*Antidoted by: Milk, Salt, Coffee (vomiting), Nit-sp. Dulcamara, Belladonna, Ignatia, Mercurius, Mez., Sul. (Eyes), Opium (large doses). *Compare: Botan., Petiver. Diphtheria, Ar. t., Lachesis (Lachesis has not the great pain at root of tongue when swallowing of Phytolacca S. M. Pease (*Medorrhinum *Adv., xxv. 27) found *bleeding from the buccal cavity a keynote symptom of Phytolacca in one epidemic. Hypertrophy of heart, Rhus (Phytolacca has right arm numb, Rhus has left arm numb, also Aco., Art. R., Pulsatilla). Breast abscess, Bryonia (Phytolacca follows Bryonia When suppuration seems inevitable, pain goes from nipples all over body). worse Motion, Bryonia Tetanic spasms, Nux (Phytolacca is slower than Nux vomica, has everted lips, alternate relaxation and spasm). Pain in breasts when suckling, Croton tiglium, Phell., Lac caninum, Borax (Borax, like Phytolacca, has better from pressure, Borax alone has empty, sucked-out feeling). Sensation of apple core in throat, Hepar, nitricum acidum Stringy discharges and clinkers, electric shocks, flying pains, Kali-bi. Desires cold water (Phytolacca opp.). Symptoms fly from center outward (Abrotanum opp.) Pains in breast at menstrual period, Calcarea, Conium Diarrhoea with shreddy membranes, Causticum, Arsenicum worse In damp weather, Rhus, Dulcamara Pains in tibia, Carb. v., Lachesis Worse After sleep, Lachesis Loss of fat (Sabal ser. opp.). Loss of sense of delicacy, Hyo. Bruised, sore feeling, Arnica Hale says K. Iodium Is the nearest analogue (rheumatism, syphilis, wasting), Mercurius and its antidotes are also closely related.


Exposure to cold and damp.


Delirium. Indisposition to mental exertion, disgust for business on waking early in morning. Melancholy, gloom. Indifference to life. Great fear, is sure she will die. Loss of personal delicacy, complete shamelessness and indifference to exposure of her person. Irritability, restlessness. Irresistible desire to bite teeth together. Cannot be persuaded to take nourishment. Over-sensitive, pain intolerable.


Vertigo, staggering with danger of falling, with dim vision, when rising from bed feels faint. Headache: with nausea, dull, heavy, neuralgic, rheumatic, syphilitic, with backache and bearing down, weekly, worse from wet weather. Sore pain over head, worse on right side. Pain in vertex, and sensation of soreness deep in brain as if bruised, when slipping from a high step to ground. One-sided pain, just above eyebrows, with sick stomach, worse in forehead, or above eyebrows (glabella most affected), comes every week. Dull, pressive pain in forehead, with slight nausea, cold sweat on forehead and feeling of weakness. Shooting pain from left eye to vertex. Violent pain at back of left eye and over eyebrow extending down side of head. Heavy aching in forehead after dinner. Slight pain in forepart of head with increase of hearing. Heaviness of head, with feeling in back part of tongue as if burnt. Headache commencing in frontal region and extending backward. Nausea and headache ameliorated by nausea. Pressive pain on forehead and upper part of both eyes, on vertex with dryness. Pain in back of head and neck. Head thrown backward. Pain in occiput, and stomach. Rheumatism of right frontal region with nausea, worse morning, of scalp when it rains, with depression. Syphilitic nodes on skull. Tinea capitis. Crusta lactea, moist, fearful itching, with little raw tubercles on scalp, face, and arms.


Eyes staring. Blue round eyes. Eyes sunk deep in sockets with livid circles. Sclerotica dark yellow. Sharp pain through ball of eye on reading or writing. Dull aching in eyes, worse from motion, light, or exercise. Pressure around eyes in afternoon as if eyes too large. Circum-orbital pains in syphilitic ophthalmia. Panophthalmitis. Aching along lower half right orbit. Orbital cellulitis. Lids feel granulated, tarsal edges feel scalded, hot, raw. Burning and smarting sensation (feeling of sand) in eyes and lids, with profuse lachrymation and coryza, which is better in the open air. Smarting in inner canthi(worse left), worse by gaslight in evening. Lids agglutinated and swollen, as if poisoned. Reddish-blue swelling of lids (worse left), worse morning, cannot close eyes without pain all forenoon, better in afternoon. Fistula lachrymalis. Lids feel on fire. Lupus, epithelioma, &c., of lids. Pupils: contracted (tetanus), much dilated. Photophobia. Motion of one eye independent of that of the other. Double vision, with giddiness and headache. Objects quintupled. Far-sighted.


