Some Homeopathic medicines with their Grand characteristic symptoms which are useful for clinical point of view have been presented by John.H.Clarke in his book Grand characteristics of Materia Medica….


Aceticum acidum.

Cancer, diabetes, sickness in.

Phthisis, diarrhoea in.


Pallor on rising.

Expression of patient fearful anxiety: “Shall I never get better?” [Heart and brain affections]

All-pervading fearfulness. Avoids excitement; many people- Exaggerated cautiousness.

Fearful of death, predicts the day he will diet.

All bad effects of fright.

All acute inflammations with restlessness, hot, dry skin.

Cannot bear the pain, not to be touched, nor to be covered; (sometimes cannot bear to be uncovered).

Pains insupportable with great fear and restlessness.

Pains neuralgic, gouty, rheumatic, inflammatory.

Thirst unquenchable with great restlessness.

Stout plethoric people, active haemorrhage in such Vertigo, faintness, pallor on sitting up.

Pain intolerable. Loss of affection for anyone.


Movement of wind in descending colon (diarrhoea).

Noise as of explosion in heap and ears.

Ammonium muriaticum.

Throbbing in tonsils.

Anacardium orientale.

amel Entirely whilst eating

Agg After eating.

Antimonium tartaricum

Relaxation of all muscles and sphincters, with or without vomiting.


Constrictive sensation in abdomen and chest: dares not move or strain at stool for fear something would give way.

Arum triphyllum.

Boring fingers into nose.

Baryta carbonica.

Hand trembles in company of strangers.

Agg In damp weather.


Every cough causes pain in the womb (or hypogastrium)

Clutching pains (like Lyc).

Pains come and go suddenly, however long they remain.

In all internal viscera bearing-down pains (Sepia, Lilium tigrinum, Calcarea, Nx.m.).

III-effects of hair-cutting.

Takes cold with every draught of air, especially when uncovering the head.

Most inflammations and pains come and go suddenly.

After effects of anaesthetic vapours.


Serous effusions.

Coarse feeders; Swinish; Gourmands (Epicures, Nux).

Agg Movement, any degree or amount of; the more the movement, the Agg the pain.

Agg Heat of bed. At night (cf. Mercurius, Sul.) amel Quiet of body or mind. Amel Lying on painful side (Bel. Agg).

Inflammatory and typhoid fevers.

Lips dry and cracked.

Everything tastes bitter.

Pressure at pit of stomach as if a stone wEre in it.

Goes off with eructations.

(Gastro-enteric and serous affections.)

Calcarea carbonica

Hands warm, soft, moist; or cold, Clammy, soft and moist. Soft, boneless hands.

Agg After bathing or medding with water (cf. Sul.).

Agg AFter midnight (sweat, cough-:-cough Amel putting shoulders back-iod. Agg). Agg Morning.

Agg Ascending.

Agg By heat or light of sun. (Headache: of. Aco., Glo., Na.c)

Feeling as if had on damp stocking; cannot get feet warm.

Stockings actually are damp.

Cheerful in evenings.

Much perspiration accompanies most complaints but does not Amel (Cf Mercurius

Calcarea phosphorica.

School headaches.(Cf. Nat.m.)


Burning pains Amel by heat.

Carbo animalis

Knife thrusts in liver region, especially from right to left. (cf.Lycopodium)


No remedy has aggravation of anal symptoms so prominently.

(Guernsey. of., Sepia, Sul., Nux., Arsenicum, Mercurius, Nit ac., Graphites)

Stools pass more easily when standing.

Dark hair, rigid fibre.

Children totter and fall when walking.


Yawning constant in daytime, never sleepy.

First in all abdominal complaints

Windy colic in women.


Agg by eructations of wind. (pains in stomach and abdomen).


Pain (bruised aching) at inferior angle of right scapula)

Hours of aggravation generally four and five a.m.


Agg By slightest touch.

Amel By hard pressure, (Cf. Ignatia -Sul. has from Amel gentle pressure).

Terrible irritability.

Debility from;los of fluids.

Periodicity (of, Chi-sul., Arsenicum)


Pushes finger up nose. (Dysmenia)


Urine intermits.


Pain embracing umbilicus in area size of a dollar

Pains radiating from thence.

Neuralgias with pain in umbilicus.

Sinking at epigastrium; also with pyrosis.


Cough Amel by holding hypochondria with the warm hand. (Amel warmth and support)-(Cf. wants to be held, Gel)


Irritable bladder Agg in damp weather


Tongue cracked.


Agg Cold wet weather

Anaemic persons.

Delicate chloritic women.

Women with earthy complexions.

Those whose faces flush up or become fiery red on least emotion or exertion.

Terrible irritability (cf. Chi.).


Anti-sycotic. Outlets affected.


Pain as soon as the stomach is empty. Compels to eat.


The exhibition of mercury; or Agg of Mercurius

Can’t bear to be uncovered. Agg by slightest touch, the slighter the worse (cf. Chi).

