A glossary of common words used in this book.

Amenorrhoea, Absence, retention, or suppression of the menstrual discharge.

Amnion. The membrane in which the foetus is enclosed in the womb.

Anaemia. Poorness of blood.

Antigalactics. Medicines which have the power of diminishing the secretion of milk.

Anus, The outlet of the bowels.

Aphthae. Thrush sore mouth.

Atonic. In a relaxed condition, Wanting in tone.

Ballottement. Floating.

Bruit. A sound.

Cachexia. A depraved condition of body.

Catamenia. The monthly period.

Catheter. An instrument to draw off the urine.

Chlorosis. Green sickness.

Defecation. Action of the bowels.

Dysmenorrhoea. Painful menstruation.

Emansio Mensium. Delay of the first appearance of the monthly periods, though the proper age has been reached.

Emmenagogues. Medicines to force on the menses.

Embryo. The earliest, stage of foetal life.

Enceinte. Pregnant condition.

Foetus. The unborn child.

Functional. Pertaining to the action of any organ or part; opposed to organic.

Haemorrhoids. Piles.

Hymen. The membrane which closes the orifice of the vagina.

Involution. The return of the womb after parturition to its virgin size.

Cachexia. Depraved condition of body.

Kiesteine or: Kyesteine. The cheesy smelling film which forms on the surface of the urine of pregnant women.

Leucorrhoea. White discharge from the vagina.

Liquor Amnii. The fluid in which the unborn child floats.

Lochia. The discharge after delivery.

Luxation. Displacement.

Menorrhagia. Excessive flow of the menses.

Menstruation. The monthly discharge.

OEdema. Swelling from serous effusion. Dropsical swelling.

Organic. Pertaining to the structure of any organ or part: opposed to functional.

Os uteri. The mouth or orifice of the womb.

Pelvis. The bony cavity which contains the bladder, uterus, and rectum.

Perinaeum. The space between the vagina and anus.

Placenta. Afterbirth.

Polypus. A tumour with a narrow neck or a attachment.

Primiparae. First deliveries.

Procidentia uteri. Protrusion of the uterus.

Prolapsus. Falling down.

Pruritus. Itching.

Pyrosis, Heartburn.

Rigor. Coldness with shivering.

Sanguineous Having the properties or colour of blood.

Sloughing. Destruction and separation of tissue in consequence of severe inflammations or ulceration.

Souffle. A murmur.

Sphincter. A muscle with surrounds and closes any opening. Suppression Mensium. (cessation of the appearance of the monthly periods before the proper time.

Tympanitis. Drum belly-like a drum.

Uterus. Womb.

Vagina. The passage to the womb.

Vicarious. Substitutional.