Homeopathy Remedy Berberis

Berberis homeopathy drug symptoms from Handbook of Materia Medica and Homeopathic Therapeutics by T.F. Allen, of the homeopathic remedy Berberis …

      Berberis vulgaris. The common Barberry. A tincture is prepared from the bark of the fresh root.

General Action

      The most numerous and decided effects are the shooting pains in almost every part of the body. the pains in the region of the kidneys are most marked and have been frequently verified clinically. It also exerts a marked action on the liver, promoting the flow of bile.

Affinities-It is interesting to note the close resemblance of the neuralgic symptoms to the botanical relatives in the Ranunculaceae, Cimicif., Clem., Pulsatilla, and even Aconite the hepatic symptoms similar to its allies Podophyllum,Chelidonium, as well as Iris and Aloes. Also see Diosc., Agaric., Silicea and Zincum met.


      Bruised feeling (Cimicif., Arnica, Silicea). after long stooping, with feeling as if unable to do anything; B feeling, as after great fatigue, especially in lower limbs. Weakness; of body and mind in morning on waking; in evening and after supper; in evening with early falling asleep; from continued occupation, with sweat; (<) walking or long standing even to trembling, so that she feared her knees would break down, with vertigo on rising from stooping; faint like, when walk, with sudden orgasms of blood, and shortly before going to bed sweat and heat in upper part of body, cold, pale, sunken face and oppression of chest, on lying down in bed shivering, difficult falling asleep and restless sleep, with heavy dreams. Condition near faintness after a drive followed by a short walk.


      Anxiety from 4 P.M. till going to bed, with fright, and in he twilight some children and dogs appeared twice as large as natural.: A, of she moves, stands long, rises from a seat, even in morning when rising in bed and on getting of it. Ill-will, intrepidity. Peevishness, becoming a loathing of life. Melancholy and disinclination to speak with quiet, not conscious longing. Satisfaction with quiet, not conscious longing. Satisfaction with nothing. Apathy; with dizziness and disinclination to work. Easy disturbance from external causes during mental; work, with fretfulness and necessity to cease work. Though difficult; of morning. Memory weak.


      Sticking. Tearing now he, now there in whole H., in forehead and temples. Aching now here, now there in with heaviness and confusion; as if skull would burst, and on stooping sensation as if something shook in H. and as if everything would come out a forehead; as if pressed asunder or pressed down by a heavy weight, especially in forehead; heavy, with prostration. Heaviness and on stooping sensations if head were drawn by a heavy weight. Fulness, especially in forehead. Tension. Puffy sensation. Feeling as if becoming larger (Cimicif)

Emptiness and gloominess. Confusion; from morning after waking till after noon, with heaviness of head, pressure in forehead, prostration, fretfulness, chilliness, sometimes with heat between the chills then heat, especially in head, with symptoms of impending coryza, especially moisture of nose and sneezing, which go no farther, repetition of these attacks, with which aggravations always begin; as from a cap and as if it would be drawn downward from behind. Intoxicated feeling. Vertigo; on stooping; on walking with faintish weakness; so that she must turn from I. to r. and forward ( during hard work, with frequent stooping an exertion of arms), with attacks of faintness, frontal headache, then chilliness in back and occiput. Symptoms generally (>) open air.

Forehead-Stitches in sinciput; S. and jerking in F., and in vertex when stooping; in r. extending outward to side; in spots above margin of I. orbit, extending outward and upward, or twitching or rolling pain; paroxysmal, especially suddenly through supraorbital region; paroxysmal in F. and temples, generally ceasing suddenly; tensive, over r. orbit. Tearing; in I. eminence, with pain on touch; sticking, and in temples. Pain in r. upper part; now over eyes, now in frontal eminences now in temples, now in other places in forehead; extending towards vertex; twinging tensive, caused and (<) by stooping, (>) open air; tensive, in F., temples and eyes; in F. and eyes on stooping, as if brain were heavy and fell forward; outward-pressing, and in temples. STupid sensation.

