Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Cactus Grandiflorus, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916….



Dry coryza (at first); must breathe through the mouth.

Throat feels sore; feels constricted.

Fluent, acrid coryza; nostrils sore.

Profuse nosebleed, soon ceasing.

Suffocative constriction of throat, obliging to constantly swallow.


Watery and acrid, or none.



Dry cough from tickling in throat, and from itching in larynx.


With excessive secretion of mucus.

Scanty cough, thick, dirty, yellowish sputa.

Spasmodic cough, With copious sputa, like boiled starch. (Digitalis.)

Catarrhal cough, with much viscid sputa.


Abundant; viscid or jelly-like, or boiled starch.

White or yellowish.


Suffocation prevents lying.


Congestion of chest, with constriction as from a tight cord, and palpitation, preventing lying down.

Periodical attacks of suffocation, fainting, cold sweat, and loss of pulse.

Could only breathe with shoulders raised and lying on back.

Hemorrhage from the lungs; recurring every few hours, and very profuse; bright red; less fever and restless than Aconite. Continual rattling of mucus in chest; oppressed, cannot lie horizontal; attacks of anxiety and suffocation.


Constriction of throat: Feeling as of a hoop about throat, heart, or chest (Asthma) in frequent attacks.

Severe constriction of chest, weight and dyspnea. (Heart disease.)

Difficult breathing, continued oppression and uneasiness, as if the chest were constricted by an iron band, and could not expand. Heart disease. Throat feels constricted.

Smothered feeling, lying on left side.

Periodical attacks of suffocation, fainting, cold sweat, and loss of pulse.

M.W. Van Denburg
M. W. (Marvin W.) VAN DENBURG, A.M., M.D.
Author of "A homoeopathic materia medica on a new and original plan ... A sample fascicle containing the arsenic group."
"Therapeutics of the respiratory system, cough and coryza, acute and chronic : repertory with index, materia medica with index"