Homeopathic remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum drug symptoms and indications from Condensed Materia Medica by Constantine Hering, published in 1877….

      Boneset, Thoroughwort HANES Compositae.


      Feels at night as if he was going out of his mind.

Moaning with the aching pain.

Anxious countenance.

Desponding with fever.


      Faintness from motion during the fever.

Whirling around in the brain early morning Sensation as if falling to the left.

Inner Head

      Headache with the chill.

Headache and nausea every other morning when awaking.

Soreness and pulsation on the back part of the head.

Heat on top of the head distressed feeling.

Throbbing headache during chill and heat.

Headache and trembling during the hot stage of the intermittent.

Shooting from left to right side of head.

Sick headache when first awaking continuing all day; every other morning.

Pain in occiput after lying with sense of weight must aid with hand in lifting head.

Other head.

      Right parietal protuberance sore.

Head drawn spasmodically backwards. Spotted fever.


      Great aversion to light.

painful soreness of eyeballs.

Redness of margins of lids, with glutinous secretion from meibomian glands.

Intense pain darting through the eyes as from needles; eyes not inflamed.

Sclerotica yellowish.


      Buzzing in ears, heat on top of heat.


      Coryza, with aching in every bone.

Influenza with weak pulse, prostration bone sore; especially with inebriates and old people.


      Sallow sickly, with intermittent fever; pale with catarrhs; red, skin dry.

Sudden severe contraction of muscles of right cheek.

Tongue etc.

      Tongue covered with white fur, or yellow coated. Taste bitter.


      Paleness of the mucus membrane of the mouth Breath smells mouldy, sourish.


      Fauces sore.

Desires Aversion.

      Longs for ice cream.

Distaste for food.

Canine hunger with or before ague or after quinine.

Loss of appetite.

Thirst for cold water.

Eating and Drinking

      After drinking cold water; shuddering vomiting bile.

After eating: Violent distressing pains; no case until all is vomited.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Sick stomach night before ague paroxysm.

Vomiting as the chill passes off or between chill and fever of bile at the close of hot stage of bile, with trembling and great nausea, causing great prostration; preceded by thirst.


      Distressing pain in scrobiculum during chill and heat.


      Soreness in region of the liver.

Tight clothing is oppressive.


      Violent colicky pains in upper abdomen with headache and other pains.

Abdomen full and tympanitic.

Stool etc.

      Considerable griping worse after stool wit tenesmus Emission of fetid flatus with relief.

Morning diarrhoea.

Frequent green, watery stools.

Constipation with catarrh.


      Dark brown, scanty, depositing, a whitish clay like sediment; profuse pale, with gout.

Inflammation of meatus urinarius in a woman.

Male Sexual Organs

      Itching of the mons veneris.


      Hoarse throat dry sore; can hardly talk; work morning when he gets up.


      Difficult of breathing attended with perspiration anxious countenance sleepiness.

Great oppression of the chest a full breath hurts rattling on chest.

Dyspnoea with hard and shoulders high Must lie with head and shoulders high.


      Hectic cough from suppressed in intermittent fever.

Loose cough during apyrexia also at night, after measles.

Rough scraping cough, chest sore must support it with the hands; flushed face, tearful eyes.


      Soreness in chest worse from inspiration Pain and soreness behind the sternum, heart feels as if in too small a place.

Oppression in middle of sternum feels as if something were pressing against his heart palpitation.

pain through right nipple when breathing.

Deep-seated pain in left side and right shoulders.

Neck Back

      Intense aching in back and limbs.

pain in back of neck and between the shoulders.

Aching soreness in the back.

Upper Limbs

      Stiffness of arms and fingers during chill.

Wrists pain as if broken or dislocated.

Heat in hands sometimes with sweat.

Lower Limbs

      Severe pains, like cramps waken out of sleep cold sweat follows.

Lameness in right hip and lower extremity when walking.

Flagging of muscles of left thigh, as if falling off the bone.

Burning of skin of inside of thighs.

Throbbing in right foot.

Stinging as from pains in feet; beginning of chill.

Heat in soles of feet in the morning.

Pain in heel, as if stabbed.

Sharp burning pain in feet, could not keep her shoes on.

Gouty swelling of left big toe; ankles and feet dropsical.

Limbs in General

      Intense aching in limbs as if the bones were broken; back and limbs as if broken. Pains all over; left ankle hip, shoulder; pains come instantly and go away as quickly.

Position etc.

      Very restless can’s keep still, though there is a great desire to do so.

Not relieved by motion: Tight clothing :. Walking: Lying: Cannot raise head:.


      During fever, weak, faint nervous trembling..


      Yawning and stretching, with intermittent.

Sleepy; difficulty breathing.

Profuse sleep at noon yet can hear every sound.

Sleepless with the fever.

On awaking headache.


      Morning: 7 – 9 A.M.: Noon: Night All day:.

Temperature and Weather

      Wants to be warmly covered during chill.

Uncovering: Cold water:.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Before chill; thirst cough the night before pain above right ilium yawning.

During chill; thirst head throbs aching all over as if in the bones; more shivering than the degree of coldness warrants trembling nausea moaning with pains.

At end of chill: vomiting bile.

Chill spreads from the back begins between 7 and 9 A.M.

Chill early morn one day, light chill about noon next day.

Fever preceded by thirst cannot raise the head cheeks red; throbbing headache; sleep and moaning; trembling faint from motion vomiting of bile at end of the stage followed by slight sweat and sleep.

Skin bathed in sweat; or sweat scanty.

Nightly sweat with chilliness, from moving or uncovering.

Hectic from suppressed ague.

Bilious fever remittent fever. Dengue.


      Every other morning: Intermittents of any type, but especially the tertian.

Pain come quickly and go quickly:.


      Inability to lie on left side.

Right: Left to right:.


      Sense of numbness as if the flesh were falling from the bones.

Pains in back head, etc. The more general and severe, the better adapted.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Must support with the hands:.


      Eruptions develop tardily especially measles.

Spotted fever: head drawn backwards limbs ache, feel sore.


Stages and States

      Old people.



      Eup perf. is followed well by sepia or Natr-mur.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.