Unfortunately so many of these cases get rushed to surgeons the moment the orthodox medicine man fails to cure, which is because they have no faith in, or true knowledge of , medicines. Dull headaches passing off with great flow of very clear water-white urine.

So many women sufferers have written begging information as to what homoeopathy can do for them in this ailment instead of being forced into taking strong drugs and “pain-killers”, or being operated upon, that it has been thought humane and necessary to briefly instruct those who demand our homoeopathic help, and are not able to find homoeopathic doctors.

Several phases of menstrual abnormalities will be treated separately. This article is confined to the “painful” type, the name for while is “dysmenorrhoea”, which you might as well learn. Later I will give the homoeopathic cured for profuse type (menorrhagia) and after that the suppressed type, called amenorrhoea.

It is imperative to know that no one remedy or prescription can possibly cure all variations of any one of these classes of types, simply because they can all be grouped in one broad category.

In painful menses some suffer during the whole epoch; others have their pains before the flow appears; whilst others are in trouble only during the flow. Some are chronic and others congestive. Every case must be studied according to the patients peculiar departure from normal health. This is the homoeopathic way, and up to a certain point it is simple enough.

Unfortunately so many of these cases get rushed to surgeons the moment the orthodox medicine man fails to cure, which is because they have no faith in, or true knowledge of , medicines.

To illustrate: a patient asked me to help her daughter who had never been in my hands. Until recently she was a robust athletic girl. Now her trouble was spoiling her sport. I was told that seven orthodox doctors had been consulted, one after the other, including specialist and surgeons.

They one and all demanded, each unknown to the others, that the neck of the womb (cervix) should be dilated with graduated metal sounds until a thick one to the patient, once the mouth of the womb had thus been mechanically enlarged the flow could pass out easily and without pain and some of those men had practically guaranteed that such an operation would cure, which was not believed, though dire results had been hinted at if this dilation was not performed. The operation was refused point blank, particularly because the patient knew of several total failures to cure following similar painful operations.

When this case came into my hands I chose Gelsemium, a few doses of which cured her at once and permanently. Later on I will give you the special curative picture of this remedy, which absolutely fitted the symptoms related to me the girl, almost as if she had learned them out of one our Materia Medica. I believe and expect many sufferers will be able to pick out about to give you. This is homoeopathic matching of symptoms of the drug and of the patient, which is a fascinating study.

This remedy, Gelsemium, has cured tens of thousands of just such cases, cheating the surgeons and thoroughly satisfying the families. The cure related was not thoroughly satisfying the families. The cure related was not chance or coincidence. That patient and her mother were quite sure that it was drug cure because of the rapid disappearance of pains and general sense of internal comfort following the second dose, which the girls said she felt working through her abdomen.

If any woman or girl suffers with her menstrual function let her find a homoeopathic doctor. He will know how to cure you, but if you cant find one, my advice is, try the interesting game of homoeopathic cure yourself, and if your nerve fails, take one of your level-headed friends into your confidence to help you decide your special remedy.

I feel sure that you will make a better cure than could any orthodox man who wont study homoeopathy, or who has not much faith in drugs. Anyhow he is quick to hand out a patented pain-killer which will not cure. But you must buy your medicines at a special homoeopathic chemist listed in “HEAL THYSELF”.

When you are thus cured, if you are a sport, you can have it out with the orthodox man of medicine who usually attends the family. He may laugh at you (unpleasantly), or shrug his shoulders (a very weak and unscientific argument), talk of coincidences and relapses, but she wont bite you. He has tried homoeopathy and You have. Late, pass the good word on. Be a Samaritan!.

Let you have not read our instructions as to dosage or strength and frequency of dose in several articles I have written in “HEAL THYSELF” I will repeat them here. After each drug named I affix the strengths usually employed thus (3x, 6x to 30). Such are suggestive and by no means arbitrary, but do not go lower than the lowest humeral strength named.

For the more recent or acute case you may begin with the lowest strength named, though many doctors never use below the 30th. Some patients respond better to the higher strengths. If you come from orthodox hands and have been overdrugged, the 30th strength in much the best to begin with.

I suggest that you always buy medicated pills. You can carry such in your purse and take a dose about the proper time in a shop, tramcar or church, just as easily an acute or painful time take two or three pilules (if large pills take one or two), place them under the tongue and let them dissolve there slowly.

Do this every fifteen to thirty minutes for six or eight doses, then drop down to every two hours apart, stopping all medicine as soon as you feel the least bit better. Let Nature have a change cure you after your nerves have been stimulated alright. Do not worry about an exact number of doses, the thing is to choose the remedy rightly and to stop the instant you feel any benefit.

You may upset the rhythm of the medical reaction if you continue dosing too often, which will retard a cure. I have seen many cases cured after two to six doses have been taken. Note well: you must NOT TAKE COFFEE when taking homoeopathic medicines. It nullifies the medical action, also avoid all chemical mouth washes and medicated tooth avoid all chemical mouth washes and medicated tooth pasted near medicine time.

Many such have strong chemicals in them which will spoil the delicate homoeopathic medicines (as to their action on your general health this is another matter; pure Castille soap and precipitated chalk cannot be beaten. Most tooth and mouth trouble probably starts in the kitchen or candy shop).

Between the menstrual periods, if the last was not normal take a dose of your chosen remedy at early morning, half an hour before tooth paste and mouth wash drill, and again the last thing at night, for four days our of each week, aiming to stop all pills about three days before the next visit is expected.

