Homeopathy Remedies for Peculiarities

Anshutz gives a useful therapeutic differential diagnosis of the condition Peculiarities, with the most useful homeopathic remedies. Therapeutic byways by E.P. Anshutz, published in 1900….

Rhus toxicodendron [Rhus-t]

      This was picked out of a medical paper in an eclectic journal. The patient was apt to jump or start at every slight noise, to jump out of a sleep, as it were-you are nearly asleep and suddenly, with a start, jump into unpleasant wakefulness. Well, for this, Rhus tox. is the remedy. Take a dozen pellets of Rhus t. 3 at night, on going to bed. Take no more until you have the experience again, then take another dose.

Anacardium [Anac]

      if patient has an irresistible or, almost, let us say desire to curse, damn and use that sort of language, give him several doses of Anacardium 30.

Phosphorus [Phos]

      If patient not in D.T.’s is prone to see faces, or forms, etc., peeking at him, or her, from dusky corners, give a few doses of Phosphorus 30.

E.P. Anshutz
Edward Pollock Anshutz – 1846-1918. Editor - Homeopathic Recorder and author of New Old and Forgotten Remedies. Held an Hon. Doctor of Medicine from Hering Medical College.