Phlegmon, acute inflammatory action, great soreness and sensitiveness.

Left side.


Amel External warmth; hugs fire. Chilly subject (cf. Arsenicum, Hep)

Flow of clear urine, especially at end of each headache.

Kali Bichromicum

Cough Agg in morning: touch tenaceous expectoration Agg after food.

Agg after food.

Obscuration of sight preceding headache; as the pain increases the sight clears.

Kali carbonicum

Stitches everywhere, especially connected with cough or urination.

Agg 2-5 a.m., especially 3-4 a.m.

Nags of water above eyes, in morning especially, (without general dropsy)-(under eyes, Ap., Arsenicum; above and under, Kali ars).

Fleshy people.


Itching of eyelids the more he rubs the more he must.

Vomits food immediately after eating; or some hours after.


Agg On awaking (Sul., Na.m-Phos)

Tongue cannot be protruded beyond the teeth.

Tongue trembles when tried to be put out.

“Charred wheat straw” in stools, ulcers or haemorrhages.

Climacteric-most ailments of.

Can’t bear any pressure, not even of clothes, on uterine region, not from pain but from discomfort.

Uterine pains Amel by flow of blood from vagina.

Collapse, and utter prostration; calls out for open windows.

Lancinating pains of cancer (Scirrhinum).


Wryneck in diphtheria

Lacticum acidum


Rheumatoid muscular or erratic pains accompanied with constant nausea; or nausea; or nausea; on awaking or after food or drink.

Lactuca virosa

Constant tightness of chest; load on chest (asthma).


Pains ascending.

Rheumatic pains run upward (cf, Gelsemium, also from before backward in abdomen).

(Affected parts wither-cf. Pul).

Pains suddenly change locally.


Feels as if a band round waist. Can’t bear the pressure of clothes.

Feels as if a hand were in entrails clutching them. (Bel. clutching).

The heart is heard and felt to heat in the head Palpitation from heat to head.

Urging to pass water but cannot. Constipation.

Fan-like motion of alae nasi, usually rapid, in cerebral, pectoral and abdominal complaints.

Desires fresh air, can’t bear stuffy room.

Agg In damp air. (Sul., pul. Amel in open air)

Amel Warm drinks. (Pho. Agg)

Frequent risings of heat from abdomen to head with burning of cheeks.

Little thirst when there is any, and it is for little and often.

Constipation when from home or on change of air.

Food returns into mouth after having been scarcely introduced into stomach.

Cannot endure strong smells


Itching Eruptions.

Natrum muriaticum

Great despondency, sadness (cf. Lyc)

Grief Agg buy consolation.

Dreams of robbers in room so vivid must have light to search room on waking

School headache (cf. Calcarea ph).

Natrum silico-fluoricum

Numbness and powerlessness. Lupus (Cooper).

Nitricum acidum

Psora, sycosis, syphilis.

Ulceration, general.

Warty growths.

Sensation of sharp splinter or bone sticking in, even from slightest touch, as of sheet ( In ulcers cf. Hepar, Sul., Argentumn)

Jerking pains in inner parts.

Sensation of band round bones.

Urine reddish. Pungent horse odour (cf. Benz. ac., Sep)

Bones of head, affections of (cf. Kali iod., Lues., Merc)

Nux moschata

Mouth parched on waking.

Drowsy by day.

Drowsiness between pains.

Agg in damp weather, the damper the Agg

Nux vomica

Antiperiodic. Haemorrhages occurring at a certain hour every day. (Uterine, especially 3 a.m.)

Waking 3 a.m. Lies awake till daylight. Falls into a dreamy sleep from which it is hard to be aroused. Feels tired and averse to rise. (Cf. Sul-Difficult falling asleep and difficult waking.)

Every pain causes desire for stool.

Oxalicum acidum

Pains which are Agg when thinking of them.


Pain in right ovary Amel by pressure.

Profuse menses followed by leucorrhoea.

Phosphoricum acidum.

Bad news, effects of. (Gelsemium)


Sensation as if anus were open.

Agg Lying left side-almost all affections-cough. sleep palpitation (cf. Pulsatilla, pleurodynia chiefly).

Tall slender persons (cf. Sul., with inclination to stoop).

Agg And Amel before midnight. In twilight fancies himself in pieces and can’t get the bits together (cf. Bap)

Fearfulness, imagines something creeping out of every corner.

Great depression at twilight.

Sad yet laughs. Laughs at serious things (cf. Anac)

Glazed tongue (cf. Lach-red and glazed.)

Cough entering cold air from warm room (cf. Carb v)

Cold legs and feat (cf. Sul

Coldness in cavities.




Convalescence from all zymotic diseases. Feeling of great weakness after fevers.


Agg Lying on left side (pleurodynia chiefly). (cf. Phos)

Fever with thirstlessness. (cf. Sabadilla.)

Affected part withers. (cf. Ledum)

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica