AFTER trying dozens of other apparently more likely…


AFTER trying dozens of other apparently more likely remedies without success, I cured a long standing case of bleeding from the rectum with Manganum met. 3. It also proved curative in a case where there were occasional rushes of blood to the head with dizziness and temporary deafness.

It is only of recent years that the importance of manganese in bodily functions had been discovered, and it is likely that Manganum (the homoeopathic name for manganese) and its salts are of much greater value than a reading of our Materia Medicas would suggest, as in them great emphasis is laid on “peculiar gait, walks backward”. which I never came across in anyone; and such things as anemia, vertigo, haemorrhage, etc., for which I have found Manganum of great value, are either omitted or passed over lightly.

Manganum is a remedy which should be given a trial in difficult or obscure cases; by itself at first to see the effect, and later, if satisfactory, as an intercurrent remedy. When its merits become better known, it may ultimately rank high among our polychrests.

I also cured a very obstinate case of prolapse of the anus with Solanum tuberosum 1x, and the cure has proved permanent. The better known Solanum tuberosum aegrotans had been previously tried and found useless. Solanum tuberosum is also useful for other rectal troubles, but only a few firms stock it at present owing to the small demand. The preparation I used was obtained from Phosferine Ltd.

Thlaspi B.P. O is another little-used remedy which, in my experience, has proved useful in cases of over-frequent urination.

By the way, I find the Editors idea of giving a number of different well-selected remedies in chronic cases is a good one in practice.

When Homoeopathy becomes more general, and panel doctors have to prescribe for forty or fifty patients prescribe tablets, each containing several different likely homoeopathic remedies, one kind of tablet for “indigestion”, another for “coughs and colds”, and so on, just as is done at present with allopathic mixtures. It is not the ideal method by any means, but it would give better all-round results than the cruder and more dangerous mixtures at present supplied in such circumstances.

Mixtures of the kind in tablet form are made by various American homoeopathic chemists. Although one of the remedies alone, or perhaps some entirely different remedy, would often work better, these tablets are effective, as their steady sale and the numerous repeat orders and testimonials prove.

With an easy system like this, more doctors and chemists would recommend homoeopathy medicines for everyday routine use, and the more difficult cases could always be passed on to specialists who made a proper study of the finer points of Homoeopathy.

Unless something of this kind is done, Homoeopathy will never make any headway; it is much too difficult. First we must popularize it. Later on we can see about increasing the number of doctors so that they can give proper and individual attention to each patient.

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