Homeopathic remedy Kali Carbonicum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Potassium carbonate. Hahnemann. K2 O, Co.


      Sudden attack of unconsciousness.

At a loss to know how to say what she wishes. Puerperal mania.


Dulness, confused, stupid, as after intoxication.

Weeps much.

Dread of labor.

Fear of being alone; fears she will die.

Anxiety with fear.

Despondent in the open air.

Peevish, irritable; noise is disagreeable; easily startled, especially if touched.


      Giddiness, nausea, pressure in the stomach Vertigo when rapidly turning the head or body; evening and morning.

Inner Head

      Congestion to head, with throbbing and humming.

Forehead; stitches, also in the temples, worse stooping, moving head, eyes or jaw; better raising the head, and from heat; stitches into the eyes and root of nose, with catarrh.

Pressing in the front of head, temples and into the eyes, with heat in face and head. Pressure with photophobia.

One-sided headache, with nausea.

Jerking in head from behind forwards; dark before the eyes; unconscious; better from a drink of cold water.

Headache from riding in a carriage; coughing, sneezing; on awaking from sleep; from coryza.

Pressing pain in back of head.

Outer Head

      After being heated, liable to cold from a draught, causing headache, toothache and backache.

Painful tumors on scalp, like blood-boils; worse from pressure and motion, less from heat; itching, as if in bones.

Hair dry, brittle, falling off, mostly from temples, eyebrows and beard; scalp itches and burns morning and evening; oozes if scratched.


      While reading or looking at a bright light muscae volitantes; sharp stitches;; fog before the eyes.

Bright sparks, blue or green spots before the eyes.

Inclination to stare.

Eyes weak : after coition; after measles; after abortion.

Lachrymation, shunning light; pain deep in eyes.

Corners of eyes ulcerate.

Lids red, swollen; tarsi worse.

Eyelids swollen, also left cheek and upper lip.

Swelling like a bag between upper eyelids and eyebrows.

Enormous bag like swellings under the eyes. Erysipelas.

Eyes sunken.

Sensation of coldness in the lids.


      Roaring, whizzing, crackling noises.

Headache and noises in the ear after a cold drink.

Hearing impaired.

Stitches from within outward; also with drawing behind the ears. Otitis.

Right ear hot, left pale and cold.

Discharge of liquid cerumen or pus.

Parotids, especially the right, inflamed, swollen, hard.


      Dull smell; especially from catarrh.

Fluent coryza, excessive sneezing; pain in back; headache and lassitude.

Obstruction of nose, making breathing through nostrils impossible; goes off when walking in open air, but returns in the room; itching in the nose; fetid yellow green discharge form one nostril.

Dry coryza, with loss of voice, hoarseness; mucus in the throat, sensation of a lump in the throat.

Burning in the nose; sore, crusty nostrils; bloody, red nostrils every morning; external nose red, swollen, stinging pains.

Nosebleed when washing face; every morning at 9 o’clock.


      Red and hot; one cheek hot, the other cold; purple, bloated; dark-red during cough, otherwise pale; pale; sickly; sallow; grey; yellow.

Face bloated in the morning.

Stinging in the cheeks; tearing stitches from a molar into the forehead, eyes and temples.


Lower Face

      Upper lip swollen; bleeding rhagades.

Lips peel, are chapped.

Hard swelling of submaxillary glands.


      Toothache, tearing, lancinating, with pains in facial bones.

Teeth ache only when eating; throbbing; worse when touched by anything cold or warm.

Teeth are loose.

Bad smell from the teeth.

Stitches in the teeth; cheeks swollen, with stinging pains.

Tongue etc.

      Taste bitter; flat.

Tongue swollen covered with vesicles, the tip burns as if raw, fraenum sore.

Tongue white; bad taste.


      Bad, alkaline smell from mouth; smell like old cheese.

Mouth feels dry, with increased saliva.

Vesicles, painful, burning all over the inner mouth.


      Crawling in the throat, causing hemming and coughing, and a feeling of tightly adhering phlegm.

Tenacious mucus in the fauces and posterior of pharynx, mornings; difficult to hawk up; sensation as of a lump.

Stinging when swallowing; frequent desire to swallow saliva, but frequently cannot, causing a choking.

Pain in the back when swallowing.

When swallowing, the food remains half way, when gagging and vomiting; stricture of oesophagus.

Desires Aversions

      Desire: for acids; for sugar.

Aversion to rye-bread.

No appetite; disgust for food.

Intense thirst.

Eating and Drinking

      During eating: sleepy.

After eating: burning from stomach to throat; colic renewed; abdomen distended; stomach replete, especially after soup or coffee; sour eructations; nausea, faintness.

When hungry, feels anxious, nauseated, nervous, tingling; also cough and palpitation, better after breakfast.

Drinking : cold water : Cold drink : Eating warm food : After eating (pains):.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Eructation sour; nausea.

Sick during a walk, no vomiting, feels as if she must lie down and die. Pregnancy Nausea : and loathing; from emotions; with anxiety and faintness.

Retching, vomiting of ingesta and slime; sour.


      Stitches in the pit of stomach; anxiety.

Pressing, tensive pain, awakens at 2 A.M. Pit of stomach swollen, tense, sensitive to touch.

Deep in the scrobiculum, a lump as large as a fist, sensitive to touch.

Pain in the great cul-de-sac radiating to chest, to back and extremities. Pains in back and legs after eating.


      Stitches in region of liver, with tension across abdomen.

Swelling of the liver; abscess.



      Epigastrium swollen, hard, sensitive; pulsations therein; pains in hepatic and umbilical region, also on both sides of inferior parts of stomach down into bladder and testes.

Cutting, shooting, darting, stitching all over the abdomen.

Tension across abdomen; heaviness, inactivity, coldness.

Abdomen distended with wind.

Incarceration of flatus with colic.



Unsuccessful desire for stool; rectum feels too weak to expel


Stool dry, too large in size; rectum inactive. Feels distressed an hour or two before a passage.

Stool: light grey; frequent, soft, pale.

Painless diarrhoea, with rumbling in abdomen and burning at the anus afterwards. Chronic diarrhoea of dyspeptics.

Diarrhoea only by day.

Before stool, anxiety, distressed feeling; white mucous discharge.

After stool : itching about anus; anus feels as if lacerated.

Varices protrude during micturition; blood, then white mucus escapes.

Inflammation, soreness, stitches and tingling, as from ascarides, in the varices.


      Tensive pain in the left side. Stitches in the region of the kidneys.

Urine : hot, scanty, frequent, sediment red, slimy; blackish, foaming when shaken; with purulent sediment.

Urine flows slowly, with soreness and burning; or profuse, greenish.

After micturition : burning in urethra (also during); prostatic discharge.

Male Sexual Organs

      Sexual desire excessive, with burning sensation or desire deficient.

After coition, weak, especially the eyes.

Copious, painful pollutions, with subsequent painful erections.

Dragging in the left testicle, and penis.

Swelling of testes and spermatic cord.

Scrotum feels as if bruised.

Female Sexual Organs

      Stitching pains in and about the uterus; labor-like colic, leucorrhoea; pain like a weight in the small of back.

Nausea, vomiting, stitches through the abdomen; great weakness.

Sore pain in the vagina, during coition.

Menses too early, scanty, pale, of a pungent odor, acrid, covering thighs with an eruption. Flow may be early, and more profuse and long-lasting than usual.

Difficult first menses.

Before menses : sour eructations; swelling of the cheeks; shooting pains over the abdomen; or colicky pains;l nettle-rash; increased sexual desire; itching of vulva.

During menses: headache with heaviness; pains in ears, teeth, back; heavy aching in small of back and down the buttocks : nettle-rash; lassitude.

Menses suppressed, with anasarca or ascites; or every month sour eructations, etc.; backache compelling her to sit down.

Yellow leucorrhoea, backache; labor-like pains; itching-burning in the pudendum (arising from the discharges.).


      During pregnancy: vomiting; discharge of coagula.

Abortion impending, with pains from back into buttocks and thighs; miscarriage at third month.

Consequences of abortion or labor; back weak, sweat, dry cough, prolonged metrorrhagia.

Labor-pains insufficient; violent backache, wants the back pressing; bearing down from back into pelvis, Sharp cutting pains across lumbar region, or passing off down the buttocks, thus hindering labor; pulse weak.

Promotes expulsion of moles.


      Aphonia, with violent sneezing.

Scraping, dryness, parched feeling.

Subacute laryngitis with tenacious, glairy mucus.



Dyspnoea, worse from drinking, from motion, cannot walk fast; arrest of breathing, awaking him at night.

Breathing labored; after paroxysms of cough.

Asthma, must lean forward with head on the table; worse in the morning.

Dyspnoea, with violent and irregular beating of the heart.

Feels as if there was no air in his chest.


      Cough : paroxysmal from tickling in throat, larynx or bronchi, with dislodgement of tenacious, mucus, or pus, which must be swallowed; spasmodic, with gagging, or vomiting of ingesta and sour phlegm; tormenting, gets nothing up, sometimes feels as if a tough membrane were moving about, but would not loosen.

Cough with sputum of masses of blood and pus.

Cough day and night, dry and teasing; from 3 to 4 A.M.: with sticking pains at sides of chest; brought on by eating (warm food), drinking; motion; sitting erect; lying on the side; or exposure to cold. Better after breakfast.

Whooping-cough worse 3 A.M. : gagging and vomiting; inflammation of the lungs; swelling between upper lids and eyebrows.


      Spasms of the chest.

Chest feels weak, faint from waking fast.

Pain through lower third of right chest to back.

Pressure in middle of chest, with gulping of watery phlegm; stricture of the oesophagus.

Pressure, heaviness, anxious feeling.

Pain as if lower lobe of right lung was adhering to ribs.

Phthisis; acts on lower part of right lung; faint spells; sputum contains pus-globules, blood and albumen.

Pneumonia, with stitches through right chest, hepatic inflammation; right lung hepatized; worse when lying on right side.

Infantile pneumonia, much rattling both sides; during resolution.

Pleurisy, stitches in the left chest, with violent palpitation; dry cough, worse 3 A.M.

Heart Pulse

      Crampy pains, as if heart was hanging by bands; burning.

Palpitation in spells, taking his breath.

Heart’ beat intermits; heart’s action irregular; tumultuous or weak.

Stitches about the heart and through to scapula.

Systolic murmur; stitches pains; second tick loud from pulmonary stagnation. Endocarditis.

Ebullitions, with heat from abdomen to head; pulsations all over. Insufficiency of mitral valves.

Pulse : rapid mornings, less so evenings; unequal, irregular, intermitting; slow and weak.

Neck Back

      Back of neck stiff; shooting pains through the chest; uvula elongated.

Neck feels large, clothing tight; congestion.

Swelling of cervical glands.

Backache; while walking she feels as if she must give up and lie down; after confinement, abortion, metrorrhagia, etc.

Sharp stitching pains awaken him 3 A.M., he must get up and walk about; lumbago.

Pulsations in the back.

Backache, as if broken; or as if pressed in from both sides, with labor-like colic and leucorrhoea.

Gnawing in the os coccygis.

Upper Limbs

      Pain, as from blows, under right shoulder, when moving or touching it.

Axillary glands swollen, painful.

Stitching-tearing extending into finger-joints.

Weakness in arms, mornings; arms feel numb, cold; goes to sleep when lain on.

Hands and arms covered with purplish spots.

Weakness with cramps in hands and fingers; paresis.

Finger-tips go to sleep early in the morning.

Palms itch; vesicles form.

Lower Limbs

      Crampy tearing in hip-joint and knee; bruised pain when moving and when sleeping; coxalgia.

