Dewey gives the common homeopathy remedies for the treatment of Gastric Derangements in an easy question-answer format. …

What are the grand characteristics of Nux vomica in Dyspepsia?

When it is caused by mental overwork where there is distress in. the stomach, coming on an hour or so after meals, and where the patient is cranky and irascible and where he has a dull frontal headache in the morning. There is often nausea, empty retching and sour eructations.

What drugs have distress which commences immediately after eating


Lycopodium, Nux moschata and Abies nigra.

What drugs beside Nux are often indicated in the flatulent dyspepsia of drunkards and those who use alcoholic stimulants?

Carbo veg. and Sulphur.

What is the characteristic drug for Dyspepsia of beer drinkers?

Kali bichromicum.

What is an indicating symptom for Nux vomica in an attack of Dyspepsia?

Abnormal hunger, which precedes the attack for several days.

What drug has the symptom that vomiting occurs three or four hours after the patient eats?


What drugs have pain and tenderness in the pit of the stomach, with aggravation at eleven o’clock in the morning?

Sepia is the characteristic tongue of Nux in dyspeptic troubles It is usually coated white, especially on the posterior part.

What are the special desires nd aversions of Nux?

There is strong desire for beer and bitters and as aversion to coffee.

What are the characteristic symptoms of Carbo veg. in dyspepsia?

There is a slow and imperfect digestion. a weight in the stomach and a faint, gone feeling, which is not relieved bye eating; after eating a few mouthfuls there is a sense of repletion. There is a great deal of burning on the stomach which extends to the neck. Thee is a distention of he stomach nd bowels, which is temporarily relieved by belching. There is heaviness, fullness and sleepiness after eating, and the flatulence causes asthmatic breathing and dyspnoea. the patient may even desire to be fanned.

What are some of the causes of Dyspepsia that would especially indicate Carbo vegetabilis?

Dyspepsias from overeating or high living; useful in the chronic dyspepsias of the aged. or in stomach troubles from abuSE of Alcohol.

How does the flatulence of carbo veg. differ from that of Lycopodium?

Carbo veg. flatulence is more of the stomach, while that of Lycopodium is more of the intestines.

What other drugs have heaviness, fullness and sleepiness after eating?

Nux moschata and Lycopodium.

How does Carbo veg. differ in general from Sulphuric acid?

Carbo veg. is a putrid remedy and indicated in puriec dyspepsia. Sulphuric acid is a sour remedy and indicated in acid conditions.

In the pressure caused by flatulence, how does Carbo veg. compare with China and Nux vom?

It has more upward pressure on the diaphragm, causing oppression of breathing, while China has not so much downward pressure as Nux vomica

Give another distinguishing feature between Carbo veg. and Lycopodium

Under Carbo veg. there is a tendency to Diarrhoea, Under Lycopodium the tendency is to constipation.

What are he symptoms China in Dyspepsia?

Thee is distention of the stomach, momentarily relieved by belching. Thee are sour or bitter eructations. There is slow digestion, and the patient faints easily. there is a sensation s if the food had lodged in the oesophagus behind the sternum. The food seems to lie a long time in the stomach and causes eructations, and is a long time in the stomach and causes eructations, and is finally vomited undigested. The distention after tearing a little characteristic.

What other drug has the sensational s if the food had lodged in the oesophagus behind the sternum?


What drug has a sensation as if a hard boiled egg lay in the stomach?

Abies nigra.

How is China distinguished from Carbo veg.?

Although useful in cases where there is depression of the vital powers, it does not have the belching nor the burning which Carbo veg. has.

What are the symptoms of Lycopodium in Dyspepsia?

The patient has a vigorous appetite. After eating a small quantity of food,. he feels so full and bloated that he has to force himself to take another mouthful.?the distress is felt immediately upon tearing. the patient is very sleepy after eating. There is a great deal of flatulence in the stomach and intestines, which presses upward and causes difficulty of breathing. Ravenous hunger, which if not satiated causes headache, sour taste, sour belching and sometimes sour vomiting.

What drugs have a distress which comes on about two hours after eating

Pulsatilla, Nux vomica and Anacardium.

Under what drugs is this sensation of satiety after eating good?

Arsenic, Carbo veg., China, Sepia and Sulphur.

Does belching of gas in Lycopodium relieve?

It does not.

How does Lycopodium differ from Nux vomica?