Temples-Stitches; inward in r.; jerking, in r., extending into r. eye, then shooting into vertex. Tearing; in r. and in r. cheek; intermittent twitching. Pain in r., extending to eye, as if in bone, with stitches into sinciput; P. in r. as if it were thick or would be pressed out, (<) touch; tensive in I.

Stitches in I. parietal region. Tearing in I. occipital region, Tensive pain in occiput as if scalp were too small and brain too large.

Scalp-Pimples on head and face, most frequently on occiput, temples and forehead, especially near hair, with burning stitches as from fleas in same spots. Scalp and skin of face feel puffy and tense; with difficult motion of scalp. Tensive numb sensation in S. and in skin of face. Smarting or corrosive sensation, now here, now there, in S. and in skin of face, (<) rubbing, then sometimes red spots. Corrosive itching or sticking on spots, in scalp and skin of face. Itching below hairs, chiefly in occipital region, either simple or biting, or burning, (<) evening, the itching (>) by scratching, but appearing in other places, with stitches, often with warm sensation in skin.


      Sunken, surrounded by blue or dirty gray rings. Red. Inflamed, (<) afternoon. Stitches; outward into forehead; usually sudden, mostly coming from other parts, as from forehead or from temples into eyes, or rising in eyes and spreading into forehead; digging, in r., then I., beginning deep in and extending obliquely across middle of orbital margin upward and outward into forehead. Tearing. Pain; on beginning to read by candle-light; after crying; (<) motion of eye; as if he had wept long. sensational as if forced out. throbbing in I. Bubbling in I.; in evening; in r. Coldness, as on going into cold air, with lachrymation on closing them. Burning; in morning after rising, with dryness, dim look, redness of conjunctiva of lids and misty vision; from 12 O’clock; at 3 P.M., (<) till she went to sleep, (<) 1, with sensation of sand in them; with dryness and redness and with mater in canthi. Dryness; with biting or burning. Sometimes with itching, often with feeling as of sand between lid and eye, at times with redness of conjunctiva of lid and evening of ball. Stiff feeling, with dragging. Troubles (<) afternoon and evening; (<) in open air. Intermittent tearing in I. ball, extending obliquely downward and outward.

Lids-Inflammation, (<) I., with swelling. Redness of margin and of sclerotic; of inner surface, and margin covered with whit frothy fluid. White crusts margin covered with white frothy fluid. White crusts on the dry margins in morning after rising Agglutination of I. in morning. Twitching when reading by candle-light, seldom by daylight. ticking on border of I. upper, towards outer part, then burning. Tearing in upper. in I. lower; pinching. Tearing drawing and twinges. Sensation as of a foreign body in I. internal canthus, with inflammation of lachrymal glands and dryness of conjunctiva in internal canthus. Biting beneath r. lower; crawling B. on margin of r. lower, becoming a twitching bubbling in lid. Itching, at times burning, biting or sticking, seldom smarting I. in canthi; at times biting or sticking. Burning in spots or biting. Dry sensation if close. Feeling as of drops of cold water between margins of lids or between lids and balls. heaviness on motion. Sticky sensation in margin in morning after rising.

Orbits-Twitching in region of r. upper. Stitches from I. margin to r. frontal eminence; itching S. and itching pain in margins, in skin, especially in inner canthus. Tearing in outer side of I., with tendency to lachrymation; T. in upper margin of I., extending towards forehead; in inner angle of r., extending towards nose and forehead; in bone on margin, especially lower, often extending into orbital cavity, at times it only begins to pain on touch.

Vision-Dim, (<) for far objects; D., with sleepiness. Everything seems to run together when sewing. Sensitiveness to bright sunlight. Daylight blinded he more than lamp-light. If she looks at anything fine she must hold her hand before her eyes to shield them from the day light and still more from lamplight, which blinds her. Blackness on exertion in sewing.