Shooting in right ear. Pains in both ears, worse r., worse swallowing. Obstruction in left Eustachian tube, rushing in left ear, a feeling as if hearing were dull, while at same time sensitive to minutest sounds. Irritation in one Eustachian tube. Increased sense of hearing (most r.), with pain in forehead. Very peculiar pressure and tension in parotids.


Flow of mucus from one nostril while the other is stopped. Drawing sensation at root of nose. Feeling in nose and eyes as if a cold would come on. Acrid, excoriating discharge. Wakes 3 a.m. with nose stopped up, discharges clinkers from both nostrils in morning. Sensation in nostrils as if tickled with a stiff feather. Total obstruction of nose, when riding must breathe through mouth, not better by blowing nose, mucus discharged with difficulty. Syphilitic ozaena with bloody sanious discharge and disease of bones. Rodent ulcer.


Face: pale, sunken, blue, suffering, hippocratic, distorted. Stupid. Cool sweat on forehead. Heat in face (left) after dinner, with redness of face, coldness of feet, eruption in upper lip (left). Face very red, almost purple, alternately very pale. Pains in bones of face and head at night, keeping her awake many nights, proceeding especially from “nodes” on frontal bone, very much like pains of periostitis. Pains in upper jaws. Jaws ached awfully the whole time, it seemed he could not open or shut them. Blotches in face, worse afternoon, after washing and eating. Swelling round left ear and side of face, like erysipelas: thence over scalp, very painful. Ulcers and scaly eruption on face. Chin drawn closely to sternum by convulsive action of muscles of face and neck, lips everted and firm (tetanus). Eruption on upper lip. Ulcers (cancerous) on lips.


Teeth all ache, feel elongated and are very sore. Shooting pains in right upper and lower molars. Irresistible inclination to bite teeth together. Difficult dentition, crying, moaning, restless at night, diarrhoea in hot weather, better being something hard.


The mouth fills with saliva, tenacious, yellowish, ropy, with metallic tastes. Cold, sticky, stringy saliva. No saliva. Taste: disagreeable, metallic, burnt, nutty, bitter at first, leaving smarting and coldness towards tip of tongue. Burnt feeling on back of tongue (with heavy head). Tongue: coated white, furred, thick at back, dry, and lips, feels scalded, thick, protruding. Tongue feels rough, with blisters on both sides, and very red tip, great pain in root of tongue when swallowing. Roof of mouth sore. Mouth dry. Submaxillary glands swollen.


Sensation of dryness in throat and the posterior fauces (provoking cough, with disposition to hawk and clear the throat), tonsils swollen. Uvula large, almost translucent. Fauces congested and of a dark red colour. Sore throat (roughness and rawness), swelling of soft palate in morning, with a thick, white, and yellow mucus about the fauces. Sensation of a lump in throat (when swallowing), causing a continuous desire to swallow, also when turning head to l. Could not swallow, throat so dry and rough. Throat feels like a cavern. Worse from hot drinks. Difficult swallowing, with every attempt excruciating shooting pains through both ears. Sensation of apple-core in throat. While riding in forenoon sensation of plug in throat, not better by hawking, this sensation was replaced by increased discharge of mucus from posterior nares, discharged with difficulty, constantly exciting attempts to expel it. Sensation of rawness and scraping in throat and tonsils. Burning heat in throat as from coal of fire, as if red-hot iron ball lodged in fauces and whole length of oesophagus, catarrh in throat, diphtheria. Eruption on fauces and oesophagus. Herpes pharyngalis. Soreness of posterior fauces extending into Eustachian tube. Fulness in throat.


Intense thirst. Canine hunger, soon after eating. Loss of appetite. Eructations: of air, sour fluid, food in evening. Hiccough, with great inclination to vomit but no nausea. Nausea followed by violent vomiting of mucus, bile, ingesta, worms, of clotted blood and slime, with retching, intense pain, and desire for death to relieve. Vomits undigested food. Frequent vomiting, prostration, fainting, even convulsions, followed by gripes, cramps, vomiting of dark bilious substance. In great agony, said his stomach was pinched together. Bruised and sore feeling at pit of stomach. Heat in stomach. Cutting in pit of stomach, tender to touch. Pains in cardiac portion of stomach, worse full respiration and by walking. Pain in region of pylorus.

John Henry Clarke
John Henry Clarke MD (1853 – November 24, 1931 was a prominent English classical homeopath. Dr. Clarke was a busy practitioner. As a physician he not only had his own clinic in Piccadilly, London, but he also was a consultant at the London Homeopathic Hospital and researched into new remedies — nosodes. For many years, he was the editor of The Homeopathic World. He wrote many books, his best known were Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica and Repertory of Materia Medica