Homeopathy Remedy Bufo

Bufo homeopathy drug symptoms from Handbook of Materia Medica and Homeopathic Therapeutics by T.F. Allen, of the homeopathic remedy Bufo …

      The poison of the toad (Rana Bufo) is triturated with sugar of milk.

General Action

      Our knowledge of this substance is too meagre and the symptomatology too indefinite to enable one to form conclusions concerning its properties.


      Progressive emaciation, even to consumption and death. Swelling of whole body. Convulsions. Jactitations of tendons. Constant shaking of head and arms. Pandiculations. Disposition to lie on l. side, feels better so than when on r. side. Intoxicated feeling. Inability to answer or move, though he hears what is said. Gradual failure of strength. Prostration in the midst of a meal, with inability to speak or move, with dim vision and distress at heart. Faintness; now and then; after breakfast; as from hunger, in morning and during the day, before a meal.

Clinical Epilepsy ushered in by a cry, livid face. Epilepsy, the result of sexual excitement. Epilepsy coming on at the time of the menses.


      Propensity to bite. The child runs like mad. Choleric disposition. Nervousness, great irritability. Howling, constant crying. Alternate complaining and crying in a child. Impatience. Little disposition to work. Apathy. Coma. Stupor, with inability to speak; S. obliging him to seek a support, after the dizziness.


      Aching two days on waking at 3 A.M.; in afternoon and at night, preventing sleep; towards 5 P.M., obliging him to lie down; after breakfast, continuing into the night and preventing sleep; during work while sitting; (>) at night and by lying; (>) epistaxis; with fatigue, nausea and cold feet; increasing for three or four minutes, then diminishing during the same times; shifting abut during menses. The beating of the head increases the headache and corresponds with it. Heaviness. Vertigo; only in morning, (<) after eating; (<) in morning, with weakness as from loss of blood; then face flushes, heart feels compressed and chest seems squeezed in a vise; the head feels as if carried along by the motion of waltzing. Symptoms (<) movement.

Forehead. – Aching after a hard and curled stool (with protrusion of haemorrhoids), with heaviness in eyelids and nausea; and vertex, with soreness on touch, the soreness (<) towards 4 or 5 P.M. Weight, and in eyelids, with disturbed vision, sparks before eyes, pain at heart, cold sweat on head and in hair, coldness of body, especially of feet, such piercing colic as to almost cause faintness, burning thirst, vomiting after drinking, vomiting of food, then of bitter and acrid matter, the least movement aggravates the headache and brings on nausea and vomiting.

Clawing-digging in l. temple when walking. Pain in l. temple and vertex on waking towards 3 A.M., with soreness to touch. Hemicrania of r. side, (>) nosebleed. Hair falls out.


      Frightful and squinting look. Bloodshot. Itching, with redness, swelling, dimness of vision, lancinating pain, stinging (local effects). Lids opened wider. Inability to keep lids open. Vision dim. Appearance as of a veil before eyes at 3 or 4 P.M., with smarting in eyes and lachrymation. Vision lost.


      Burning in nostrils. Much sneezing in evening on going to bed; in evening, with obstruction and with heaviness in head and eyelids. Coryza in morning, with sneezing; C. (>) after sweat in morning in bed. Blowing out of clear water. Crusts after coryza. Mucous secretion, which is dry or soft and very fetid. Offensive mucus. Mucus descends from nasal fossae into throat. Bleeding. Blowing out of blood.


      Expression altered. Flushed, with heat every now and then. Herpetic pimples on upper lid after coryza.


      Teeth fall out. Boring in teeth. Hard swelling on gum, with feeling as if forcing out the back teeth, which seemed too long, with salivation at night, the symptoms preventing sleep, the pain transiently (>) by putting warm hand on cheek. Pain in gums as if burned. Tongue black. Loose, pasty yellowish coat on tongue. Tongue difficult to move. Stammering. Pain in palate and in r. margin of tongue, with aversion to tobacco. Scraping dry sensation on palate and back of mouth, painful on empty swallowing.

Saliva abundant, frothy. Breath offensive. Taste bitter (not of food); biting B. at back of mouth, as from radishes. Nauseous, sweetish taste in morning in bed, with clammy mouth. Taste of tobacco not as good as usual, after long smoking nausea and vomiting, smoking in forenoon causes overpowering sleepiness.


      Painful swelling of r. submaxillary glands. Something seems to come from head. Dryness in morning; D., with inflammation, and in oesophagus.


      Desire for pastry and dainties. Appetite irregular, ceasing after first mouthful. Aversion to food; and to drink. Slight thirst during a meal, while the cough continues. Urgent thirst for cold sugared water. Eructations during the day, with some acidity; fetid; tasting like spoiled eggs, after eating fresh bread and pastry. Hiccough. Nausea; after meals. Vomiting of food after drinking, during the headache, then bitter and acid vomitings; violent V. Cramp; after breakfast. Drawing as from hunger, but without appetite, with strong beating of heart, then headache.


      Flatulence; (<) after meals, with eructations. Emission of flatus in morning, preceded by borborygmi, with empty feeling in stomach; fetid flatus. Lancinations, nearly causing faintness, with burning thirst, cold sweat in hair, then four stools, increasingly liquid. Digging-cutting, after the ulcers on finger and tibia had healed, especially in morning, and after drinking milk and from smoking tobacco. Pain; intermittent, after meals, with borborygmi. Colic in hypogastrium. Incurable obstruction of liver, with enlargement.

