Locomotor System 2

Locomotor System 2 chapter from Dr. Oscar Eugene Boericke’s clinical homeopathic repertory, based on the Materia Medica by William Boericke, published in 1927…….


BUTTOCKS (glutei)


Cold feeling — Daphne.
Cold feeling, fall asleep — Calcarea p.
Cramp — Graphites
Emaciation — Lathyr.
Pain to hips, small of back — Staphysagria
Pricking — Guaiac.
Swelling — Phosphorus ac.



LUMBAGOAconite, Actea sp., Aesculus, Agaricus, Aloe, Antim tart., Arnica, Belladonna, Berberis v., Bryonia, Calcarea fl., Calcarea p., Carbolicum acidum, Carbon. s., Caulophyllum, Chamomilla, Chelidonium, Cim., Cina, Colchicum, Colocynthis, Diosc., Dulcamara, Eup. perf., Ferrum m., Gins., Gnaph., Guaiac., Hydrastis, Hymosa, Ipomoea, Kali bich., Kali carb., Kali iod., Kali ox., Lathyr., Ledum, Lithium carb. benz., Lycopodium, Macrot., Mercurius s., Nat. m., Nux v., Pampin., Picr. ac., Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Radium, Rham. c., Rhododendron, Rhus t., Ruta, Sabal, Senec., Sepia, Spiranth., Sul., Terebintha, Vib. op.

Alternates, with headache, piles — Aloe.
Aggravation [with]


Open air [in] — Agaricus
Beginning to move [on] — Anacardium, Conium, Glycerin, Rhus t.


Relieved by continued motion — Calcarea fl., Rhus t.

Exertion [on]; during day; while sitting — Agaricus
Lying down [on] — Belladonna, Murex.

Chronic tendency [with] — Aesculus, Berberis v., Calcarea fl., Rhus t., Silicea
Masturbatic origin [with]; sexual weakness — Nux v.
Numbness [with], in lower part of back, weight in pelvis — Gnaph.
Relief [with]


Lying down, from — Euonym., Sepia
Slow walking, from — Ferrum m.

Retching, cold, clammy sweat [with], from least motion — Lathyr.
Sciatica [with]Rhus t.



Blue, painful, swollen, if hanging down — Lathyr.
BurningArsenicum, Arundo, Barayta carbonica, Kali carb., Ledum, Lycopodium, Mez., Still.
Coldness — Aconite, Alumina, Astrag., Berberis v., Bism., Calcarea c., Calcarea p., Carbo an., Carbo vegetabilis, Colchicum, Crot., Lact. ac., Lact. v., Laur., Lycopodium, Mercurius, Mez., Nat. m., Acid nitricum, Acid oxalicum, Sepia, Silicea, Tabacum, Verbascum a., Zincum met. m.
Contractions of hamstrings, tendonsAmmonium muriaticum, Causticum, Cimex, Colocynthis, Graphites, Guaiac., Lachesis, Medorrhinum, Natrum mur., Ruta, Sul.
Curved limbs, cannot be straightened, and vice versa — Cicuta
EmaciationAbrotanum, Acid aceticum, Kali iod., Lathyr., Pin. sylv.
Enlargement of femur, in rachitic infants — Calcarea fl.
Eruptions (See Skin.) — Calcarea c., Chrysar., Gins., Graphites, Magnesia carb., Petrol., Sul.
Erysipelas (See Skin.) — Sul.
Excoriation, itching over tibia — Bism.
HeavinessAlumina, Bryonia, Calcarea c., Can. ind., Cim., Conium, Gins., Guaco, Helleb., Medorrhinum, Nux v., Pall., Picr. ac., Sepia, Sulphon., Sul., Verbasc., Vib. op.
Itching — Bellis, Bovista, Fagop., Acid nitricum, Rumex, Stellar.
Motion involuntary (See Trembling.) — Bryonia, Helleb., Lycopodium, Mygale, Tar. h.
Numbness, formication, ‘going asleep,Agaricus, Alumina, Aranea, Calcarea c., Calcarea p., Causticum, Carbon. s., Cocc., Colocynthis, Crot., Gnaph., Graphites, Kali carb., Kali iod., Lact. v., Mez., Nux v., Onosm., Phosphorus, Rhus t., Sarcol. ac., Secale, Sepia, Sul., Tar. h., Tela ar., Triost., Zincum met. m.
PAINS — Aar., Can ind., Caps., Carbon s., Carbo animalis, Chelidonium, Cicuta, Diad., Diosc., Euphorb., Ferrum m., Gelsemium, Gnaph., HeIodium, Illic., Ind., Iodium, Irid., Kali carb., Kal., Lachesis, Magnesia muriatica, Mang. ac., Mang. ox., Menisp., Murex, Natrum sulph., Acid nitricum, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Plumb. m., Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Sabina, Silicea, Tongo, Trifol., Vib. op., Vipera.


Aching, bruised — Argentum nitricum, Arnica, Baptisia, Calcarea c., Cim., Cocc., Colchicum, Diosc., Eup. perf., Gelsemium, Guaiac., Laur., Lilium t., Magnesia carb., Medorrhinum, Phosphorus ac., Pyrogen, Sabina, Sarcol. ac., Sepia, Solan. lyc., Staphysagria, Ulnus, Variol.
Cramps, contractions — Abrotanum, Aesculus gl., Agaricus, Ambra, Am. br., Ammonium muriaticum, Anacardium, Arnica, Baptisia, Barayta carbonica, Calcarea c., Camph., Carbolicum acidum, Carbo animalis, Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Cholas ter., Cimex, Cim., Cinchona, Cocc., Colchicum, Colocynthis, Conium, Cuprum ars., Cuprum m., Eupion, Ferrum m., Gelsemium, Hypericum, Hyoscyamus, Irid., Jatropha, Lathyrus, Lol. tem., Lycopodium, Mag. p., Medorrhinum, Acid nitricum, Nux v., Acid oxalicum, Pin. sylv., Plumb. m., Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Sarcol. ac., Secale, Sepia, Silicea, Solan. t., Sul., Ustil., Verbascum a., Vipera, Zincum met. s.
Cramps (tailor’s) — Anacardium, Anag., Magnesium phos.
Tibia [in] — Arsenicum, Bad., Carbo animalis, Dulcamara, Ferrum m., Kali bich., Lachesis, Mang. ox., Mez., Phosphorus, Sepia
Rending, tearing, lancinatingAmmonium muriaticum, Arsenicum, Baptisia, Baryta ac., Belladonna, Bellis, Cob., Colocynthis, Diosc., Hypericum, Kali bich., Kali carb., Kal., Lycopodium, Acid nitricum, Plumb. m., Pulsatilla, Rhus t., Sepia, Sul., Teucrium, Viscum.
Rheumatic (See Rheumatism.) — Berberis v., Bryonia, Chelidonium, Colchicum, Daphne., Dulcamara, Ledum, Phytolacca, Mercurius, Rhus t., Sanguinaria, Stellar., Val.

Paralysis (See Nervous System.) — Agaricus, Alumina, Bryonia, Can. ind., Chelidonium, Cocc., Crot., Dulcamara, Gelsemium, Guaco, Kali iod., Kali tart., Lathyr., Nux v., Oleand., Plumb. m., Rhus t., Secale, Sulphon., Tabacum, Thall., Verbascum a., Zincum met. m.
Restless, fidgety — Arsenicum, Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Cim., Cinchona, Conium, Crot., Graphites, Kali br., Lilium t., Lycopodium, Medorrhinum, Menyanth., Mercurius c., Mygale, Acid nitricum, Phosphorus, Rhus t., Ruta, Scutel., Sepia, Sulphon., Tar. h., Tarax., Thasp., Zincum met. m., Zincum met. v.
Rigidity, stiffness, lameness — Alumina, Angust., Argentum nitricum, Baptisia, Baryta m., Calcarea c., Cicuta, Colchicum, Conium, Diosc., Eup. perf., Guaiac., Lathyr., Physost., Platina, Rhus t., Sarcol. ac., Sepia, Strych., Xerophyl.


Diminished (See Nervous System.) — Acid oxalicum, Phosphorus
Increased (See Nervous System.) — Lachesis, Lathyr.

Spots on, red — Calcarea c., Sul.
Stretching (See Fever.) — Ammonium carb., Amyl, Helleb., Helod.


Cold, clammy, at P. M. — Calcarea c., Mercurius
Extending below knees in A. M. — Sul.
Thighs [on], exhausting at P. M — Carbo animalis

Swelling (See Dropsy – Generalities.) — Acid aceticum, Apis, Arsenicum, Aurum, Cact., Chelidonium, Colchicum, Digitalis, Eup. perf., Ferrum m., Acidum fluoricum, Graphites, Kali carb., Lathyr., Lycopodium, Mercurius, Phosphorus, Rhus t., Sambucus, Sepia, Stront. c., Stroph., Sul., Thyr., Viscum.
Trembling — Aesculus gl., Argentum m., Cob., Cocc., Cod., Colchicum, Conium, Cur., Doryph., Gelsemium, Lol. tem., Mimosa, Nit. ac., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Tabacum, Zincum met. m.
Trickling, as from drops of water — Aconite
Ulcers (See Generalities.) — Arsenicum, Calcarea c., Carbo vegetabilis, Cistus, Echin., Lycopodium, Phosphorus ac., Rhus t., Sacchar. of., Silicea, Trifol.
Weakness, easily fatigued — Aesculus, Alumen, Alumina, Ammonium carb., Argentum m., Argentum nitricum, Baryta m., Berberis v., Calcarea p., Can. ind., Cim., Cob., Cocc., Colchicum, Conium, Cuprum m., Cur., Digitalis, Ferrum m., Formica, Gelsemium, Hamamelis, Kali carb., Kal., Lachesis, Medorrhinum, Natrum mur., Nux v., Oleand., Onosm., Paeonia, Phell., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Rhus t., Ruta, Sarrac., Sarcol. ac., Silicea, Stann., Sul., Vib. op.



Affections of ball, and dorsum of toes — Cannabis sativa
Bunions (See Skin.) — Agaricus, Benz. ac., Hypericum, Kali iod., Rhododendron, Silicea, Verbascum v.
Burning — Agaricus, Ammonium carb., Apis, Azadir., Branca, Borax, Graphites, Helod., Kali carb., Lachesis, Ledum, Medorrhinum, Natrum mur., Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Pulsatilla, Secale, Sepia, Silicea, Sul.
Chilblains (See Skin.) — Abrotanum, Agaricus, Petrol., Sul., Tamus, Zincum met. m.
ColdnessAconite, Alumina, Arsenicum, Calcarea c., Camph., Carbo animalis, Carbo vegetabilis, Causticum, Chelidonium, Cistus, Conium, Digitalis, Dulcamara, Elaps, Helod., Kali carb., Lachesis, Lycopodium, Menyanth., Acid Muriaticum, Oleand., Petrol., Picr. ac., Platina, Pulsatilla, Sambucus, Scilla., Secale, Sepia, Silicea, Sul. ac., Sul., Trifol., Verbascum a.


Clammy — Barayta carbonica, Calcarea c., Laur., Sepia, Strych. p.
Coldness during day, burning soles at night — Sul.
Coldness of one, warmth of other — Chelidonium, Cinchona, Digitalis, Ipecac., Lycopodium

Enlarged feeling — Apis.
Eruptions (See Skin.) — Bism., Elaps, Graphites, Petrol.
FidgetyCina, Kali phos., Medorrhinum, Sul., Tar. h., Zincum met. m., Zincum met. v.
Itching of feetAgaricus, Ammonium muriaticum, Ant. s. a., Bovista, Causticum, Magnol., Natrum sulph., Sul., Tellur.


Worse from scratching, warmth of bed — Ledum, Pulsatilla, Rhus t.

Spasmodic motion of left foot — Cina.
Tender feet with shop girls — Scilla.



Blisters — Scilla.
Burning (See Feet.) — Cyclamen, Graphites
NumbnessAlumina, Ignatia
Os Calcis, pain — Aranea
Purring sensation, extending to right toes — Astrag.
PAINSAgaricus, Ammonium carb., Ammonium muriaticum, Bromium, Calcarea caust., Caulophyllum, Causticum, Colchicum, Cyclamen, Ferrum m., Graphites, Kali iod., Ledum, Mang. ac., Nat. ars., Acid nitricum, Phosphorus ac., Phytolacca, Ranunculus bulbosus, Rhus t., Sabina, Sepia, Silicea, Tetradyn., Thuja, Upas, Val., Zincum met. m.

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