      Stitches in I.; in r.; in r. at 5 P.M.; tearing, in middle, alternating with the same symptom in other parts of head; tensive, inward in r.; tensive in r. in evening, as if something were digging in it; bubbling inward in I., then continued S., then pressure, then stopped sensation; drawing upward, deep in r.;’ in slow jerks deep in r., then tearing in antitragus; jellylike in r., as if it came out thorough the drum, when at wore, while sitting, as if a nail were forced through, or as from a stinging animal, with digging S. between the pains, with sensation as if ear we full and dragged downward. Tearing in external; in one or other middle; in bone behind I., Drawing pain often during the day, ending in stitches. Painless throbbing and whizzing in I., seldom in., in rapid shocks, as if the air or the wing of a bird struck against the drum. with dryness and coldness in ear. Ringing in r., beginning deep, then becoming higher.

Clinical Gouty concretions in the auricle, becoming very painful, with tearing stinging pains.


      Biting gnawing in tip. Crawling in nostrils, biting or itching;C. in I. nostril as before sneezing. Dryness of mucous membrane; with sensation as before catarrh, with sneezing. Moisture of N. and eyes as before coryza Fluent catarrh; of I. nostril;, involving frontal and maxillary sinuses, a yellow, burnt-smelling water, afterwards purulent, sometimes whitish, at times yellowish or greenish mucus,. of burnt smell and times yellowish or greenish mucus, of burnt smell and taste, was blown from nose and hawked up, (<) in morning. Bleeding from I. nostril in morning on rising; from I., at 6 A.M., preceded by pain in aIl temple extending to eye.


      Pale, dirty-grayish, sunken cheeks deeply-seated eyes, surrounded by bluish or blackish-gray circles, and sickly expression. Tearing sticking in cheek-bones. Burning stitch Inside of chin. Tearing in I. cheek, especially in malar fossa chilly, in a spot on I. cheek; posteriorly in I. cheek-bone, in jerks upward. Aching jerk in r. cheek, as from a box on ear. Sticking cold sensation in a spot on I. cheek.

Lips-Bluish-red color on inner side of lower. Red, bluish spots on inner side of owner, towards angle. Pimples. Painful inflamed, with deep suppurating points in center, on mucous membrane of L. and cheeks. Vesicles on r. inner side of lower. Epidermis becomes sticky and sales off, and a thin brownish flat scurf appears on its inner margin. Stitches in margins, sometimes itching, sometimes burning. Tearing in I. side of upper, with burning and tingling. Pinching in r. half of lower. Twitching bubbling in I. side of upper, as if some one were pricking it. Dryness. Painless throbbing in upper, just love r. corner of mouth. burning spots in upper; B. in outer margin, as from pepper or as if swollen; in upper, in r. corner, as from pepper, with bubbling and drawing-downward feeling. Cold sensation in I. corner. Sticky feeling on margin in morning after rising enduring the day. Formication on r. side of upper. Itching, (>) rubbing, but returning, sometimes biting or burning.

Jaws-Sticking, especially in lower, (<) nights jerking, in angle of I. lower, digging, biting, extending into lower and back teeth, as if the gum were loosened from the teeth, or as if they were raised; tearing, in r. shooting by jerks into temples. Tearing in. upper, extending from angle in front of ear into temple. Aching in I. upper, alternating with treating; A. as squeezed, on margin of horizontal, ramus of r. lower about middle; bruised, on touch in lower margin in I. lower, near and in front of angle.


      Teeth. Stitches in two anterior r. lower molars, then sensation as if too long; S. in r. lower as if carious, in afternoon and night, with sensation as if teeth were too large and on edge, with sensitiveness to cold air, especially with tearing and sticking in lower jaw. Tearing in I. upper back; in the second i. upper molar, extending to other parts of face; in I. upper canine, extending to superior maxillary bone. Scraping-gnawing in all I., lower molars, as if in roots or necks. Slow digging in root of r. upper canine, as if denuded from gum. Aching gin next too last I. upper molar as if too long. Drawing, bubbling pain pressing downward in first. I. upper hollow incisor, with sensitiveness to touch, as if too long and on egg, or as if something heavy hung upon it, afterwards a boil in gum over it.