If the period be normal do not take any medicine, but if some distress is experienced, review your symptoms afresh and try to match same with some remedy which you have read about which should most nearly match your now present symptoms. I hope this is clear.

Dont worry one bit if you cannot keep exact time of taking your medicine, nor as to number of doses. This is not important. The only thing to note well is that you are taking the right remedy and do remember to stop the medicine the instant you feel any sort of sign of good reaction, recollecting that the less medicine the better. You only want to stimulate the vital reactive forces, which are within everybody,a nd then let Nature cure you.

N.B. (important). Preserve these directions for ready reference. I shall not rewrite these instructions again in this series of ailments, but shall refer the reader back to this page and issue for instructions. It is too long to repeat monthly.

What I am going to tell you about our medicines is not personal opinion. The information is compiled from nearly 150 years of worldwide homoeopathic work; it is exact; it can be repeated; it is all on record for your study in extenso.

Frankly, my dear orthodox brother, if you wont take this subject up for your own use, pro bono publico, we are going to give it to the laity in such simple form that they can help themselves. So you cannot blame us. If you complain about our publicity methods remember that your own Lancet and British Medical Journal have been on the railway bookstalls for half a century or more, for the laity to buy.

Orthodox men may tell the world that they have invited some of our homoeopathic men to lecture tot their medical body, twice or thrice. Evidently the good done then was very transient. If those two or three lectures had struck home and had yielded results, you would have demanded regular lectures on homoeopathy for both graduates and undergraduates.

Orthodoxy certainly has not got the balance of science or safety on her side. What about Sir William Willcox telling the press about orthodox drug-vices, drug- diseases, death-risks and new drug dangers (vide Daily Telegraph, January 10th, 1934, page 7). If any homoeopath charged one-tithe of all this danger against homoeopathy and its practice, some would be in jail for mal-practice,a nd others for mans laughter.

It assert that homoeopathy has not drugs like the orthodox Bromides to injure the brain, actually changing and destroying its cortical substance. We have no Salicylates, pain killers and antipyretics to injure the heart, etc. When homoeopaths prescribe their 3x to 30, an infant may take any of them without danger.

Now for the comparisons of a few homoeopathic remedies important for painful menstruation, all of proven value, extending over several generation. Select properly and thrust fully these Friends of Women!.

(I) Pulsatilla nigricans, the wild anemone or wind flower (3x to 30th), cures scanty menstrual flow which is accompanied by severe gripping labour-like pains, which are so great at time as to double up the patient. Menses usually insufficient, clotted, dark, rapidly changing in character and intermittent and sometimes delayed, but always accompanied with this acute colicky pain.

There will be found great chilliness and yawning, sometimes with nauseated feeling which is worse in the mornings; downward pressure sensations, flow very often stops at night, great pain in the middle of the back and lower abdomen, but pains often shift their locality quickly and entirely. Some complain of diarrhoea with menses, very tired feelings, menses irregular or even suppressed at puberty, some leucorrhoea (see article on this subject in February issue), some shreds of mucous membranes are to be found in the flow.

Pulsatilla suits the already feeble, anaemic subjects, whether brought on by prolonged nursing, over-work-strain, those improperly nourished, and those who are constitutionally weak, whether women or girls. The mental make-up of the patients must be considered here as everywhere in all diseases.

The pulsatilla type is generally emotional, mild, docile, timid, irresolute and weeps easily. She likes sympathy (this is an important point of differentiation as with some remedies sympathy is not tolerated). Pulsatilla patients are always better in the cold or cool open air (important keynote). This drug suits blondes better than brunettes, but brunettes must not be ruled out if other symptoms agree.

To any interested orthodox brother I may say this remedy suits one type of what is often broadly diagnosed as membranous dysmenorrhoea.

(2) Gelsemium , the evergreen Jasmine of the Southern States of U.S.A. (3x to 30th). This is the remedy which cured the case mentioned in my preface which easily saved that girl form an unnecessary operation. The menstrual pains cured by this remedy are always worse before the flow is established. This is a very important form of differentiation.

This symptom points to a spasm of the nerves controlling the sphincter (circular) muscle of the neck of the womb (cervix). When the spasm which tightens the muscle of the cervix is relieved and cured by Gelsemium the outlet from the womb relaxes, allowing the flow to pass normally and without further hindrance. Is it wiser and simpler to take a few pills medicated with Gelsemium or to have an operation with very doubtful result?.

The accompanying symptoms in this type will be severe cramping labour-like spasmodic pains passing to the small of the back, almost unbearable, so stated by patients; pains also extend to the hips; sensation as if the womb was being squeezed; very often the patient will state that she loses her voice or has a relaxed throat at periods; flow very scanty at first, being help back by muscular spasm; excessive tremblings and great muscular weakness of limbs, goose-flesh shiverings, yawning and mentally dull, drowsy and dizzy.

Dull headaches passing off with great flow of very clear water-white urine. Eyes feel so heavy that it is hard to keep them open. This is a condensed and extreme picture of the painful periods which this remedy will cure better than any surgical interference. Are you prepared to try a few drops of homoeopathy or do you elect to have the mouth on your womb stretched by machinery?.

Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle
BIO: Dr. Ethelbert Petrie Hoyle 1861 – 1955 was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy. He served as editor of the International Homeopathic Medical Directory and Travelling Secretary to the International Homeopathic Society.