General questions regarding Homeopathy like how it works, laws and principles to practise Homeopathy, drug pathogenesis, proving, remedy selection, physiologic action of drugs and miasm had been answered in short by W.A.Dewey….


Introduction to general terms of Homeopathy Pharmacy, medicinal vehicle, Mother tinctures,Difference between dilution and potentisation, Triturations, fluid extract and scales used in Homeopathy Pharmacy by W.A.Dewey….


Homeopathy medicines prepared from Vegetable source can be grouped according to their family. Here W.A.Dewey presented Homeopathy Medicines from Ranunculaceae family in his book Essentials of Homeopathic Materia Medica And Homeopathic Pharmacy….


General characters of Homeopathic Medicines prepared from Animal Kingdom. Various group from Animal source have also been discussed like Spiders, Snakes etc. by W.A.Dewey….


Homeopathic Nosodes, Psorinum and Ambra Grisea. Not always classed as a nosode, especially by pharmacists ,Ambra grisea is Ambergris, Koch’s lymph, which is similar to Tuberculinum, and Vaccine lymph by W.A.Dewey….


homeopathic medicines derived from Minerals source and acids are explained by W.A.Dewey in his book Essentials of Homeopathic Materia medica and Homeopathic Pharmacy….


Examination. The following is of interest, being from a letter written by Hahnemann, wherein he gives a specimen of the examination to which he would sub…