Dull pains in side of knee, when walking or extending leg.

Difficulty in the knees on going down stairs, and still more on going up.

Nightly rheumatic pains.

Burning and stinging in the legs.

Profuse fetid foot-sweat.

Feet heavy, stiff.

Swelling and redness of the soles; chilblains.

Swelling of feet to ankles; feet cold.

Stitches in the painful and sensitive corns.

Limbs in General

      Jerks the limbs, especially when the feet are touched.

Limbs; tired; cold.

Puffiness; hands and feet cyanotic.

Position etc.

      Motion : 4, 2, 2, 2,. Moving head :.Raising head:. Walking;, 1, 2, 2,,. Ascending or descending:. Exercise :. Turning : Sitting erect : 2. Leaning forward: 2. Stooping :. Lying :; on side: 2; on right side : 2. Must lie down :. Reading or looking at a bright light : Emotions :.


      Twitching of the muscles. Parts laid on feel bruised and ” go to sleep;” sweat, faintness.

Spasms seem to pass off with frequent eructations.

Puerperal convulsions. Spasms, with full consciousness.

Paresis; trembling.


      Yawning. Drowsy by day and early in evening.

No sleep;gastric ailments.

During sleep: starting; limbs twitch; gnashing the teeth; crying.

Aroused by asthma.

Awaken between 2 and A.M., with nearly all ailments, especially those of throat and chest.

Horrid dreams, with frequent awaking and desire to urinate.


      Morning:, Noon: Evening: Night: 2-4 A.M.:, 9 A.M., and 5 P.M.: 4. 9A, m,., Day: Day and night: Third month (miscarriage):.

Temperature and Weather

      Heat:. Room Open air: Draught: Cold: Cold water: Cold drink: or warm:. Washing the face:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Frequent shuddering during the day. Chilly in the morning; also about noon; begins toward evening, relieved near the warm stove an after lying down; after the pains; increased out-doors.

Potash lowers the bodily temperature.

Heat, yawning, pain in chest and head, pulsations in abdomen, A.M. and 5 P.M.

Internal heat, external chilliness.

Chill and heat with dyspnoea.

Evening fever; chilly with thirst, then heat without thirst; with violent fluent coryza; later slight sweat, with sound sleep.

Constant chilliness, violent thirst from internal heat; hot hands; loathing of food.

Chill and fever, with oppression of breathing, constriction of chest, pain in region of liver, thirst worse during chill.

Sweat; mostly on upper parts; after eating; easily excited by exercise during the day. Night-sweats, with cough; after pneumonia. Sweat all night without relief.


      Paroxysms recur every two or three hours Asthma.


      Right: Left: Within outward: Behind forward: Above downward:, Feeling of emptiness in the whole body as if it were hollow. Sensation of coldness in the eyelids; see 5, of a lump in throat:.


      Anaemia, with great debility, skin watery, milky-white; muscles weakened, especially the heart; hence weak pulse is a general characteristic.

Disposition to phlebitis.

Tumors with sticking like needles.


Dropsy of old people.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Cannot bear to be touched; starts when touched lightly, especially if on the feet.

Touch:,,,. Pressure: l, Scratching:. Riding in carriage:.


      Skin, dry, itches; better from scratching.


Herpetic spots on face.

Yellow, scaly spots over abdomen: or around the nipples.

Burning itching herpes; moist after scratching.

Ulcers bleed at night.

Stages and States

      Suitable for the aged; rather obese; lax fibre.

Dark hair.

After loss of fluids, or vitality, especially in anaemic persons.


      In amenorrhoea, after Natr.mur. failed.

Complementary to Carb. veg.

Kali carb. is frequently suitable after: Bryon, Lycop., Natr., mur., Natr. ac.

After Kali Carb. are frequently indicated’ Carb. veg., Phosphor.

Antidotes to Kali carb: Camphor, coffea, Spir. Nitr. dul.

Kali sulph. (clinically proved to be good in loose cough and rattling on chest).

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.