John.H.Clarke had given a Schematic arrangement of medicines he included in in his book Grand characteristics of Materia Medica….




Affection, loses, Aco

Anxiety, “Shall I never get better,” Aco.

Cannot go on existing any longer, Thu

Cautiousness, exaggerated, Aco

Cheerful in evenings, Calcarea

Crowds, avoids, Aco.

Depression at twilight, pho.

Despondency, excessive, and sadness, Na.m (cf. Lycopodium)

Fear of death, Aco.

Fear of death, predicts the day he will die, Aco. Thu

Fears to be touched, Aco., Thu

Fears to be covered, Aco.

Fearfulness, imagines something creeping out of every corner, pho..

Fixed ideas, “that he is made of glass,” “has a living, croaking animal inside him,” Thu

Grief Agg consolation, Na.m Insensitiveness, Grp

Irritability, terrible, Chi., fer.

Light, cannot sleep without in bed-room, Strm.

Sad yet laughts. Laughs at serious things. Pho. (cf. Anac).

Touched, ears to be, Aco., Thu.

Twilight in, fancies himself in pieces and cannot get the bits together, Pho (cf.Baptisia)

Weeping, music causes, and trembling of feet, Thu. (cf. Ambra.)


Vertigo, faintness, pallor on sitting up, Aco HEAD

Headache, school, C. ph. (Na.m)

Headache preceded by construction of sight, as pain increases, sight clears, K. bi.

Jerks head forward on pillow, Strm.

Bones of head, affections of Ni.x (cf. K.iod., Lues., Mercurius).

Intolerance of least draught in headache Silicea


Itching of eyelids; the more he rubs them the more he must, Kre. EARS

Deafness Agg damp, weather, Calen NOSE

Pushes finger up (Dysmenia) Cin.

Cannot endure strong smells, Lycopodium

Nose, tip of, eruption on, Sil FACE

Bags of water above eyes, in morning esp. (without general dropsy), (under eyes, Aps., Arsenicum, above and under, K.ars) Complexion earthy, in women, Ferrum

Expression of fearful anxiety Aco

Flushes or becomes fiery red on least emotion or excitement. Ferrum

Flushing and colliquative sweating at menopause Su.x.

Lips dry and cracked, Bryonia Pallor on rising, Aco.

Cracked tongue., Equi

Mouth parched on waking, Nx.m.

Tongue cannot be protruded beyond teeth, Lachesis

Tongue glazed, Pho

Tongue red and glazed Lachesis

Tongue trembles when put out. Lachesis THROAT

Tonsils, throbbing in. Am.m STOMACH

Food returns into mouth after having been scarcely introduced into stomach Lycopodium

Poor breakfast eater, Sul. (Sepia supper Amel; Na.m. hunger for supper)

Little thirst: when any, it is for little and often, Lycopodium ABDOMEN

Constrictive sensation in abdomen and in abdomen and chest; does not move or strain at stool for fear something would give way, Aps.

Feels as if a band round waist, can’t bear pressure of clothes, Lyc

Feels as if a hand were on entrails clutch them, Lycopodium, (cf. Bel)

Frequent risings of heat from abdomen to head with burning cheeks, Lycopodium

Liver-region, knife-thrusts in, esp from r. to I (of Lycopodium), Cp.a.

Neuralgias with pain in umbilicus, Dioscorea

Pain in umbilicus in area size of a dollar. Pains radiating from thence, Dios

Sensation of a living, Croaking animal inside him, Thu.

Sinking at epigastrium: also with pyrosis, Dioscorea


All pains seem to go to rectum; or to a centre in semi-lunar ganglion, Sul.

Anal symptoms, no remedy has aggravation of more prominently than, Caus. (Guernsey, of. Sepia, Sul., Arsenicum, Acid nitricum, Graphites) Constipation when from home or on change of air, Lycopodium

Every pain causes desire for stool, Nux.

Fulness or weight as from a foreign body in rectum, not Amel by stool, Secale

Open, sensation as if anus. Pho Standing, stool passes more easily when, Caus.


Bladder irritable Agg in damp weather, Dulcamara

Flow of clear urine. esp. at end of each headache, Ign

Urging to pass water but cannot constipation, Ly

Urine intermits, Conium

Urine reddish; pungent odour Ni.x. (cf. Bz.x., Sep) CHEST

Constrictive sensation in chest. and abdomen; dares not move or strain at stool for fear some-thing would give way. Aps.

Cough Amel by holding hypochondria with the warm hand, Dro (Amel warmth and support. Cf, Gel., “wants to be held”)

Cough entering cold air from warm room, Pho. (cf Cb.v)

Palpitation from heart to head, Lycopodium

The heart is head and felt in the head, Lycopodium

The swollen breast itches, Silicea


Cracking in sacral region, Zin.

Pain, bruised aching, inferior angle r.scapula, Chelidonium


Hand trembles in company of strangers, Baryta


Cold legs and feet, pho. (cf. Sul).


All pains seem to go to rectum; or to centre in semilunar ganglion. Sul.

Affected parts wither, Ledum Pul.

Antiperiodic, Haemorrhages occur at a certain time every day, Nux.

“Charred wheat straw” in stools, ulcers or haemorrhages, Lachesis

Coldness in cavities, Pho

Desires fresh air can’t bear stuffy room, Lycopodium

Draught of air, intolerance at least (headache), Sil

Every pain causes desire for stool, Nux.

Great weakness after fevers, Pso.

Insensitiveness, Graphites

Life-taking pains, Sul.

Music causes weeping and trembling of feet, Thu. (of Ambra)

Numbness and powerlessness, Na.sf.

Outlets affected, Graphites

Pains ascending, Ledum

Pains suddenly change locality, Ledum

Pains Agg thinking of them, Ox.x.

Restlessness, can’t be long in one position, Rhus.

Rheumatic pains run upward, Ledum (cf.Gelsemium, which also has pains from before back wards in abdomen)

Side left, Hepar

Stitches everywhere, esp. connected with cough or urination, K, ca.

Thirstlessness with fever, Pul.

Yawning, Cast.


Cold skin, but desires to be uncovered, Sec,

Eruptions on hairy parts and tip of nose, Silicea

Hard, dry, horny hands, Sul.

Itching eruptions, Mlt.

Ringworm, esp. of body, Tel.

Ulceration, general, Ni.x.

Watery growths, Ni.x

Watery growths, Ni.x.

Warts, Th.


Can’t sleep without light in room, Strm.

Dreams of robber in room; so vivid must have light and search on waking, Na.m.

Drowsiness between pains. Nx.m.

Drowsy by day, Nx.m.

Waking 3 a.m., fails asleep at daylight, difficult to rouse, Nux. (Sul. difficult falling asleep and difficult waking).


Fever with thirstlessness, Pul.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica