EDITORIAL. Woods Hole has three scientific marine institutions to which many come in the summer months for employment and study. Besides, there is the usual amount of summer tourists to a sea-side resort, altogether swelling the population so the already over- worked doctors are run ragged.


REMEDIES AND FORBIDDEN DIETS. The first article on this subject was published in the Homoeopathic Recorder in March, 1953. The authors contention is that certain articles of food or drink should be withheld from patients who are receiving certain remedies where it is known that such foods produce aggravations.


ASTHMA. Convulsive shortness of breath; mucous rales increasing breathing difficulty without sensation of fear, when patient has not expectorated for a long time; relief from coughing up mucus.


ALUMINUM POISONING–SOME CASUAL OBSERVATIONS. In our discussions of the various forms of aluminum–alum being sodium aluminum sulphate, other forms being available through your diet–we must not overlook the fact that the process in cooking is one of formation of aluminum hydroxide, I believe, and the one that is so frequently used in the populace of our country, aluminum chloride, which is one of the chief ingredients in practically all of the underarm deodorants.