The distress immediately after eating belongs to Lycopodium, while in Nux vomica The flatus press downward rather than upward. Nux vomica has constipation from fitful intestinal action. Lycopodium from contraction of the sphincter.

What is the difference between Sepia and Lycopodium?

Sepia has a sensation of emptiness in the epigastrium, while Lycopodium, has a sensation of fullness. Both have red sand in. the urine. That of Sepia, however, r is very offensive.

What symptom has Lycopodium that is similar to one found under Argentum nitricum?

A great desire for sweets.

What drug desires especially oysters?


What characteristics has Pulsatilla in Dyspepsia?

Dryness of the mouth and putrid taste, and a sensation as if the food had lodged under the sternum. There is a feeling of fullness and weight in. the stomach, which comes on an hour or two after eating. There is a great deal of flatulence, which characterizingly move about, the chest, which is relieved by eructations. It is especially useful for dyspepsia arising from fatty foods, port or pastry, or from chilling the stomach with ice cream or ice watery. The eructations taste of the food. Tongue thickly white coated.

What other drugs have dyspepsia arising from rich and fatty good?

Ipecac., Thuja and Carbo veg.

What other drugs have stomach symptoms caused from chilling the stomach?

Arsenic and Carbo veg.

How is Pulsatilla distinguished from Nux vom?

Firstly, by the mental condition. Then pulsatilla is worse in. the evening and Nux vomica is worse in the morning. Pulsatilla has more heartburn and Nux vomica more water brash.

Give the stomach symptoms of Antimonium crudum.

Nausea and persistent vomiting occurring as soon as to the child eats or drinks. Digestive troubles from over loading the stomach a useful remedy for the ill effects of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners; thee is the white tongue and the vomited matter containing food, and thee is a great deal of dullness, distress and distention about the abdomen; eructations tasting of food.

Give the symptoms for Anacardium.

There is a sickening feeling, which comes on about two hours after eating, a nd a dull pain in. the stomach, which extends to the spine. The great characteristics of the drug is the great relief of the the symptoms after eating. The patient is forced to eat to relieve these symptoms. Tasteless or sour eructations.

What other three drugs have relief from eating?

Petroleum, Chelidonium and Graphites.

Under what condition is Petroleum indicated?

There is ravenous hunger and gastralgia relieved by eating; it being especially useful in long, lingering gastric troubles with a great deal of nausea. Aversion to fat food and meat. Indigestion from saucer kraut. the nausea is worse from riding and motion.

How does Anacardium differ from Nux vomica? Both have urging to stool, but unlike Nux vom. in going to stool the desire passes away and there is a characteristic symptoms of a plug in the rectum.

What would indicate Chelidonium in Dyspepsia?

For this drugs to be effective, liver symptoms must be prominent.

What drug has Gastralgia which is worse from eating?

Argentum nitricum.

What are the symptoms of Sepia in dyspepsia?

There is a feeling of goneness it the stomach; not relieved by eating. There is a white coated to tongue and sour or putrid taste in. the mouth. There is an nausea are the slight of smell of god. the sepia patient is worse in the morning an evening. There is a great longing for acid and pickles, and it is useful remedy for dyspepsia from the overuse of tonics. Sensation of a lump in the stomach.

Give another drug having a sensation of goneness in. the pit of the stomach which is not relieved by eating.

Carbo animals.

What drug has nausea at the thought of food; even mention food and he vomits?


What are some symptoms of Sulphur in Dyspepsia?

There is a bitter, sour taste and putrid eructation and sour vomiting. It is useful in flatulent dyspepsia, and it has a feeling of satiety after eating a small quantity of food and it has an empty gone feeling in. the epigastrium about eleven o’clock. there is is a great desire for sweets, which make him sick, causing a sour stomach and heartburn. There is canine hunger. the patient can hardly wait for meals and is forced t get up at night to ear.

What other drug has canine hunger, causing patient to get up at night and eat?


What drugs have a hungry, gnawing feeling in the epigastrium at about eleven o’clock in the morning?

Natrum carb. and Natrum sulph.

What are characteristic symptoms of Phosphorus in the stomach troubles?

A craving for cold food and drink, which relieves momentarily, but which are vomited as soon as they become warm in the stomach; the are sour eructations and a white tongue. In chronic dyspepsia where the patient vomits s soon as food strikes the stomach it is the remedy. Perforating ulcer of stomach vomiting of coffee ground-like matter.

What other drug has this symptom of vomiting as soon as food reaches the stomach?


