Natrum Arsenicatum homeopathy medicine – drug proving symptoms from Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica by TF Allen, published in 1874. It has contributions from R Hughes, C Hering, C Dunham, and A Lippe….


Sodium arseniate, Na3AsO412H2O, a compound of Arsenic acid and Sodium. (The Arsenious acid becomes, during the process of preparation, converted into Arsenic acid.) Preparation: Solution in distilled water in the proportion of 10 grains to 1 ounce (tincture), (Allegheny provings); Triturations (Gourbeyre’s provings).


Emotional. Feel depressed or blue (twenty-fifth day). Feel gloomy, and want to sit quiet (seventh day). Feeling as if something was impending, which caused him to move about (ninth day). Disposed to be irritable (sixteenth day); irritable (nineteenth day); petulant disposition, and feeling of taciturnity gone (twenty-fourth day). Intellectual. Feel well; can study easily (third day); disposed to be reconciled to circumstances, favorable or unfavorable; feel like working hard; no undertaking too large for me (twelfth day). Mind dull; cannot think clearly (fifth day). Dull, at 8 A.M.; stupid feeling, lasting through the day (second day). Felt dull and stupid (thirteenth day). After recommencing the taking of the drug, feel dull and stupid (fifth and seventh days). Dull, stupid, and forgetful. Dull and indisposed to study; cannot be interested (fourth day); still unable to bring himself to study (nineteenth day); cannot concentrate mind readily (fifth, sixth, ninth, twelfth, and fourteenth days). Dull and languid all day (ninth day). Stupid all day (fifth day). No disposition to attend to his accustomed business (fifth day). Requires an effort to attend to accustomed duties; feels dull; tries to write, but it requires and effort to form each word (second day). Feel much better doing nothing; do not wish to think, to read, or to exercise; eight days have passed since I quit taking the medicine, but still feel its effects (fourteenth day). Do not feel like thinking, or attending to any business (twenty first day); not disposed to attend to business (twenty- second day); disinclined to read or accomplish any business (twenty fifth day); unable to concentrate the mind on any subject requiring study; restless and unable to think (forty-second day); cannot think clearly and rapidly (forty-third day); more inclined to study, and apply myself to business; mind clear (fifty-third day). Cannot concentrate mind on anything (eighth day). Cannot concentrate the mind when reading (sixth day). Cannot concentrate mind, or recall names, and indisposed to study or to speak to any one while the afternoon headaches last (twenty-fourth day). Could not think readily during the day, but this P.M. mind clear as usual (third day). Cannot study (tenth day); mind clear (eleventh day); dull and listless all day (twelfth day); dull and listless; could not study, but on going into the open air and walking about, all the symptoms were relieved, and while walking he was bright enough, but when he came in and sat down, the same feeling of dulness returned (fourteenth day); mind not fit for study (sixteenth day); dull, but wants to sit or lie and not be disturbed; cannot study (nineteenth day); mind much clearer (twentieth and twenty first days). Forgetful (nineteenth day); disposition to forget entirely changed (twenty-fourth day). Head. Confusion. Confused feeling in the head (sixth day). Feeling of confusion through the head (ninth and fourteenth days). Vacant feeling in whole head (eighth day). General Head. Head feels dull (sixth and eighth days); head full and heavy (eleventh day). Head feels dull, as if he had taken cold (sixth day). Dull, through other (confused) feeling in head (fourteenth day); head feels dull (sixteenth day). Head dull and heavy; clear, in afternoon (twelfth day). Head feels dull and heavy, with aching pain in frontal region (third day). Head feels dull (twenty-first day); head feels dull and heavy, with some aching on vertex (twenty-second day). Slight dull feeling in head (fifth day). Head feels heavy (fourth and seventh days). Dull, heavy head all the evening, with slight nausea (fortieth day). Dull, heavy feeling in head, lasting about three hours, at 6 P.M.; dull, heavy feeling in head, lasting five hours, after which the head ached violently, every motion of body aggravating it, even turning the head, and relieved by tying a handkerchief tightly around it, at 3 P.M.; dull, heavy feeling in head, especially in the vertex, increasing in severity till I went to bed, and was made worse by stooping or moving head; the aching took away the appetite, at 3 P.M. (sixteenth day). Feeling of heat and fullness in whole head, at 8 P.M. (fourth day). Feeling of fullness in the head all morning (eighteenth day). Quite severe headache at