Nervous System

A useful article about Nervous System.Full details about Nervous System chapter from Dr. Oscar Eugene Boericke’s clinical homeopathic repertory, based on the Materia Medica by William Boericke, published in 1927….




EPILEPSY (grand mal)Absinth., Aethusa, Agaricus, Am. br., Amyl, Argentum n., Art. v., Arsenicum, Aster., Atrop., Aurum br., Avena, Belladonna, Borax, Bufo, Calcarea ars., Calcarea c., Calcarea p., Camph., Can. ind., Causticum, Cicuta mac., Cicuta, Cim., Cocc., Conium, Cuprum ac., Cuprum m., Ferrum cy., Ferrum p., Gelsemium, Gloninum, Hepar, Hydroc. ac., Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Illic., Ind., Irid., Kali br., Kali cy., Kali muriaticum, Kali phos., Lachesis, Magnesia carb., Magnesium phos., Meli., Methyl. bl., Acid nitricum, Nux v., Aenanthe, Opium, OEstrus, Passifl., Phosphorus, Picrot., Plumb. m., Psorinum, Salam., Santon., Secale, Silicea, Solan. c., Spiraea, Stramonium, Strych., Sul., Sumb., Tar. h., Tuberculinum, Val., Verb., Viscum, Zincum met. cy., Zincum met. v., Zizia.




Absent — Zincum met. v.

Several fits, close together — Art. v.



Painful spot [as], between shoulders, or dizziness, flashes of heat, from abdomen to head — Ind..
Sensation of mouse running up limb [as]; heat from stomach; visual or aural disturbanceBelladonna, Calcarea c., Sul.
Brain, as a wavy sensation — Cim.
Knees, ascends to hypogastrium — Cuprum m.
Left arm [in] — Silicea
Solar plexus [in] — Bufo, Calcarea c., Nux v., Silicea
Stomach or genitals [in] — Bufo.
Upper or lower limbs [in] — Lycopodium

Descends — Calcarea c.
Felt, in heart region — Calcarea ars.

Full moon; nocturnal [during] — Calcarea c.
New moon; nocturnal [during] — Causticum, Cuprum m., Kali br., Silicea
Sleep [during] — Bufo, Cuprum, Lachesis, Opium, Silicea
Deep sleep [following by] — Aethusa, Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Lachesis, Opium
followed by


Hiccough — Cicuta
Nausea, vomiting — Belladonna
Prostration — Aethusa, China ars., Cicuta, Hydroc. ac., Secale, Silicea, Strych., Sul.
Rage, automatic impulse — Opium
Restlessness — Cuprum m.
Tumor — Argentum nitricum, Cicuta

Eruptions, suppressed, from — Agaricus, Calcarea c., Cuprum m., Psorinum, Sul.
Fright, emotional causes, fromArgentum nitricum, Art. v., Bufo, Calcarea c., Chamomilla, Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Silicea, Stramonium
Hysteria, from — Asafoetida, Cocc., Cuprum m., Hyoscyamus, Ignatia, Mosch., Oenanthe, Solan. c., Sumb., Tar. h., Zincum met. v.
Injury, from — Conium, Cuprum m., Meli., Natrum sulph.
Jealousy, from — Lachesis
Menstrual disturbances, from — Argentum nitricum, Bufo, Caulophyllum, Causticum, Ced., Cim., Cuprum m., Kali br., Millef., Oenanthe, Pulsatilla, Solan. c.
Pregnancy, from — Oenanthe.
Sclerosis; brain tumors, from — Plumb. m.
Sexual disturbances, from — Art. v., Bufo, Calcarea c., Platina, Stann., Sul.
Syphilis, tubercular, from — Kali br.
Taking cold; nocturnal; worse right side, from — Causticum
Valvular disease, from — Calcarea ars.
Vital drains; onanism, from — Lachesis
Wet exposure, from — Cuprum m.
Worms, from — Cicuta, Cina, Ind., Sant., Silicea, Stann., Sul., Teucrium
In children — Aethusa, Art. v., Belladonna, Bufo, Calcarea c., Chamomilla, Cuprum m., Ignatia, Silicea, Sul.
Periodical seizures — Arsenicum, Cuprum m.
Preceded, by


