Intense vomiting and purging, with griping pains and cramps in abdomen. Soreness and pain in right hypochondrium (during pregnancy). Sore spot, right, hypochondrium, size of dollar, extremely sensitive to touch. Digging in upper and lower portions of liver. Lying on right side causes penetrating pain in right hypochondrium. Violent dull pressing pain left hypochondrium, cannot remain in sitting posture, lies on painful side all night and pain is gone in morning. Heavy aching pain in hypochondrium which left as soon as leucorrhoea commenced. Chronic hepatitis, with enlargement and induration. Burning, griping pain in umbilical region. Much rumbling, pain in umbilicus, stools of blood and mucus, gastro-enteritis. Bearing down pains. Violent pains in abdomen during menstruation in a barren female. Rheumatism extending to abdominal muscles.

Stool and Anus

Constipation, hard stools. Stool with mucus and straining. Constipation habitual, patient says the bowels will not move without the aid of purgatives, feeling of fulness in abdomen before stool, which remains after stool, as if all had not passed. Constipation from torpor of the rectum. Constipation: of the aged, of persons with weak heart. Diarrhoea with sickly feeling in bowels, passage only of mucus and blood, or like scrapings from intestines. Tenesmus. Continual inclination to stool but passes constantly fetid flatus. Diarrhoea early in morning after lemonade. Dysentery. Intense vomiting or purging, with prostration and cramps, as in cholera. Stools, thin, dark brown, of mucus and blood, of bile, from 1 or 2 a.m. till after breakfast, mushy, yellow, then greenish, then dark, bloody, dark, lumpy. Haemorrhoids permanent and obstinate, bleeding and mucus. Neuralgic pains in middle of night (with constipation). Bloody discharge with heat in rectum. Heat in rectum with burning in stomach. Ulceration, fissure.

Urinary Organs

Weakness, dull pain, and soreness in region of kidneys, worse r., connected with heat, uneasiness down ureters, chalk-like sediment in urine. Albuminuria: after scarlatina or diphtheria, chills at night without special fever, accompanied by a form of insanity. Pain in bladder before and during urination. Slight suppression of urine, with pains in loins. Violent, painful urging to pass urine. Copious nocturnal urination. Thick, chalk- like sediment. The dark-red urine leaves a mahogany stain in the chamber. Urine: acid and albuminous, excessive or scanty, stains clothes yellow.

Male Sexual Organs

Sharp pains (and hard, grinding pain) running up each spermatic cord, later continued soreness in place of the pains. Gurgling sensation in prostate gland. Complete loss of desire, absence of erections and relaxation of parts during the proving. Impotence. Gonorrhea, gleet, orchitis, with suppuration and fistulous ulcer. Syphilis: chancres, ulcerated throat, ulcers on genitals, bubo, rheumatism.

Female Sexual Organs

Menses: too frequent and copious, mammae painful, increase of tears, saliva, bile, urine, rheumatic subjects. Menses: amenorrhoea complicated with ovarian irritation or disease, very painful menstruation in apparently barren women when occurring in connection with rheumatism, shreds of membrane are passed with the menstrual flow. Leucorrhoea: uterine, thick, tenacious, irritating. Profuse, thick, tenacious, from swollen Nabothian glands. Threatened miscarriage, bearing down pains, involuntary straining and haemorrhage per vaginum caused in woman seven months pregnant. Sensation as though menses would appear all the time. Dysmenorrhoea accompanying erosion or ulceration of the cervix, menses too often, too profuse, with corresponding increase of the tears, and other secretions. Metrorrhagia. Inflammation, swelling, and suppuration of the mammae. Neuralgia of breasts. Mastitis, where the hardness is very apparent from the first, with great burning, very sensitive nipples or breasts, which are more or less painful, even after suppuration these characteristics continue. Fulness of both breasts, lump in upper part of left Abscesses, fistulae, tumours, cancer, hypertrophy. Irritable tumour, very sensitive and painful, worse at menstrual period. Nipples cracked and excoriated, intense suffering on putting child to breast, pains radiate from nipple all over body. Breasts hard as stones after confinement. Breasts full of hard, painful nodosities. Suppression of lochia. Pain in sacrum, down to knees and ankles, then up to sacrum, jerks here and there, after confinement.

Respiratory Organs

Hoarseness and aphonia. Tickling in left side larynx with hacking cough, aching right side of breast, great dryness of throat. Sensation of roughness in the bronchia. Laryngismus, thumbs and toes flexed, features distorted, eye muscles act independently. Respiration difficult and oppressed, loud mucous rales. Faint, with sighing, slow breathing. Panting. Cough: hacking, dry, hawking, from tickling in larynx or dryness in pharynx, worse night, on lying down, dry, bronchial. Cough with: scraping and tickling in throat, burning pains in trachea and larynx, sensation of contraction of glottis, laboured breathing, sensation of ulcerated spot in trachea just above breast-bone, could only expectorate (pus) by pressing on this spot, pains through mid-sternum. Hoarse, croupy, barking cough, worse at night, worse out of doors. Expectoration: thick, tough, thick, starch-like mucus, profuse and exhausting with pharyngitis. Dryness of larynx and trachea, worse evening.


Sharp pains through upper part of chest, preventing a long breath. Stitch from right chest to back. Pain and suffocation in lungs, throat and fauces. Pains in lungs, 7 a.m. Tenderness and lameness of muscles of chest, as if bruised. (Chest feels as if it were a big empty cask.) Rheumatism of lower intercostal muscles from exposure to cold and dampness. Spots size of lentil on chest. Hard, tender swelling midway between nipple and sternum, but nearer latter, restless night, (in baby a few months old).


In night awoke with lameness near cardiac region, with much nervous restlessness, worse motion, especially worse expiration, kept him awake long time. Constrictive feeling in precordia with pressure in temples. Great pain in precordia, much worse walking. Occasional shocks of pain in heart region, as soon as this ceases similar pain appears in right arm. Heart beats distinctly felt. Fatty degeneration, lassitude and indisposition to move. Pulse: small, irregular, with great excitement in chest, especially in cardiac region, full but soft, intermittent, weak.

Neck and Back

Hardness of gland in right side of neck. Stiff neck, worse on right side, in bed, after midnight, on waking. Back very stiff every morning. Sensation as if cold iron were pressed on painful scapula. Both scapulae ache continually. Towards evening, while riding, laming pain began left side back below scapula, 9.30 p.m. it had reached spine and was a pricking stitching. Severe pain behind scapulae when walking. Intense griping in small of back. Pain running down spine from nape. Pain in loins with suppression of urine. Constant, dull, heavy pain in lumbar and sacral regions. Pains shooting from sacrum down both hips to feet.


Intense cramps, muscles gather in large knots, hard and ridged, come and go suddenly. Rheumatism of all joints 3 p.m. Sudden transference of internal pains to extremities. Pains in limbs always in outer aspects. Patient is subject to rheumatic pains on change of weather, especially in hips and thighs, rheumatic muscular or chronic rheumatism. Rheumatic pains in arms and hands. Cold hands and feet.

Upper Limbs

Enlarged glands in axillae. Shooting in right shoulder-joint with stiffness and paralysis. Rheumatism of (left) shoulder (especially in syphilitics), pains fly like electric shocks from one part to another, worse night and damp weather. Pains at attachment of deltoid. Weakness and aching in right humerus, worse motion and extension. Dull aching and excessive tenderness, as from a bruise, in outer muscle of right arm. Hands tremble. Rheumatic pains in hands, sudden pricking. Painful, hard, shiny swelling of joints of all fingers. Bony growth in palmar aspect of one finger. Whitlow. Ends of fingers all throb and ache as if going to suppurate. Shooting like needles in finger-joints, in top of left thumb.

Lower Limbs

Neuralgic pain in outer side of both things (shooting from sacrum), sciatica. Sharp, cutting pain in hip, drawing, cannot touch floor, pain runs down outside of thigh, worse night, and especially worse after sleep. Rheumatic pains in lower extremities, worse damp weather. Sensation of shortening of tendons back of knee when walking. Leg drawn up. Legs tremble. Pain in dorsum of right foot, 4 a.m. Syphilitic and mercurial rheumatism, nightly pains in periosteum of tibia, with nodes and irritable ulcers on lower leg. Stitches in various parts, always from without inward and near surface. Ankles swollen. Feet puffed, soles burn. Ulcers on inner sides of soles. Aching of heels, dull, wearing, better raising feet above level of body. Pain in great toe waking him at night. Corn painful.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica