CALADIUM.       Caladium Seguinum. HERING. Araceae.

      Caladium Seguinum. HERING. Araceae.


      Unconsciousness or coma.

Delirious, unintelligible murmuring.

Aversion to the medicine : required a desperate effort to overcome it.

Mind depressed.

Very careful about his health; apprehensive.

Lascivious ideas.

Restless, cannot control himself after smoking.

After mental exertion, fainting.



      Vertigo with nausea, mornings, also with stitches in pit of stomach.

Rocking, dizzy sensation, after lying down and closing the eyes, preventing sleep.

Inner Head

      Headache, left side, most in forehead and occiput.

Forehead : pressure after smoking; bursting pain; boring.

Drawing in occiput; drawing tearing up into the head.

Heavy pressing pain after siesta.

Heat rises from below into the head; turns to on internal glowing; periodical heat of head.

Outer Head

      Left half of head feels as if asleep.

Pimples on the scalp, behind the ear, sensitive to touch.


      Eyes feel to large and are inflamed.

Burning in the eyes.

Eyes close, even while walking in open air, with drowsiness before dinner.

Stitches in the eyes.


      Sensitive to noise; the slightest noise startles from sleep.

Earache during the fever.

Burning of upper margin of auricle.

Throbbing and formication around the right ear.


      Sudden burning in nose, as from pepper, finally sneezing and fluent coryza.

Discharge of blood and mucus when blowing the nose.

Painful pimples on right side of septum.


      Heat in the face.

Sensation as if a spider-web were sticking here and there.

Flies are attracted to the face and head.

Lower Face

      Lying with mouth half open, coma, in typhus.


      Drawing : in left molars; from right ear to the teeth.

Boring toothache.

Tongue etc.

      Taste : insipid; herbaceous.

Tongue swollen.


      Burning in the mouth and fauces.


      Scratching sensation in throat as from something sharp, or with dry sensation and much hawking.

Dryness and burning in throat.

Fauces and pharynx dry, not the mouth.

Hawking phlegm and vomiting, after smoking.

Desires Aversions

      Thirst and want of appetite, before coma.

Thirstless, even aversion to cold water; drinks only warm drinks.

Eats, but without hunger.

Eating and Drinking

      Cold water :. Warm drink : 1. Drink : 7. After eating : Before dinner : After smoking :.

Nausea and Vomiting

      Frequent eructations, of very little wind, as if the stomach were full of dry food.

Nausea, with stitches in the pit of stomach; with hollow feeling in the stomach and faintness.

Acrid, sour vomit, makes the teeth feel too long.


      Fluttering, as from a bird, in the stomach, causes nausea.

Fine, jerking stitches in pit of stomach, which is drawn inwards with each stitch, worse sitting; causes weakness and nausea.

Burning in stomach not relieved by drink.

Cutting, as with glass, in the pit of stomach and in the left flank; preventing sleep after midnight.

Throbbing and heaviness in pit of stomach after walking.


      Stitching, pressure and dull pressing jerks in region of spleen.


      Throbbing mostly above and to right of navel.

Spasmodic cutting below the navel; must bend double.

Abdomen sore to touch, as if beaten, after the cough.

Burning in the hypogastric region.

Stool etc.

      Scanty, putrid-smelling flatus, in the evening.

Stool : soft, yellow; soft, afterwards of thin red blood.


      Sensation of fulness in the bladder, region of bladder sore to pressure.

Stinging deep in the hypogastrium.

Violent pain during urination.

Urine : offensive; with sediment.

Male Sexual Organs

      Sexual desire with relaxed penis, or painful erections without desire.

Impotence, with mental depression.

Glans : very red, covered with fine red points; dry, with desire to rub it.

Prepuce much swollen at the margin, sore and painful.

Parts larger, as if puffed, relaxed and sweating.

Swelling of scrotum.

Pimples on the mons veneris.

Female Sexual Organs

      Pruritus vaginae; induces onanism; during pregnancy.


      Larynx and trachea seem to be constricted; impedes deep breathing.


      Breathes in sighing jerks, during unconsciousness and great heat.

Asthma : great oppression, could scarcely get his breath; feels as if mucus would, cause suffocation, but without anxiety; attacks after eating, or after siesta; when the rash on the forearm disappears; in alternation with rash on chest.


      Sudden and involuntary, caused by an irritation high up in the throat; it is a half cough, half moan.

Cough: weak, toneless; panting, preventing sleep at night.


      Stitches in chest; to left of sternum; in right side with anxiety, better lying on right, worse lying on left side.

Heart Pulse

      Pulse : hard and bounding in intermittent; very frequent, hardly to be felt in typhus.

Outer Chest

      Rash on the chest.

Neck Back

      Rheumatic pain between the shoulders; can hardly turn in bed.

Sacral region and back feel bruised, morning when rising.

Upper Limbs

      Pain in the shoulder, with headache Arms “asleep” on waking in the morning.

Pricking in palms like from pains and needles, has to rub them hard, toward evening, lasting till sleep.

Rash on forearm.

Lower Limbs

      Furuncle on buttock, pained severely when sitting.

Left knee : throbbing pain when lying, evenings; as if being forced asunder; cracks on stepping and impedes walking.

Sticking and stitching in corns on left little toe.

Limbs in General

      Limbs weak, cannot get out of bed.

Feels as if beaten in all the joints, heaviness in the limbs, mornings.

Position etc.

      Walking :, Stepping : Rising: Sitting :, Can hardly turn : Lying down : Better lying on right, worse lying on left side: Mental exertion : Must bend double :.


      Lies unconscious; with single jerks, sometimes affecting the whole body.


      Sleep disturbed by every slight noise, even rattling of paper.

Starting in sleep, moaning and groaning.


      Morning : Evening, Night : Before midnight,After midnight,.

Temperature and Weather

      Open air :.

Chill Fever Sweat

      Chill in the evening, with coldness going from the abdomen to the feet and fingers.

Chill after midnight.

Heat only internal, with throbbing in the body.

Heat before midnight, during sleep, passing of quickly on awaking.

Sickly sweat, which attracts the flies very much.

With the breaking out of sweat, amelioration of all the complaints.


      Periodical : After smoking. After eating.


      Right : Left Below upwards :.


      Stitches, like with needles, in various parts of body.


      Loss of fluids.

Dryness; inflammation of mucous membranes.

Dropsical swellings.

Contact Injuries etc.

      Touch, Pressure.

Desire to rub. Must rub, Scratching.


      Sudden, violent, corrosive, burning, often on small spots, i.e., cheeks, nose, toes, etc.; must touch the parts, but cannot scratch them.

Rash : on chest, alternating with asthma; on the forearm.

Stages and States

      Lax phlegmatic temperament.


      Antidote to Caladium : Capsic.

In poisonings with Caladium, the juice of sugar cane. Ignat. relieves the stitches; Carb. veg. relieves rash on arms; Hyosc. lessens night cough; Zingiber relieves asthma.

Following Caladium well : Aconite Canthar., Sepia., Pulsat.

Complementary to

Caladium antidotes : Mercur.

C. Hering
Hering got the degree of M. D. from the University of Wuezburg with highest honours. The theme of his thesis was "De'Medicina Futura" (The medicine of future). Hering left Germany for West Indies and finally arrived at Philadelphia in Jan, 1833. He established a homeopathic school at Allentown, Pennsylvania, commonly known as "Allentown Academy". Soon he became very popular as a physician. He is known as the 'Father of Homeopathy' in America.