daughter. Pain was the primary symptom, but the pain produces secondary symptoms which might vary in individual cases.

It seemed to me worth a trial, so I lost no time in showing the illuminating article to the girls parents. To them it seemed too good to be true; they thought there must be a snag somewhere. However, it was agreed that I should obtain some powders of Lachesis 30 for them.

Then an unexpected difficulty arose. The girl told her mother that medicines had proved useless and she didnt mean to try any more and be disappointed again. So mother wisely dropped the subject for the time. Later she said that having got the powders, it seemed a pity to throw them away, and as it could do no harm, the girl might as well take one for luck.

In the end she took one, just the day before, with the result that there was no pain, nothing but a slight sensation of nausea which passed in an hour, and she was able to carry on a normal days and went to a show in the evening.

The relief and gratitude of the parents was very real, and they were astonished at what one dose could do. The girl, I understand would not admit that the change was due to the silly little powder.

However, a month later another one was taken with the same happy result, and I gather that all continues to go well.

I feel that there must be thousands of such sufferers to whom the marvellous power of Lachesis would bring relief, and that this ought to be more widely known. My best thanks to Miss Williams for her most valuable article.

As all this is in strict confidence, I think, Mr. Editor, that you will allow me to maintain an equally strict incognito.

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