intervals all morning (forty- seventh day). Violent headache; every time he awoke the whole head ached (fifth day). Heavy aching pain in ethmoid bone (fifth day). Head feels sore (eighteenth day). Throbbing in head on going upstairs (second day). Wavering floating sensation on turning head quickly (twenty seventh day). Every motion jars the brain (second day). Forehead. Dull feeling in frontal region, and at root of nose (ninth day). Heavy feeling in forehead (fifteenth day). Dull, heavy feeling in forehead, at top of head, with occasional sharp pains in side and top of head (thirteenth day). Numbness in forehead, in evening (twenty-seventh day). Very severe pain in frontal region, during the day (second day). Fullness in forehead, with throbbing in top of head, in afternoon (eighth day). Aching in forehead (fifteenth day). Headache in forehead and temples, lasting two days (sixth day). Severe frontal and temporal headache, coming between 2 and 3 P.M., and lasting till 5 P.M.; while the pain lasted the aching part was sore to touch, and during that time he was listless and absent-minded; at 10 P.M., head free from pain and soreness, and mind clear (ninth day). Moderately severe aching in forehead and temples, worst in an above the orbits (seventh day); heavy feeling in head, but less pain than for two days past (eleventh day); less frontal headache than any day since proving began to develop symptoms (twelfth day). Quite a severe aching through temples and, worst from temple to temple, and lasting from time of waking in morning till 1 P.M. (twenty-fourth day). Violent frontal headache, with much perspiration, in afternoon (fifth day). Dull frontal headache (third, fifth, and eighth days); in morning, on waking (second day). Awoke with a dull frontal headache (second day); (twenty- fifth day). Dull, not severe, frontal headache (second day); headache all day, till since 4 P.M. it has ceased (third day); dull frontal headache (twelfth day); dull frontal headache for five or six days, coming on each day about 3 P.M., and continuing steady till 9 or 10 P.M., during which time felt dull and indisposed to study, or to speak to anyone (twenty-fourth day). Shooting pains through frontal region (twenty-fifth and twenty sixth days). Occasional shooting pains through forehead and right temple (third day). Temples. Pain in right temple, at 5 P.M.; was stooping a good deal during the evening, and aggravated the pain; pain shifted to orbital region (forty-eighth day); bathed head in cold water without any benefit, at 8 P.M.; ate a little at noon, which seemed to relieve, but the aching returned, in all its violence, on walking out in hot sun; very little pain in head, and do not feel so weak or sore, at 8 P.M. (fiftieth day); got up between 6 and 7 A.M., having some headache, which continued all day; free from headache, at 6 P.M. (fifty-first day). Severe pain, confined to right temple, on getting up in morning (which he formerly had, but supposed himself cured of from his having been free from it for a long time); while eating breakfast, had a severe pain through right temple, after which the headache grew less (fortieth day). Dull headache in right temple, at 8 A.M. (forty-first day). Slight dull aching through temples, and across, above, and in the superciliary ridge, worse during forenoon. Boring headache, in the afternoon, in the temples, from without inwards, principally on right side, and extending to left, with nausea; head feels hot, but on placing hand on forehead, it seems cold; headache aggravated by heat, pressure, and tobacco-smoke (thirty-ninth day). Drawing pain in right temple, lasting a short time (second day). Throbbing of temporal artery (thirty-ninth day). Vertex. Dull pain in top of head, at 7.50 P.M. (twenty-first day); dull aching in top of head and above eyes (not severe), all day (twenty-fifth day); occasional dull headache on top of head, lasting about fifteen minutes at a time (forty-fifth day); headache on top of head, at 9.35 A.M. (forty-sixth day); severe but dull aching on top of head, and also in the sides of the head; it lasted till after dinner (forty-ninth day). Severe sharp headache in top of head, and in forehead above eyes, worse above right eye, at 4.40 P.M.; continues, and is increasing in severity, at 8.05 P.M. (forty- seventh day). Occiput. Feeling of pressure over each side of posterior inferior part of the occiput, as if in a photographer’s headrest (twenty- seventh day).

TF Allen
Dr. Timothy Field Allen, M.D. ( 1837 - 1902)

Born in 1837in Westminster, Vermont. . He was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy
Dr. Allen compiled the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica over the course of 10 years.
In 1881 Allen published A Critical Revision of the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica.