Having come to the conclusion that Thuja was my most important remedy I bought Thuja 30 and took a dose every night. The effect was miraculous. Not only did my catarrh disappear completely but I felt a well-being and joy in living, such as I had never known before. It was as if a millstone had been taken from my heart and mind. I became a totally different man.


In reply to my questions she told me that she had had pains in the back for some considerable time with a feeling of numbness. There was often a bubbling sensation in the region of the kidneys, and that the pains were worse when tired. This seemed to indicated Berberis vulgaris and I promptly gave her four drops in the 30th decimal potency. She returned in the two days.


Mixtures of the kind in tablet form are made by various American homoeopathic chemists. Although one of the remedies alone, or perhaps some entirely different remedy, would often work better, these tablets are effective, as their steady sale and the numerous repeat orders and testimonials prove.


Thus a salad may be made a highly nutritious dish, and endless combinations may be produced. Further, there should be a tasty dressing. A good dressing may be made with oil, vinegar and lemon juice, but there are many delightful dressings which will be found in any good cookery book. Salt, pepper and mustard should be used sparingly and occasionally sugar should be added instead of these.


Comfreys reputation as a vulnerary may be considered to be due to the fact that it reduces the swelling round the fracture and the mucilage or gum gives the necessary support afterwards. The allantoin is said to play not an inconsiderable part in its capacity of wound healing, as the Scotch surgeon Macalister claimed in one of the leading medical papers before the world war. He stated that allantoin acted powerfully in strengthening epithelial growth and was valuable in external ulcerations.


Faith, however, has removed this mountain of difficulty of the past, and will yet remove greater difficulties in the future. I remember my grandfather being thoroughly upset by receiving from this same brother a typewritten letter, the first he had ever seen his expressed complaint being that if his brother had not regard enough for him to write him a letter with his own hand, he would rather not receive a letter from him at all.


The delusions from which patients are pat to suffer are past counting. Some see ghosts, others see spiders or rats. Some find that all objects look very tall, others that they look very small. Some feel sure that they are being poisoned, that people are laughing at them, others are sure that they are in their grave, or that something terrible is going to happen, etc. For those afflicted with a fear complex, Scutellaria will prove most useful.


The day that she visited me she showed me the palms of her hands, which were covered with a nasty rash. She took up my treatment with enthusiasm. To her hesitation, and only owing to my constant urging, she tried a little fruit such as a strawberry or a fragment of apple. To her amazement the fruit agreed with her, and after a few weeks she could eat any quantity of raw and cooked fruit, even the most acid, such as gooseberries, agreed with her.


Characterizing the suitable drugs, we may differentiate between drug indicated in cases of constipation: Belladonna, Berberis, Bryonia, Carduus, Lycopodium, Magnesium muriat., Natrum chlorinicum and Nux vomica; and drugs indicated in cases of diarrhoea: Baptisia, Chelidonium, China, Mercurius, Natrum sulf., Phosphor., Podophyllum, Quassia, Taraxacum, Sulphur.


To many the possibility of a good complexion seems remote. Bit it is within the reach of all. To-day a patient called whose face was sagged and sallow, yet under treatment it has now the healthy tinge of health. Previously this lady patient deemed herself amongst the plain-faced women who envied their more charming sister. Now. these beauties seriously think she has discovered an elixir that outrivals all their magical preparations.