Dewey gives the common homeopathy remedies for the treatment of Cough in an easy question-answer format. …

What is the Cough of homeopathy medicine Aconite?

The cough is hard, dry and barking. There is little or no expectoration.

Give the Cough of Aralia racemosa.

Spasmodic cough at night, coming on after the first sleep. Relief after expectoration of touch mucus.

Give Cough of Bromine.

Cough with much rattling on breathing. It seems as if the next cough would bring up a great quantity of mucus, but when the cough comes it is deep and hard.

What is the Cough of Bryonia?

It is caused by epigastric or supra-sternal irritation. The cough is dry, and the patient presses his hand against the sides to relieve the pain. It is a painful cough and hurts distant parts of the body, as for instance the head. It is worse in a warm room, and there is slight yellowish or blood-streaked expectoration.

What is the Cough to Phosphorus?

There is dry, tickling cough, which is worse from going from a arm room into the cold, or in. changes from warm to cold caused by irritation in the larynx and beneath the sternum. There is a great deal of rawness in the larynx, and is worse from talking.

What is the Cough of Belladonna?

Cough from tickling in. the larynx as from dust. Dry, hacking cough coming on in violent attacks within expectoration of blood- tinged mucus. Much pain in chest.

What is the Cough of Rumex crispus?

It is a teasing persistent cough, aggravated by cold air. the patient has to put his head under the bed clothes and breathe warm air to relieve the cough. It is caused by tickling in the supra-sternal fossa, and is worse at night from lying down. Night cough in phthisis.

What other drug shave a Cough worse at night on lying down?

Silicea is the Cough of Drosera

What is the Cough of Drosera?

It is spasmodic cough which comes on in the evening., and every effort to raise he phlegm ends in vomiting. In whooping cough he cough is so frequent that the patient cannot catch his breath. Must hold sides with hands.

What other drugs have this last symptom?

Eupatorium perf. and Natrum sulph.

What is the cough of causticum?

There is a tickling cough which is relieved by a drink of cold water. There is often associated with the cough involuntary spurting of urine. There is a great deal of rawness in the throat and hoarseness and loss of voice.

What other drugs have involuntary spurting of urine during cough.

Squilla and Natrum mur.

What is the cough of Ignatia?

It is a nervous, dry spasmodic cough in quick, successive shocks, as if a feather were in the throat. the more the patient coughs the more the wants to, and it is not stopped by an effort of the will the cough occurs in the evening on lying down.

What is the Cough of Kali bichromicum?

It is a hard, barking cough which seems to start from the epigastrium, and the expectoration is of a yellow, stringy character and difficult to raise.

How does coccus cacti differ from Kali bich.?

Here the expectoration is ropy, but is clear albuminous mucus, and the remedy is especially indicated in whooping cough. The paroxysms of the cough end on vomiting of clear, ropy mucus which hangs in great long strong from the mouth.

Give Cough of Calcarea carb.

Cough excited by tickling as of a feather in the throat and with the cough a piecing pain in chest; cough dry at first, afterwards with profuse salty expectoration.

What is the cough of Corallium rubrum?

It has been styled in the “minute gum” cough the paroxysms coming in every close together. It is a short, dry, ringing, cough. It takes the child’s breath away, so that when the paroxysms have ceased the feels exhausted.

What other drug has this symptom, and how does it differ?

Mephitis. It is indicated where the catarrhal symptoms are slight and the whoop is marked.

What is the Cough with calls for Hepar?

It is hoarse, croupy cough, having vital a “loose edge, “the phlegm being loose and choking; worse from exposure to cold air and from drinking cough water

How is the Cough of Hepar distinguished from that of Belladonna, Conium, Rumex and Lachesis?

From Belladonna by absence of laryngeal soreness and fever.

From conium, the irritation being higher in the throat,

From Rumex by not being affected by respiration.

From Lachesis by not being excited by pressure on larynx.

What is the Cough of Opium?

It has a dry, tickling cough, which is especially worse at night and is relieved by a drink of water.

Give the Cough the Conium.

Dry, spasmodic, hacking; worse at night upon lying down, and is fatiguing in old people; mucus cannot be expectorated, must be swallowed; the cough is caused by an irritation in the larynx as of a dry spot.

How does Hyoscyamus compare?

it lacks the dry spot of irritation of Conium.

What is the Cough of Sticta?

Hard, dry, barking, almost croupy cough; worse at night with little or no expectoration. an irritable cough, caused by dryness high up in the pharynx; not aggravated by lying down, but worse at night.

Give the cough of Syphilis.

Violent cough with a great deal of mucus in the chest and expectation;l during the cough there is involuntary spurting of urine; the patient coughs a long time before a little mucus is raise, d which gives relief;sharp, sticking pains in side, which are worse during the cough.

What is the Cough of Hyoscyamus?

Cough which is aggravated lying down at night and relieved by sitting up; aggravated from eating drinking and talking; cough from an elongated uvula.

Ho does Conium compare?

It has a cough at night aggravated by lying down; but it is caused by a dry spot sensation in the larynx, and the patient has to sit up.

What is there characteristic of the Cough of Cuprum?

It is relieved by a drink of cold water; cold water also relieves the vomiting; whooping cough, the attacks coming on in quick succession, relieved by a drink of water, accompanied perhaps by spasms, threatening suffocation.

What other drug has Cough relieved by a drink of water?


What are the indications for Laurocerasus in ‘cough?

Dry, tearing cough at night with expectation tinged with blood; lack of reaction in chest troubles.

What is the Cough of Magnesia Phosphorica?

True spasmodic cough, coming on in paroxysms, without expectation. Whooping cough is worse at night and accompanied with difficult in lying down.

What is the Cough of Nitric acid?

Dry, tickling cough, worse at night, and often stating from particular spot in. the larynx.

What is the Cough of Sepia?

Cough seeming to come from the stomach or abdomen; a cough with salty expectation, attended by stitches in the epigastrium. Whooping cough with vomiting of bile and soreness of chest during cough; relieved by pressure.

Give a remedy sometimes useful in. the dry, hacking cough of consumptives.

Hydrocyanic acid.

What symptom has Eupatorium perf. that is similar to Bryonia?

The cough hurts head and chest; he patient holds the chest with the hands. Soreness in larynx, hoarseness and aching in loins.

What drug has a Cough that is worse when strangers are present?

Ambra grisea. It is purely a nervous cough.

What is the Cough of Kali sulph.?

Cough with great rattling of mucus on the chest, worse in a warm room, relieved in the cool, open air.

Give the Cough of Spongia.

Hard, ringing, metallic cough, worse from deep breathing, with a sensation of weakness. Better from arm drinks.

What is the Cough of Antimonium tart.?

The cough sounds loose, but no phlegm is raised it seems as if every cough would raise the phlegm, but it does not. There is whistling and rattling extending into the trachea.

What is the Cough of verbascum?

Hard, harsh and barking cough, with hoarseness; and tracheal and laryngeal cough.

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