Give symptoms of Natrum carb in Dyspepsia.

There is hypochondriasis, morning nausea and empty retchings; sour eructations and fetid flatulence and weak, hungry feeling in. the epigastrium at eleven o’clock weak, hungry feeling in the epigastrium at eleven ‘o’clock A.M. The patient is low -spirited after a meal and is worse after vegetable or starchy food, and it is especially worse after vegetable or starchy food, and it is especially useful in dyspepsia from eating soda biscuits.

How does Natrum carb. stand in relation to Nux vomica and Sepia?

It stands between them.

What are the symptoms of Kali carb. in dyspepsia?

Dyspepsia of weak, anaemic and easily exhausted pains who have a tired feeling and backache. There is a faint, sickening feeling in. the epigastrium before eating, sour eructations, heartburn and a weak, nervous sensation. the patient is sleepy while dating, nervous sensation. the patient is sleepy while eating, and after eating there is an undue flatulence; everything he eats seems to turn to gas. All the symptoms of Kali carb. are aggravated by soup or by coffee.

What other remedies have the symptoms that everything eaten turns to gas?

Argentum nitricum and Iodine.

What drugs also have Dyspepsia from loss of fluids, or from protracted illness?

China and carbo veg.

What are the indications for Graphites in Dyspepsia?

Tympanitic distention of the stomach; the patient is obliged to loosen his clothing; burning pains and cramps and putrid eructations; there is burning, crampy pains, which is relieved by eating; there is disagree and taste in the morning, and aversion to meat.

Compare Lycopodium here.

Lycopodium has distention with great accumulation of flatus; but this flatus is not rancid or putrid as under Graphites.

What drugs have the symptom that the patient has to loosen the clothing after eating?

Lycopodium, Carbo veg., Nux vomica and China.

What drugs have aversion to meat?

All chlorotic remedies, such as Ferrum and China.

What drug has an intense desire fro coffee?


Give the stomach symptoms of Ipecac.

Intense nausea and vomiting, which is followed by exhaustion and sleepiness. Troubles arising from fat food, pork, pastry, candy, etc. The stomach has a hanging down, relaxed feeling.

What distinguishes it from Antimonium crud. in stomach troubles?

The tongue is clean, whereas in Antimonium crud. it is thickly coated white.

What other drugs have relaxed hanging down feeling at the stomach.?

Staphisagria, Tabacum and Sepia.

How is Pulsatilla distinguished in gastric troubles?

The distress Pulsatilla comes on while the food is still in the stomach; with Ipecac it is while the stomach is empty; the tongue, too, with Ipecac us clean, in Pulsatilla coated.

What are the stomach symptoms of Hydrastis?

there is a sinking, gone feeling at the pit of the stomach; an empty, gone feeling, as if the patient head suffered from a Diarrhoea for a long time; there are also eructations and some nausea. Atomic dyspepsia; tongue large, flabby, slimy.

Give the indications for Arsenicum nitricum in gastric troubles.

The patient craves candies or sweets, which disagree; thee is flatulence, which presses up and causes dyspnoea; there is violent efforts to belch, and the gas rises to a certain point, when a sudden spasmodic contraction prevents its escaping, but it is finally expelled in loud prevents its escaping, but it is finally expelled in loud report. There is severe gastralgia, the pains radiate from the stomach in all directions; they are relieved by hard t pressure and by bending double;t he pin often increase gradually, and decrease gradually as under Stannum; vomiting of glairy mucus relieves.

How does Bismuth compare in the Gastralgia?

In Bismuth it is purely nervous gastralgia, and as soon as the least food touches in the stomach the patient vomits.. Cold drinks relieve.

What are the stomach symptoms of Staphisagria?

A sensation as if the stomach as hanging down, relaxed; it seems to bed flabby and weak; a great desire for wine, brandy or tobacco. Pain in abdomen after every morsel of food or drink.

What other drug has similar symptoms?


What is the chief characteristic symptoms of Robinia?

Acid dyspepsia with weight in. the stomach and eructations of a sour fluid; intensely acid vomiting, it sets the teeth on edge.

What are he stomach characteristic of Sulphuric acid?

Extreme sourness of all vomited matters the stomach feels cold and relaxed, and the patient desires a stimulating drink such as brandy; the stomach is so walk that all food is vomited Stomach troubles of inebriates with these symptoms are greatly benefited by the remedy.

What are the stomach symptoms of ARsenicum?