Gum-Dirty red same on several upper incisors, less on lower jaw and on molars. White nodes on upper. Gumboils (pustules) becoming ulcers, above second I. upper back tooth. Bleaching.

Tongue-Red pimples on r. side of tip, with stinging, (<) touch, with stiffness and thickness of forepart of tongue. Painful white vesicle in r. side of tip. Stitches, (<) r. side. Sticking burning in spots on I. side, with pain of tongue on touch and motion.

Sticky feeling past and as if burnt, in mouth and throat, Smarting-burning on mouth and chin, sometimes like formication. Dryness and sticky sensation; D, still mode in fauces, (<) morning after rising, (>) eating and drinking, with sticky sensation, rawness of mucous membrane, white tongue, diminished saliva or a sticky frothy saliva with cotton, seldom with thirst and heat, taste lost or impaired nut sour after eating. Sticky saliva. Bad metallic smell.

Taste-Lost. Bloody, (<) morning and afternoon. Bitter; at 8 A.M.; after eating; and sour. Scraping burning in M. and throat, lie heartburn. Insipid, nauseous, rising from stomach like heartburn.


      Inflammation of arches of palate, uvula, tonsils and oesophagus. Sticking inside, passing behind jaw and shooting out of ear, (<) I. side; digging S. just below r. angle of jaw, extending in ear and out again. Pain in I. tonsil caused and (<) by speaking. and swallowing, with sensations as if the seed of fruit were sticking in throat, with redness and sensitiveness to pressure in I. arch of palate and sensitiveness of neighboring parts of throat on top motion. Pressure in back part of palate and pharynx, with dryness. Sorting, (<) r. side, (<) scratching, which causes a red, hot spot. Scraping; in morning; in morning on waking, (>) moistening; in evening, extending into stomach and traces; (>) drinking water; (<) mornings after rising, sometimes with pain in one side of it. obliging hawking and raising.


      Appetite increased in evening. Hunger without appetite. Appetite lost; with a bilious, bitter taste; lost with almost no taste for food. Thirst, (<) afternoons with dry mouth; T. waking her at night. Eructations; without bad taste or smell with griping in abdomen alternating with yawning; bilious. Hiccough. Nausea after dinner: N (>) after breakfast. Heartburn, extending into pharynx. Stitches in region. Pressure in region. Sensation in epigastric region. Pressure in region. Sensation in epigastric region as if it would burst, in evening after eating till 9 P.M. Writings in region. Chilliness in region.


      Rumbling. Fermentation, especially in region of colon, with motions. Movements, as before stool. Emission of flatus; seldom offensive, preceded by painless griping, at times with warmth in anus. Cutting sticking. Wandering tearing in muscle or tearing sticking. Sticking cutting. Cutting as before diarrhoea, in afternoon till next day, when there was diarrhoea in moving and afternoon, Griping. Twinging in walls, with constriction. WRithing. Pain; morning in bed; in region of I. descending colon; burning, in I. side, in a spot under skin and extending into it. Constriction. Drawing. Urging before stool, with moving.

Upper-Stitches extending across in region of stomach. Sticking tearing from 10.30 to 11.30 P.M., on going to sleep, extending into stomach and I. Hypochondrium,, mostly corresponding to the place in front of kidneys, Breathing, motion and touch, with short respiration, distention and hardness of abdomen, the pains returning next morning on rising and afterwards.

Hypochondria-Stitches in region of gall-bladder (<) pressure (Diosc); in I. hepatic region, near border of false ribs, about three inches from linea alba, pressure, extending into region of stomach, appearing when walking; tearing, in I., in front tearing, in I., extending through I. lower and outer part of chest towards back, and shooting back and forth; burning, on border of r. false ribs, about two inches and a half from linea alba. Drawing tearing below tips of false ribs in inspiration, with feeling as if something were torn loose. Twinging, constrictive sensation in I. upper part of abdomen, especially in I. H., across towards umbilicus. Pressure in hepatic region, on margin of false ribs, about three inches from linea alba; in forepart of r., extending inward into border of false ribs; in I., extending backward or downward. Bubbling sensation below tip of false ribs, in r. forepart.

