Index to Arrangement of Kent’s Repertory

Kent’s Repertory is divided into thirty-seven sections. The two most important sections are found first in the book (Mind) and the Generalities which are last…….

Index to Arrangement of Kent’s Repertory.

The Repertory is divided into the following thirty-seven sections, and are found in the order given below:

Mind, 1
Vertigo, 96
Head, 107
Eye, 239
Vision, 275

Ear, 290
Hearing, 326
Nose, 329
Coryza 330
Epistaxis, 340
Discharges, 334

Smell, 354
Face, 360
Mouth, 401
Tongue (found in many particulars).
Gums are also found in many particulars.
Taste, 426
Speech, 423
Teeth, 435
Throat, 452
External throat, 471
(covers Glands, Pain, etc.).
Stomach, 478

General symptoms referred through Stomach found under:
Appetite, 478
Aversion, 482
Desires, 485
Thirst, 529

Particulars, as
Nausea, 506
Eructations, 491 and
Vomiting, 532

Abdomen, 542
Rectum, 605
Constipation, 605
Diarrhoea, 608

Stool, 633

Urinary organs, 643
Bladder, 643
Urination, 653
Kidneys, 660
Prostate Gland, 665

Urethra, 667
Urine, 678
Genitalia (Male), 691
Genitalia (Female), 691
Abortion, Desires, Itching, Leucorrhoea (719), Menopause, Menses (721), Metrorrhagia, Tumors are all grouped under this section in alphabetical order.
Larynx and Trachea, 742
Croup, Irritations and Voice are found here.
Respiration, 756
Cough,, 771
Expectoration, 803
Chest, 813
Haemorrhage, Murmurs, Heart, Mammae, Character of Milk, Palpitation are found in this section.
Back, 872
Extremities, 937
Sleep, 1200
Dreams, Comatose, Waking and Yawning are found here.
Chill, 1224
Fever, 1242
(Types are arranged alphabetically.)
Perspiration, 1257
Skin, 1267
Generalities, 1364

The two most important sections are found first in the book (Mind) and the Generalities which are last. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.

Many of our chronic cases may be worked out from these two sections, from the mentals and the generals, as when these are found to be covered by one remedy the particulars which have been observed, and many of the common symptoms will be found to fit in perfectly.

Glen Irving Bidwell