The etiology is unknown, pathology still a subject for investigation and speculation. Treatment a varied one, medical and surgical. The surgical measures proposed are total section of the acoustic nerve, differential section of the vestibular portion of the nerve or a division of the auditory nerve.


The aggravation that preceded the curative “phase” is significant. One purpose of potentization, though a lesser one, is to prevent unpleasant or dangerous provings. The doctor was lucky to escape without lasting drug imposition and disease suppression. As to whether we have at our command the similimum for every “case,” that is a question that will never be answered with finality.


Time will not permit me to speak of the chaotic condition of medical science during Hahnemanns time. He not only exposed and overthrew the errors, but he founded a system of therapeutics based upon natural laws. Modern medicine is still in the same chaotic condition save for some few branches, and in so far as they are successful I contend that their success is founded upon the law of similars.


Lymphatic leukaemia is a fatal disease and any form of treatment can only hope to prolong life at this stage of our knowledge. X-ray is given by spraying the body at intervals, and by the dominant school is termed the only treatment of known value, but there is always the possibility of causing capillary haemorrhage. Haemorrhage was doubtless the cause of death in my first mentioned case.


Many, many responded to this bait but the chasm of difference between the true art of healing and spectacular medical drama under the guise of scientific medicine was as great and insurmountable as ever. Here followed the tragedy, for the greatest enemies to the true art of healing proved to be the so- called homoeopathic physician. Here again many fell to the lure of vaccine, science, monkey glands, hormones, intravenous and intramuscular medication.


There is no equality of men before suffering, is individual, inacessible, incommunicable. My individual struggle was not to live, but to retain the desire to live. I recalled, so often, the story-French, I believe of the dying man,who had made the great refusal. With all my desire to be honest with myself, I dared not think put the implications of what was involved.


As physicians, we are all fellows of the great body of humanitarians. What does it mean to you and to me to be classed as a humanitarian? Is it a spontaneous outburst of a hearts sincere desire, or is it simply a business transaction? Philanthropy and medicine should, and are, joining hands, and the two professions are very justly hearing the call, feeling the kinship, and trying to work together.


Secure pledges from our membership and from others, these pledges to be paid either in a lump sum or at intervals, as individually arranged, over a five-year period. Having done our share we will then be worth petitioners when we approach our friends, and the friends of homoeopathy. Having given ourselves we can ask of others.


If Samuel Hahnemann were living and here present today with his phenomenal mental grasp of intricate truths, what would his answer be? Is the totality of symptoms always the only approach to cure? Is it ever possible for the science of deranged vital force, the science of disease, to elucidate, or, in terms of finality, to show us an equivalent to the totality of symptoms?.


Hyoscyamus is now quite generally used for its physiological action; as a sedative, in epilepsy, mania, hysteria, etc.; as an anodyne, in rheumatism, neuralgia,or arthritis; as an antispasmodic, in asthma, croup, for irritation of involuntary muscular organs as diaphragm, heart and uterus; and, as an hypnotic, in all cases where opium disagrees.


The double chin seemed very hard and the only relief to the difficult breathing was to throw the head as far back as possible. Examination showed a greatly enlarged and indurated sublingual gland. The child was flabby in appearance, head and neck covered with perspiration, cervical glands were indurated. Being five miles from town and in the night, there was no time to take a blood count, or use the various scientific diagnosis means.


No child ever was or ever will be born into this world in full possession of all the attainments and graces, but every child should have the right of inherent mental and physical ability, which if properly nurtured and developed would enable it to fill its mission in life creditably. This must appeal to every sensible man or woman as the vital question of the hour.


Psora progress from simple states to the very highest degree of complexity. Medical men have endeavored and are continually trying with all their power, to drive psora from the surface, thus causing it to be rooted deeper, more dense and invisible. How few reach maturity, what an appalling number of infants die largely as the result of psora.


Sulphate of Soda or Glaubers Salt is doubtless familiar to you all, occurring as it does, abundantly in nature; but it does not appear in the cells of the human body, only in the inter-cellular fluids. Natrum Sulphuricum aids in excreting from the system superfluous fluid. It has a somewhat irregular action in stimulating the nerves as well as the secretions of the liver, pancreas and intestines.