Umbilicus-Stitches above to r; deep at I. of superficial tearing in I. side. Pain to side of, corresponding to a place in front of kidneys and rather to side, mostly sticking, or burning or gnawing, usually only on one side, generally in a mall spot, for the most part (<) only by deep pressure, often extending to lumbar region or to groins lower, spleen or stomach. Cutting drawing in I,. side, extending deep inward. Cutting jerking pain an inch above U., an inch and a half from linea alba. extending in slow drawings outward across I. lumbar region. Griping around U. (Diosc). Twisting pain in region (Aloes) Twinging around and above U. (Chel), in I. side of abdomen. Intermittent pain pressing outward, to I. of U., as from something living. Colic below U. (Diosc).

Inguinal Region-Varicose veins, near r. ring, extending to thigh, precede by pressing. Stitches in one or other, and above Poupart’s ligament; paroxysmal throbbing, in r., shooting suddenly into thigh; dragging, and above and in Poupart’s ligament, especially in ring, (<) walking and standing, with pulselike stitches, sometimes with painless bubbling, they extend into testicles and upper anterior part of thigh and upward in region of kidneys, at times beginning in this last place, with stitches in front of region which corresponds to kidneys posteriorly. Tearing extending to mons veneris. Cutting constriction in I. ring, extending inward as if it were going to deepen. Pain in ring; itching burning, in region of I. glands; in r. glands on touch, as if they would swell, with aching in region. Burning smarting in r. fold, with tension in motion. Dragging in I. Tension in one or other ring, as if a hernia would appear, (<) standing and walking. sensation above and to outer side of r. ring as if something would protrude, extending to thigh. Peculiar cold feeling in region of r. ring, becoming more like a burning.

Poupart’s Ligament-Stitches at its origin at I. ilium, extending down it, then shooting outward into I. side of female urethral; dragging, above I., extending outward and upward; above middle of r., extending inward and becoming a twinging; tensive, above middle of r. Twinging in and especially above them, extending outward and into inguinal rings. Drawing pain above one or other, extending towards thigh.

Ilium-Sticking deep in one or other (Agar m,) an inch or an inch and a half from the spine, extending obliquely inward towards small of back, sometimes with bubbling, deeply penetrating stitches; dragging S. from anterior inferior spinous process of I. and above it, towards inguinal region and thigh; drawing or cutting, above anterior border of i., down Poupart’s ligament. Tearing-sticking above I. crest in morning on waking; in anterior region of one or other crest, extending up towards abdomen in crest to region of anterior spinous process and farther backward sometimes inward and upward into walls of abdomen, mostly towards Poupart’s ligament and region above it, at times into thigh; across from spine into crest, at times extending into pelvis or upward into muscle. Tearing posteriorly in crest, usually only on one side, extending into gluteal; muscles or into bones; from posterior border downward and inward; ticking, about middle of one posterior surface of I., deep in bone, extending inward, in morning on waking;dragging, anteriorly in crest, extending into one or other side of abdomen, Gnawing, tearing, ulcerative pain. Smarting in region of crest of r., extending into hip. Drawing pain in anterior region of pelvic bone, extending outward into muscles of thigh.

Clinical Very valuable for hepatic disease; with indigestion, eructations, salivation, heartburn, vomiting of food, etc., after eating. Soreness in the region of the liver. Bilious colic; colic from gall-stones, with jaundice.


      Long-continued sensation after stool, as if one had just been to stool or had just recovered from a pain in anus. Sensation of relief after stool, especially in colon, extending into small of back; after stool, also with perceptible movement in intestines; tensive in small of back and in anus.


      Hemorrhoids, with burning pain after stool (Sulph), the stool frequently hard and of a dirty blood color externally: H., with itching and burning. Stitches; burning, during, before and after stool (Sil). Tearing extending around A. Smarting. Pressing. Throbbing pain. Burning pain as if parts around it were sore (Silicea, sulph). Warmth in region. Fulness. Itching, Crawling as from ascarides. Crawling, burning, itching in and about it.

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.