Burning, grasping pains in. the stomach followed by great prostration and vomiting; the vomiting is severe; the patient vomits water as soon as it becomes warm in. the stomach the stomach is very irritable, and it is a remedy for irritable stomachs of drunkards; there is heartburn and gulping up of watery substance.

What are the digestive symptoms of Bryonia?

Food distress the patient as soon as he takes it lies in the stomach like a hard load; there is a white or yellowish-white coating on the tongue.; there is a faint, weak feeling in witting


What is the sphere of action of Cadmium sulphate

It is a cross between Arsenic and Bryonia and comes in between those two drugs in certain stomach conditions where we have the characteristic Arsenic symptoms and a desire to keep perfectly quiet, as under Bryonia.

Give the stomach symptoms of Calcarea.

Pressure in the stomach, the pit of swollen like a saucer turned bottom side up; sour vomiting an ravenous hunger in the morning; the patient cannot bear anything tight about the waist.

What are the stomach symptoms Hepar?

Craving for acid, alcoholics and strong tasting substances;l hunger and gnawing in the stomach cannot bear anything tight about the waist.

What are the indications for the use of Abies Canadensis?

There is a gnawing or burning in the stomach, a hungry, faint, walk feeling with craving for indigestible or unsuitable articles of food.

What is the great characteristic of Abies nigra.?

A sensation s if the patient had swallowed some in digestible substances which had stuck in the cardiac extremity of the stomach; a hard boiled egg sensation;; dyspepsia from abuse of tobacco.

Give the stomach symptoms and cravings of Alumina.

Constriction on swallowing nod, and the patient is always worse after eating potatoes,; there is craving for chalk, charcoal, slate pencil and other indigestible substances.

What are the dyspeptic symptoms of Arnica?

Throbbing headache ad drowsiness after a meal; tendency to putrescence, foul breath, shiny tongue, belching of gas which tastes like rotten eggs; tympanitic distention of the abdomen, foul-smelling stool and a great deal of weakness.

What are the stomach symptoms of ferrum met.

There seems to be no secretion in the stomach capable of changing the food, and it is vomited as taken. The appetite is ravenous.

What are the digestive and bilious symptoms of Iris versicolor?

Severe burning distress in. the stomach, vomiting of food, vomiting of excessively acid substance, s with distress over the liver.

What are the digestive symptoms of Ignatia?

Bitter taste in. the smooth and regurgitation of a bitter fluid; gastralgia and hiccough, relieved bye eating and smoking. Empty, gone feeling and great nervous depression. empty retching, r relieved by eating; the patient vomits simple good, but retains such things as cabbage.

Give the stomach symptoms of Kali muriaticum.

Dyspepsia, with white tongue; pain after eating liver sluttish. fatty food disagrees indigestion, with vomiting of a whitish mucus, with gathering of water in the mouth.

What are the gastric symptoms of Kali bichromicum?

Bitter vomiting, mixed with mucus, renewed by every attempt to eat or drink; fullness even after eating a small quantity, worse from meat; dyspepsia from beer.

Give the gastric symptoms of Calcarea phosphorica.

Excessive flatulence; the patient craves ham, bacon, salted 9r smoked meats. Enlarged mesenteric glands; pain after a small quantity of food.

What are the digestive characteristics of Colchicum?

Extreme aversion to good, nausea and loathing at the thought of food; he gags at the mere mention of food; loss of appetite, great debility and brown tongue.

What are the digestive symptoms of Belladonna?

Pain in the stomach, worse during a meal. Gastralgia, pains go to spine, not much thirst.

What are the stomach symptoms of Natrum muriaticum?

There is a violent thirst aversion to bread; water brush and feeling of weakness and sinking in the stomach.

What are the stomach symptoms of Asafoetida?

Belching if rancid gas, and an empty, gone feeling in the stomach in the forenoon, greasy taste; burning in the stomach and oesophagus great meteorisms.

Give the stomach symptoms of Natrum phos. and indications as given by Schuessler.

Great acidity, sour risings vomiting of sour fluids with pain the stomach and great flatulence. The soreness is the characteristic of the drug.

What is the indications of the tongue?

It has a thick, yellow coating on the back part.

Give an indication for Salicylic acid.

Dyspepsia, with excessive accumulation of flatulence and acidity of the stomach much belching of gas.

Give an indication for Carbolic acid.

Flatulence of the aged depending upon imperfect digestion;l acidity and burning in the stomach.

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