Best homeopathic remedies for Diabetes from the book Therapeutic Pointers to Some Common Diseases by E.A. Farrington…

Lac Defloratum [Lac-d]

      I have been making experiments with skimmed milk and I believe it to be a very valuable remedy largely in the treatment of Diabetes.

Lactic Acid [Lac-ac]

      One of the principal remedies in Diabetes Mellitus. As a remedy in Diabetes, I have used it with great benefit.

There are pronounced Anaemia, nausea after eating, canker sores in the mouth, salivation and polyuria.

Phosphoric Acid [Ph-Ac]

      It is also one of the principal remedies and the symptoms which will lead it to it, are:

Frequent and profuse urination, requiring the patient too rise often at night. The urine is often milky in appearance, sometimes it deposits jelly-like masses.

Phosphorus [Phos]

      It should be remembered in Diabetes Mellitus, when it has been preceded or is accompanied by disease of the pancreas.

Picric Acid [Pic-ac]

      The urine has an abnormally high specific gravity and contains sugar; it is also albuminous.

E. A. Farrington
E. A. Farrington (1847-1885) was born in Williamsburg, NY, on January 1, 1847. He began his study of medicine under the preceptorship of his brother, Harvey W. Farrington, MD. In 1866 he graduated from the Homoeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania. In 1867 he entered the Hahnemann Medical College, graduating in 1868. He entered practice immediately after his graduation, establishing himself on Mount Vernon Street. Books by Ernest Farrington: Clinical Materia Medica, Comparative Materia Medica, Lesser Writings With Therapeutic Hints.