Rectum and Stool

      A jet of blood form a haemorrhoid when straining at stool, then fatigue. Frequent urging to stool, but only one scanty evacuation daily, afterwards four daily stools, with colic and flatulence. Stool towards 2 or 3 A.M. Dysentery. Liquid, yellowish S. Semi-liquid, after meals, afterwards an obstinate haemorrhoid outside margin of anus, preceded by smarting of anus. Sometimes both together. Whitish, as in icterus. Lumbrici in a child’s S. Frequently, yellowish, soft, but consistent; F. and copious; S. every two days. Suppressed, with coldness of whole body except head, which is hot.


      Copious and frequent emission. Suppressed. Scanty, during constipation, and thick, yellowish, of strong ammoniacal odor, depositing a sediment; is. of a yellow-ochre color, with yellowish sediment, with pain in loins, after the pain in loins the urine is clearer and more abundant, micturition four times in a night. Red. Brown, smelling like fish-brine. Clear, with liquid stools.

Sexual Organs

      He applies his hands to genitals. Involuntary discharge of semen. Impotence. Leucorrhoea without smell, as clear as water. Menstruation too early.

Respiratory Organs

      Hoarseness. Suffocation towards 3 A.M., with restless of limbs, trembling of hands, legs, and head, sensation as if everything, even in head, were unsteady. Panting. Breath lost when ascending stairs. Breathing difficult. Cough every night at 3 or 4 O’clock, from pricking in larynx; from stinging in larynx, following coryza; before a meal and in the house, (>) at night. After cold feet, pricking in larynx, exciting cough all day, (<) evening, the C. Continues all night. Motion increases the frequency of cough, although it is equally troublesome during rest. Dry hacking C., more frequent stools.


      Stitches piercing the deep pectoral muscles and mammary gland, mostly on r. breast, impeding respiration. Pain in a spot, now here, now there, when walking. Smarting in upper third of sternum. Oppression. Compression afternoons, and of heart. Sensation as if here were two swellings at upper part of sternum, as appearing to grow larger in bed, impeding respiration and causing pain on swallowing.

Clinical Indurations in the mammary gland.


      Pain every two hours (four days after getting chilled), with retching, cough and expectoration tinged with blood. Palpitation at intervals; after a meal, with an interval, during which he felt as if going to be ill.

Neck and Back

      The headache affects the nape, which feels compressed. Pain in loins as if pierced by a red-hot iron two mornings, (<) movement, arresting the breath and nearly causing faintness, next day pain as if strained, preventing him from straightening himself or stooping, during the pain in loins the urine is scanty, of yellow-ochre color, thick, with yellowish sediment. Pain in loins, then trembling of legs in morning and giving way of them from weakness.


      Pinching-digging in middle of long bones, wandering about as if in periosteum. Falling asleep of upper E. when lying upon them lightly, afterwards of the lower ones. Burning of arm after the poison has touched the r. hand, with swelling and a yellow color on a black ground. Digging pinching in r. deltoid on raising arm. Digging, throbbing, periodic pain on inner surface of tip of r. elbow.

Lower Extremities

      Weariness of thighs when walking. Legs drawn up so as to touch the buttocks, in a child. Cramp of legs towards 4 to 5 A.M., drawing up with a start. Crampy pain in calf (during the weakness). (<) motion, (>) at rest. Pain as from a blow in middle of r. tibia when standing. Stiffness of r. leg, beginning above knee, where it is most marked. Weakness of legs, even to falling. Digging pain in ungual phalanges of three last toes, and on inner malleolus, with corrosive itching on inner border of r. foot.


      Yellow. Pale and swollen, as in dropsy. Pimples (local effects). Whitish crust over eyebrows. Vesicles in palms and soles, with yellow excoriating fluid. Burning-itching vesicles, surrounded by erythematous blush, near l. wrist, discharging a little serum, then a boil, with fever and with lancinations to axilla; corrosive painful V. on inner surface of proximal phalanx of r. index finger, then desquamation; corrosive painful, in middle of r. tibia, with red areola, then a whitish-gray, thick, fatty scurf, from which new exudations enlarged, till of the size of a quarter of a dollar, with corrosive pain and red areola, afterwards desquamation, leaving a reddish-brown spot, with shiny, scaling skin.

Pustules covering the whole body, like a bad case of scabies. Suppuration from every slight injury, even the prick of a needle, with corrosive pain. After a slight bruise, pain in r. little finger, with suppuration, then inflammation of finger, causing tearing-drawing pain along whole arm and redness of finger along lymphatics, extending to axilla, in which grandular swellings appeared and were painful, especially on motion and touch, the inflamed lymphatics became swollen, the arm heavy and painful, Hepar sulph. (>) the lymphatic inflammation and the corrosive pain in ulcer of little finger and ulcer under thumb-nail.

Swelling, hot, bluish-red, painful to touch, on inner lower border of l. thumb-nail, then suppuration involving half the nail, with throbbing-digging pain, extending into joint of index and metacarpal bones, then gnawing, then scaling of skin several times. Itching, (>) friction of body-linen, then smarting, especially when it has been thus allayed; I. on whole outer surface of thighs and legs every day towards 4 or 5 P.M.; corrosive, on l. leg and knee-cap.

Clinical Bullae, which open and leave a raw surface, exuding an ichorous fluid.


      Invincible sleepiness after a meal. Waking at 3 or 4 A.M. Waking every few moments. During sleep sense of fatigue and of numbness in every limb, obliging frequent change of position. Dreams of travel, of projects and of greatness.


      Shivering after stool, (<) evening. Chilliness in calves, then cramplike pain in them. Quartan fever, with intense heat and violent delirium. The heat of the fire is distressing. Heat rising into face; H. of limbs; of hands; of feet; except in feet, which are cold. Sweat in morning in bed; S. mostly on hands; copious, on hairy scalp; cold.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.