Cold on left side of body — Silicea
Dilated pupils — Argentum nitricum
Gastric flatulencyArgentum n., Nux v., Psorinum, Sul.
Irritability, rambling — Bufo.
Malaise — Cicuta
Memory, confused — Lachesis
Palpitation, vertigo — Lachesis
Sudden cry — Cuprum m., Hydroc. ac.
Tremblings, twitchings — Absinth., Aster.
Vesicular eruption — Cicuta

Recent casesBelladonna, Causticum, Cuprum m., Hydroc. ac., Ignatia, Opium, Plumb. m., Stramonium
Recurrent, several times daily — Art. v., Cicuta
Status epilepticusAconite, Aethusa, Belladonna, Cocc., Oenanthe, Plumb., Zincum met. m.
Consciousness [with] — Ignatia
Face red [with], thumbs clenched, jaws locked, foam at mouth, eyes turned downwards, pupils fixed, dilated, pulse small, quick, hard — Aethusa
Paralysis following [with]Causticum, Plumb. m., Secale
Swelling of stomach [with], screaming, unconsciousness, trismus, distorted limbs; frequent during night; recurrent tendency — Cicuta
Vertigo (epileptic) [with] — Argentum nitricum, Belladonna, Calcarea c., Causticum, Cocc., Cuprum, Hydroc. ac., Acid nitricum, Opium, Silicea, Stramonium

PARALYSIS — Absinth., Aconite, Agaricus, Alumina, Angust., Aragal., Arg iod., Argentum nitricum, Arsenicum iod., Asafoetida, Astrag., Aurum, Baryta ac., Barayta carbonica, Baryta m., Belladonna, Calcarea caust., Calendula, Can. ind., Carbon. oxy., Carbon s., Causticum, China s., Cicuta, Cocc., Colchicum, Conium, Cuprum m., Dulcamara, Gelsemium, Graphites, Grindelia, Guaco, Helod., Hydroc. ac., Hyoscyamus, Hypericum, Ignatia, Iris fl., Kali br., Kali carb., Kali iod., Kali phos., Lachesis, Latrod. has., Lol. tem., Mercurius c., Natrum mur., Nux v., Oleand., Opium, Acid oxalicum, Oxytr., Phosphorus, Physal., Physost., Picr. ac., Platina, Plectranth., Plumb. ac., Plumb. iod., Plumb. m., Rhus t., Stann., Staphysagria, Secale, Strych. ferr. cit., Sul., Tabacum, Thall., Verbascum a., Xanth., Zincum met. m., Zincum met. p.



AgitansAgaricus, Arsenicum, Aurum sul., Avena, Bufo, Camph. monobr., Can. ind., Cocaine, Cocc., Conium, Dub., Gelsemium, Helod., Hyoscyamus, Hyosc. hydrobr., Kali br., Lathyr., Lolium, Magnesium phos., Mang. ac., Mercurius s., Mercurius, Nicotine, Phosphorus, Physos., Plumb., Scutel., Tabacum, Tar. h., Zincum met. cy., Zincum met. picr.
Ascending spinal (See Spine.) — Alumina, Baryta ac., Conium, Gelsemium, Lathyr., Ledum, Acid oxalicum, Phosphorus, Picr. ac., Secale
Bulbar — Guaco, Mang. ox., Plumb. m.
General of insane — Antim crud., Arsenicum, Aurum, Belladonna, Can. ind., Causticum, Hyoscyamus, Kali br., Kali iod., Mercurius c., Nat. iod., Nux v., Opium, Phosphorus, Physost., Plumb., Stramonium, Sul., Verbascum a.
Gradually appearing — Causticum

HEMIPLEGIA — Ambra, Arnica, Arsenicum, Aurum m., Baptisia, Barayta carbonica, Bothrops, Carbon s., Causticum, Chenop., Cocc., Cur., Elaps, Hydroc. ac., Irid., Lachesis, Nux v., Oleand., Phosphorus, Physost., Picr. ac., Rhus t., Secale, Stann., Strych., Verbascum v., Vipera, Xanth.

Left — Ambra, Arnica, Baptisia, Belladonna, Cocc., Cuprum ars., Lachesis, Lycopodium, Physost., Verbascum v., Xanth
Right — Belladonna, Causticum, Chenop., Cur., Elaps, Irid.

HystericalAconite, Argentum nitricum, Asafoetida, Cocc., Ignatia, Phosphorus, Tar. h.
Infantile (poliomyelitis anterior) (See Spine.) — Aconite, Aethusa, Belladonna, Calcarea c., Causticum, Chrom. s., Gelsemium, Lathyrus, Nux v., Phosphorus, Plumb. m., Rhus t., Secale, Sul.
Labio-glossopharyngeal — Anacardium, Barayta carbonica, Belladonna, Causticum, Cocc., Conium, Gelsemium, Mang. binox., Nux v., Oleand., Plumb.
Landry’s paralysis — Aconitin., Conium, Lyssin.
LeadAlumen, Causticum, Cuprum, Kali iod., Nux v., Opium, Plumb., Acid sulphuricum



Ankles, afternoon, in — Chamomilla
Arms, hands — Cuprum m., Thyr.
Bladder — Causticum, Nux v.
Chest — Gelsemium
Eye muscles — Causticum, Conium, Gelsemium, Phosphorus, Physost., Rhus t.
Face (Bell’s palsy) — Aconite, Am. phos., Barayta carbonica, Belladonna, Causticum, Cur., Gelsemium, Graphites, Kali chlor., Natrum mur., Rhus t., Solan. ves., Zincum met. picr.
Feet at night — Chamomilla
Forearm (wrist drop) — Cur., Ferrum ac., Plumb. ac., Plumb. m., Ruta, Silicea
Motor nerves — Cur., Cystisin, Gelsemium, Acid oxalicum, Phosphorus, Physost., Xanth.
Neck — Cocc.
Sensory nerves Cocaine, Laburn., Platina
Sphincters — Arsenicum, Causticum, Gelsemium, Naja, Nux v., Phosphorus, Physost.
Throat, vocal cords — Belladonna, Bothrops., Cantharis, Causticum, Cocaine, Cocc., Gelsemium, Kali phos., Acid oxalicum, Plumb.

PARAPLEGIA — Aconite, Alumina, Anhal., Argentum nitricum, Arnica, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Gaul., Causticum, Cocc., Conium, Cuprum m., Cur., Dulcamara, Formica, Gelsemium, Hypericum, Kali iod., Kali tart., Kal., Lachesis, Lathyr., Latrod. has., Mang. ac., Mercurius c., Nux v., Acid oxalicum, Phosphorus, Physost., Picr. ac., Plumb. ac., Rhus t., Secale, Strych., Thall., Thyr.

HystericalCocc., Conium, Cuprum, Ignatia, Nux v., Plumb., Tar. h.
Spastic (See Sclerosis – Spine.) — Gelsemium, Hypericum, Lathyr., Nux v., Plectranth., Secale

POST-DIPHTHERITICArgentum nitricum, Aurum mur., Avena, Botul., Causticum, Cocc., Conium, Diphtherinum, Gelsemium, Kali iod., Lachesis, Natrum mur., Nux v., Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Plumb. ac., Plumb. m., Rhododendron, Rhus t., Secale
Pseudohypertrophic — Cur., Phosphorus, Thyr.
RheumaticCausticum, Dulcamara, Lathyr., Phosphorus, Rhus t., Sul.
Spinal origin — Alumina, Belladonna, Can. ind., Conium, Irid., Lathyr., Phosphorus, Physost., Picr. ac., Plumb., Xanth.

EPILEPSY-PETIT MALArt. v., Belladonna, Causticum, Phosphorus, Zincum met. cy.



DROWSINESS — Aethusa, Ammonium carb., Antim crud., Antim tart., Apis, Apocynum, Arnica, Aurum, Aurum mur., Baptisia, Baryta mur., Can. ind., Carbon. ox., Carbon s., Causticum, Cinchona, Clem., Coca, Cocc., Cornus fl., Cyclamen, Dub., Ferrum p., Gelsemium, Helleb., Helonias, Hydroc. ac., Hypericum, Indol, Kali br., Kali carb., Laburn., Lathyrus, Linar., Lobelia purp., Lupul., Morph., Naja, Nux moschata, Opium, Phosphorus ac., Phosphorus, Pyrogen, Rhus t., Rosmar., Sarcol. ac., Scrophul., Selenium, Senec., Sulphon., Thea, Zincum met. m.

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