The Prevention of Cataract.

The above has doubtless already wearied you, and hence it is fortunate that what I have further to say may be epitomized in a few words. In view of these facts. I am in the habit of suggesting to persons-suffering from cataract that they would do well to reduce their consumption of salt and salted provisions, as well as that of sugar, to a minimum, because both in excess can produce cataract. Also that hard water is to be equally avoided; and if soft water cannot be got, the expressed juices of succulent fruits in a fresh state can more than take its place.

James Compton Burnett
James Compton Burnett was born on July 10, 1840 and died April 2, 1901. Dr. Burnett attended medical school in Vienna, Austria in 1865. Alfred Hawkes converted him to homeopathy in 1872 (in Glasgow). In 1876 he took his MD degree.
Burnett was one of the first to speak about vaccination triggering illness. This was discussed in his book, Vaccinosis, published in 1884. He introduced the remedy Bacillinum. He authored twenty books, including the much loved "Fifty Reason for Being a Homeopath." He was the editor of The Homoeopathic World.