Respiratory symptoms of homeopathic remedy Asterias Rubens, described by Van Denburg in his book, Therapeutics of Respiratory system, cough & coryza, published in 1916….



Stitches in the brain when blowing the nose; at night in bed.

Sneezing, nosebleed, and coryza in the morning after waking.

Much saliva in the mouth; tongue thick; talking difficult.

Heat and dryness in throat, extending whole length of the esophagus.


Roughness in larynx excites cough.

Shortness of breath from pain in chest when inhaling.

Expectoration with cough before rising.

Easy hawking of grayish-black phlegm (from nosebleed?) during forenoon.


Entire left chest painful; worse on motion; better sitting straight and leaning backward.

Anxious throbbing in chest.

Drawing pains under left nipples; extending to shoulder and down left arm to little finger.

Soreness of all the limbs, when walking in open air; especially the arms, at 4 P.M.

M.W. Van Denburg
M. W. (Marvin W.) VAN DENBURG, A.M., M.D.
Author of "A homoeopathic materia medica on a new and original plan ... A sample fascicle containing the arsenic group."
"Therapeutics of the respiratory system, cough and coryza, acute and chronic : repertory with index, materia medica with index"