ROBINIA signs and symptoms from the Characteristic Materia Medica by William Burt of the homeopathic medicine ROBINIA …


This is a cerebro-spinal remedy, affecting especially the pneumogastric nerve, slightly the intestinal tract, and glandular system.

Through its action upon the base of the brain (medulla oblongata), it produces the most acid state of the stomach of any remedy in the materia medica. This was noticed when I first introduced the remedy to the profession, and all who have used it testify to this fact.


Excessive acidity of the stomach.

Vomiting of intensely sour fluid, setting the teeth on edge.

Frequent eructations of sour fluid.

Great distention of the stomach and bowels, with flatulency; the intestines distended almost to the point of rupturing, with severe colic.

Dull, heavy, squeezing pains in the stomach, especially after every meal.

Water taken before retiring at night, returned in the morning green and sour.-D.SMEDLEY.

Sour eructations of infants.

Sour stools of infants, the whole child smells sour.

Desire for stool, but only flatulence passes off; finally, constipated stool.

Dull frontal headache, much aggravated by motion, with neuralgic pains in the temples.

Low-spirited, with great irritability.

Especially useful in gastric diseases, and sick-headache.

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William Burt
William H. Burt, MD
Characteristic materia medica Published 1873
Physiological materia medica, containing all that is known of the physiological action of our remedies; together with their characteristic indications and pharmacology. Published 1881