Introduction to Bowel Nosodes

Introduction about the concept behind Bowel nosodes. Paterson compiled a list of bowel organism with their related homoeopathic remedies and to associated a clinical picture, i.e. to offer a “proving” for each type of bowel organism. In this case the word “proving” is not used in the strict Hahnemannian sense-experiment on the healthy human-but on clinical observation of the sick person….

Morgan Bach

B. MORGAN is the type of non-lactose organism most frequently found in the stool, Paterson desribed its symptom picture in his book on Bowel nosodes….

Proteus Bach

Explanation of pathogenesis of B. Proteus, bowel nosode and its therapeutic utility in the affection of central and peripheral nervous system….

Bacillus No 7 Paterson

therapeutic indication of BACILLUS No. “7” (Paterson), bowel nosode by Paterson in his book on Bowel Nosodes….

Gaertner Bach

Role of Gaertner, a bowel nosode in the cases of Malnutrition, especially suitable to hypersensitive children….

Dysentery Co Bach

Dysentery Co.- This is the nosode prepared from B. Dysenteria and the keynote for its use is nervous tension of a peculiar type and best described as ” anticipatory”….

Sycotic co Paterson

SYCOTIC CO. (Paterson)- The keynote for the nosode is “irritability” and this has special reference to mucous and synovial membrane….

Mutabile Bach

Mutabile, its associated remedy is Pulsatilla and the nosode Mutabile (Bach) is likely to be of value of treatment where there is alteration of symptoms, e.g. where skin eruption alternates with asthmatic symptoms….

Faecalis Bach

Faecalis Bach is a Bowel nosode very rarely used but is very similar to Sepia….